ARAW token. Distributed payment for e-commerce ecosystem

ARAW token. Distributed payment for e-commerce ecosystem

According to calculations, the intensive growth of e-commerce will lead to an index of 4.5. The US dollar is already growing by 2021. Already, most companies view encrypted currencies as a more profitable and relatively convenient way to conduct transactions. As a result, as the popularity of encrypted currencies grows rapidly, the financial world will move completely into the block chain and the use of blocking technology will increase significantly in all areas of technology.
ARAW is a distributed platform for e-commerce. The main goal of ARAW is to create a universal payment ecosystem for e-commerce, which enables as much as possible the implementation of interception techniques for general users around the world.

ARAW’s terminal ecosystem provides a single reward system for any organization that provides services. This enables virtually any company to promote service consumption by delivering substantial value through token distribution and expanding the loyal customer market to a limited level of previous levels.
The purpose of an ARAW token is to reward platform customers without having to change behavior in relation to purchases or learn more about block and world password cryptography.

Token ARAW is solved with smart contract technology. This technology further integrates a single reward program into the retail and ecommerce communities and establishes and develops a variety of solutions that directly add value to the people who participate, as well as online purchasing, and improve and improve productivity and quality. Retail on the platform.

The benefits of ARAW tokens include immediate transaction execution, minimal commission collection from users, and full transparency in a distributed and flexible platform.

Actual application of tokens. Banking Sector
Today, banks are seeing a new wave of change as they integrate Internet infrastructure, business practices and e-commerce applications into their systems. The customer now has many banking operations in the back office, such as data entry, which minimizes operational costs and expands the services provided by the bank.

The ARAW token technology and e-commerce ecosystem are moving to the next level, offering online banking convenience, ease of access, scalability and security, as well as providing more reliable peer-to-peer transactions to users. As transparent as possible through wise agreements

The ARAWCARD integration is an excellent opportunity to use cards to buy goods offline, convert passwords into cash, and withdraw funds from the nearest ATM in your area.

The open architecture of the system ensures that all transactions are transparent and accessible to each user. This also ensures secure transactions through the integration of smart contracts.

Here are some of the key financial services areas that can provide technical support to small and medium-sized businesses that offer e-services and pursue e-commerce.

Payment and Billing Services
Credit cards are one of the most effective innovations banks have implemented in the last 50 years. However, credit cards are not suitable for peer-to-peer Internet transactions. ARAW TOKEN offers a unique solution in the form of public peer-to-peer locking (PBG), which provides a way to make more profitable and affordable purchases over the Internet with ARAW TOKEN and Araw functionality. Allows offline purchases and ARAW TOKEN conversions to freeze calls according to the user’s discretion.

Assessment Services In
order to ensure the quality of products purchased from electronic trading platforms, there should be a monitoring and evaluation system with a system that ensures buyers and sellers fulfill their obligations. But ARAW TOKEN’s ecosystem and infrastructure ensure a convenient solution for all of these conditions.

Fraud Prevention
In addition to ensuring the quality of products sold in online stores, there is also a problem with online fraud. The seller needs assurance that the customer will pay the order conscientiously. However, the distributed block technology provided by the platform for the e-commerce industry uses ARAW tokens and solves this problem using smart contract functions.

Alternatively, banks can use e-commerce buyers to protect themselves from fraud by using encryption technology to authenticate the account holder and act freely on behalf of the account holder to verify the identity of the account holder of another bank.

New environment for e-
commerce E-commerce provides new tools for the largest commercial banks with the technology to deliver different solutions for e-commerce to other companies.

Functional Features The
Araw platform is carefully designed as a secondary area for users to ensure transactions based on blocking technology. To reach a large number of users, the platform must be scalable and efficient, but at the same time must have access to user interaction with brand interactions.

Araw Pay
This feature is a public widget to accept payments from ARAW tokens and is available to sellers anywhere in the world. Therefore, the development team will provide a number of convenient solutions for paying for purchases made over the Internet through the Web Wallet platform.
The seamless integration of the platform’s web wallet and bank and encryption switching exchanges gives users the following options:

You can buy the item immediately by pressing the button.
Ability to send and receive ARAW tokens, including stock tokens and other encrypted currencies, such as ETH and BTC.
An opportunity to purchase an ARAW exchange token for cash settlement and receive a cash refund in your personal account.
ARAW Mobile Wallet permanently linked to Cryptocurrency Exchanges supports exchange rates for ARAW tokens and other encrypted currencies.
ICO Details
ICO Date: July 1 — August 31, 2018
Token Name: ARAW
Standard: ERC20
Price: 1 ARAW = $ 0.01
Total number of tokens released: 5,000,000,000 Number of
tokens: 3,500,000,000 (70%)
KYC ID System: Yes.
Pre-sale start date: July 1, 2018
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Available currency: ETH

Krutesh Shah — Founder and Chief Operator
Qualified business analyst. He has worked with investment banks such as BNP Paribas and Barclays to develop and harmonize business models, manpower and project management, and develop new solutions.
Krutesh monitors all operational and business activities in order to comply with desired results and the company’s overall strategy and objectives.
Business specialization: business development, financial management, outsourcing, project management, productivity management, business modeling.
Technical expertise: financial technology, data modeling, data analysis, interception technology

Carlo Pascoli — project architect and director
Carlo develops software solutions and teams for leading software developers at world-class companies like Shazam, IG and Thomson Reuters. Over the last 15 years, he has become an expert in developing distributed systems and mobile applications focused on the financial system.

Additional Information
White Paper:
Twitter: / arawtoken
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