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ARAW is an ecosystem with decentralized payment, based on Ethereum Blockchain, which seeks to increase the implementation of blockchain in everyday life around the world. ARAW IS the first company in the world to combine the benefits of e-Commerce and payments industries; to provide end-product solutions for e-Commerce, Cryptocurrency Touch & Pay cards, online cryptocurrency payment and unified reward system on Ethereum Blockchain based on the ARAW token. The purpose of the ARAW token is to be a part of everyday online shopping.

Araw platform eliminates the fundamental problems in the economy of e-Commerce and cryptocurrency. The ARAW token acts as more than a simple reward — as it is used and redeemed for all members of the ARAW ecosystem. In addition, owners ARAW may convert their tokens into fiat currency using the mobile wallet ARAW and return cash back to your Bank account.

Also ARAW token will allow regular customers to participate in the rapidly expanding world of cryptocurrency — bringing benefits to all parties involved. The key factors are the ease of acceptance for the client as reward schemes are already common.

The ARAW token is a utility based token specifically designed for the global E-commerce marketplace. ARAW token works as unified rewards as well as mode of payments for both online and retail outlets.
The Araw Platform offers a practical solution to the problems outlined above as well as the potential to become the practical heart of e-commerce and cryptocurrency combined. It strives to reward shopping with cryptocurrency by exposing the common person to the ARAW token. The key focus of ARAW is giving effortless access to cryptocurrency ownership which comes with potential rise in value — without dealing with any of the underlying complexities which make cryptocurrency unattractive.


One of the main goals of the Araw Platform is to provide unified reward system and marketing solution for e-commerce businesses, which aims to increase the footprint of customers, building meaningful relationships with them, and hence increase the growth of the business. We present the ARAW Token as the solution to unlock the full potential of reward programmes and thus increase value for all participants in this loyalty system.

The ARAW Token Ecosystem

Araw Pay
Araw Pay will be an open widget to accept payments in ARAW tokens and can be used by any merchants anywhere online just like any other payment gateway providers. We aim to provide seamless Araw pay solutions in Araw mobile & web wallet, open API platform, and Araw e-commerce marketplace.

E-commerce Marketplace
Given our distributed ledger system, items for sale are gathered from different parts of the globe on the marketplace. Buyers and sellers from different parts of the world also come together in a peer-to-peer enabled environment for transactions. Users of the platform can thus have access to the entire list of all the offers available on the Araw marketplace. With our help and the Araw Platform, any shop owner is free to execute a single sale or build an enterprise level e-commerce platform.

Araw Card — Touch & Pay
Araw — Touch & Pay card aims to enable customers to make micropayments at coffee shops, supermarkets and day-to-day online shopping. It contains radio-frequency identification (RFID) to communicate with card reader to enable contactless payments. With the release of Araw Card, we are expecting to raise adoption of the Araw platform by regular customers.

Open API Platform
With ARAW Token Open API Platform, users do not need to know any form of programming code or language to make use of the system. It is structured to be utilised out of the box.
The ARAW mobile wallet continuously connected to Cryptocurrency Exchanges maintains the live exchange rate of the ARAW token and other cryptocurrencies.

Banking System Integration
With seamless banking system integrated in the Araw Platform, Customers will be able to buy ARAW tokens using linked bank accounts. They will also be able to exchange ARAW tokens with fiat and send cashback to linked accounts.

Araw Mobile Wallet
The seamless integration of Araw Mobile Wallet with Banking and cryptocurrency Exchanges will enable Araw Platform users to;

  1. Top-up ARAW Tokens with a click of a button
  2. Send and Receive ARAW tokens
  3. Exchange ARAW tokens with any other crypto currencies like ETH and BTC
  4. Exchange ARAW Token with fiat currency and get cashback

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Integration
Araw platform integration with cryptocurrency exchanges would allow users to exchange ARAW tokens with other cryptocurrencies (like ETH and BTC). Users of the platform can also convert from one cryptocurrency to the other and from cryptocurrency to fiat currency

Ethereum Blockchain – Proof of Delivery & Service
The Araw e-marketplace leverages smart contracts to make the process of exchanging goods with ARAW token fast, secure and add trust in the system. It generates secure escrow for two transacting parties. Through this method they are given a money–back guarantee for buyers if the product turns out to be substandard and for the seller, it ensures that the fund for the product they placed on the marketplace is securely transferred to them.

Peer-to-Peer Transfer
The ARAW token platform enables peer-to-peer transaction to give users the chance to engage in direct exchange of goods and services. This enables free trade between two parties anywhere in the world. A seller can sell directly to a buyer across the world without the usual services of middlemen or going through different currency conversions and exchange rate fluctuations.

Unified Reward System
With the various offerings of the ARAW Platform, we are set to unseal the current limitations found in traditional customer loyalty programmes and hasten the development of a more cooperative, unified, and competitive customer reward industry. We aim to replace the traditional restrictive reward points system used by typical commerce companies with a blockchain based dynamic currency that increases participation and interaction between customers and services.
Ticker: ARAW
Token type: ERC20
ICO token price: 1 ARAW = $0.01
Total tokens: 5,000,000,000
Available for token sale: 3,500,000,000 (70%)
Whitelist: YES (15 May – 30 June)
Know Your Customer (KYC): YES Pre-sale
start date: 1 JULY
Public sale start date: TBD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
Accepts: ETH


Krutesh Shah
Founder & Chief Operations

Carlo Pascoli
Co-founder & Chief Platform Architecture

Dev Shah
Chief Business Development
Krutesh is qualifieand experienced Business Analyst worked with investment banks like BNP Paribas and Barclays where he was specialized in developing and aligning business models, managing people and projects and developing new products.

He worked on shaping the vision and direction of the business and focus on designing business systems and processes that enable the successful implementation of the business strategy.

Krutesh is Overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission of the company.

Commercial specialties: Business development, Financial management, Operations management, Project management, Performance management, Business modelling.

Technical specialties: Financial technology, Data modelling, Data analysis, Blockchain technology.

MSc in Computer Engineering, Carlo has been building software solutions and leading software engineering teams in world class companies like Shazam, IG and Thomson Reuters.

In the last 15 years, he’s become an expert in distributed systems and mobile apps development, with a primary focus on the financial sector.

Carlo always felt passionate about innovation and believes in the positive disruption represented by decentralised systems based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

He thinks we are living the beginning of a revolution that will first impact the payment and e-commerce sectors and he wants to contribute to that.

Dev has a Finance Degree from Kingston Business School. He is an experienced ex-management consultant having worked at Deloitte, TSC, Compaq, and J.P.Morgan .

He combines core skills with ‘in-depth’ knowledge of systems, processes, businesses and to build successful businesses across these numerous industries.

Dev has a structured approach to management and a breadth of experience from business development to daily operations.

As a serial entrepreneur, this will be his fourth involvement in a successful business. Previous businesses have executed successful marketing and operations under Dev’s watchful eye, and then gone on to greater heights.

Dev’s involvement with ARAW will be to lead the business development efforts which he is well versed with, having secured partnering agreements in over 40 different countries in his previous enterprises.

Manan Jobanputra
Lead Blockchain Developer

Valeriy Dyryavyy
Lead Mobile Platform Developer

Maskim Boyko
Infrastructure Engineer
Manan has a Computer Science Degree.He is a lead blockchain developer and an expert in smart contracts.

Manan has been full stack developer for many years and passionate about Blockchain and Crypto world!

He has developed complex end-to-end systems using latest technologies like React, Node etc.

Mobile and Blockchain Developer with background in Infosec and Cryptography.

Delivered high profile applications for clients in Financial, Risk Management, Travel and Social Networking industries (IBM, Goldman Sachs, TUI, Badoo).

Cryptogeek and keen believer in decentralised networks which bring value to end users

Maksim has diploma in Computer Science and PhD degree in physics from St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg,Russia.

He is profficient in Linux administration, AWS Infrastructure, and DevOps with more then 10 years of solid experience.

Maksim is an expert in Mathematics and Cryptography science.He has published 4 International Journal Papers.

Stephen AO
Lead Designer

Dhara Dhanesha
Lead Creative & Digital Marketing
Stephen is a Lead Designer / Industrial Designer with a ethos of applying innovation and design thinking to problems, and creating solutions to solve these challenges.

He has designed award winning products in both software and hardware. He has extensive industry experience in User-Experience, User-interaction, Visual Merchandising, Graphic design, having worked for P&G Prestige, Estee Lauder Companies, M&C Satchi, Philips.

Stephen has further experience in Interior design, Store design, Automotive design for clients including Jaguar Land Rover, P&G, Unilever, Gibson, Adidas, LIME, leading Fashion and Retail startups.



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