ARAW token is to be a piece of everybody’s everyday online and in-store shopping

ARAW token is to be a piece of everybody’s everyday online and in-store shopping

ARAW token is to be a piece of everybody’s everyday online and in-store shopping

By Introducing the ARAW Token, the core of the decentralized installment biological community controlled by the Ethereum Blockchain, we are meaning to increment blockchain selection for normal individuals over the world. We are the main organization in the UK whose mission is to consolidate the advantages of the E-Commerce and Payment enterprises; give end-to-end answers for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch and Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Reward System on the Ethereum Blockchain fueled by the ARAW token. The objective of the ARAW token is to be a piece of everybody’s everyday online and in-store shopping.

The ‘Bound together Reward System’ permits specialist organizations to wind up an ARAW token wholesaler, enabling them to control the arrangement of their reward designs. The ARAW token presently goes about as in excess of a basic reward point — as it is used and redeemable over the greater part of ARAW’s biological system members. Moreover, proprietors of ARAW can change over their tokens into fiat monetary forms by means of ARAW portable wallet and take cashback to their related financial balance.

The ARAW token will likewise enable customary clients to have a stake in the quickly growing digital currency world — profiting all gatherings included. The key components incorporate the simplicity of appropriation for the client as reward plans are now normal.

The Existing Araw Platform

We are in a one-of-a-kind position to be at the very forefront of the omni-channel loyalty economy.

  • The existing Araw platform, Araw UK Ltd. was founded in 2016. This platform has been implemented using virtual tokens without blockchain support. We provide our client businesses with services such asCustomer analytics: keep track of loyal customers, their points and redemptions in real time.
  • Customer insight dashboard: connect in real time to the customer information and turn those insights into more sales and customer loyalty.
  • Business branded loyalty card
  • Increase revenues with new and loyal customers: Engage and reward your customers.
  • Know your customers better and bring them back to your business: Distinguish between dormant and loyal customers and send right offer to right customers.
  • In-store marketing: we provide in-store marketing material to promote digital loyalty program among customers.

Building on our expertise in rewards and loyalty programmes, we are going a step further to launch a unifying reward ecosystem that employs the blockchain technology as a backbone and a fully unified medium of exchange.

The Customer App

The Customer app is targeted towards our merchants/retailers’ daily customers to allow business to keep in touch with their customers and build a meaningful relationship with them. The benefits of using this application are:

  • Earn and redeem rewards from their favourite businesses.
  • Discover incredible rewards from thousands of near-by businesses.
  • Time to time one-off unbeatable deals from various retailers
  • The Business AppThe Business App is mainly used by our merchants/retailers to operate requests made from customer app. The main use cases for business app are;Connect with customers for a relationship that endures.
  • Give customers more personalized experiences — both in and out of store — and see your revenue double from returning customers.

Customers Insight Dashboard Customers insight dashboard gives our merchants/retailers detailed statistics about their regular/dormant customer base. We provide detailed insight of customer stats so that they can plan for their short and long term business goals. Moreover, retailers can understand customer behavior and communicate with them to get them back to their business.Track Record

ARAW UK Ltd currently administers customer rewards programs for several businesses in the UK. We expect all of our businesses to upgrade from their traditional points system to ARAW tokens. We intend to provide full-time support during this upgrade process offering consultation and training on how to use our technology effectively within their business.

ARAW ICO — Heart of the Decentralised Payment Ecosystem

we are in a very unique position of understanding, developing and implementing a wide-reaching platform that makes it possible to have a unified reward system

One of the main goals of the Araw Platform is to provide unified reward system and marketing solution for e-commerce businesses, which aims to increase the footprint of customers, building meaningful relationships with them, and hence increase the growth of the business. We present the ARAW Token as the solution to unlock the full potential of reward programmes and thus increase value for all participants in this loyalty systemARAW are partnering with businesses and merchants across the UK, the US and other countries to support the omnichannel ideal of customer loyalty. When customers earn ARAW tokens, they can then utilise them in different ways beyond the traditional customer loyalty programs. Customers can use the points earned from one merchant to acquire rewards from other merchants within the system. Thus allowing customers to do business and earn rewards across several industries without restriction.

ARAW tokens and our e-commerce system will facilitate peer-to-peer payment; facilitate micro payments between customers and merchants; and is slated to be used by virtually everyone from around the world.

ARAW are introducing the ARAW token which our customers would use for micro payment at gas stations, coffee shops, restaurants, supermarket amongst other retail outlets. This provides them the convenience of making payments using ARAW token. Therefore, through the influence of the Araw cryptocurrency, we are establishing unlimited ecosystem in payments and loyalty.

The ARAW token is programmed to adopt the security guidelines and ease of access of the ERC20. The ARAW Tokens are required for all the transactions on the ARAW token platform and represents the reward point for all participating customers or ARAW token holders. For every transaction made on ARAW token platform, be it issuance, transfer or exchange, the initiator of the transaction will pay a small fee for using the ARAW token smart contracts.

All transactions in e-commerce marketplace can be carried out with the ARAW token, which must be transferred through or held in an ERC20 compatible wallet. ARAW tokens act as the legal tender for trading on the platform. It can be used to pay for goods or to make settlements. It can as well be used to certify that a particular deal has been completed.

The ARAW Token Ecosystem

The Araw Ecosystem was carefully designed from the beginning as a supportive sphere in which users can be confident in their trades on the Blockchain. To capture a variety of users, we have provided an ecosystem platform that is scalable and effective, yet simple over the Ethereum Blockchain, where customers and brands can interact without restrictions in a dependable, trustless, and mutually beneficial manner.

Araw Pay

Araw Pay will be an open widget to accept payments in ARAW tokens and can be used by any merchants anywhere online just like any other payment gateway providers. We aim to provide seamless Araw pay solutions in Araw mobile & web wallet, open API platform, and Araw e-commerce marketplace.

On-chain vs Off-chain Transactions: The Araw platform acts as a mediator between the raiden network to handle off-chain transactions & the crypto exchanges to manage on-chain transactions. The liquidity smart contract will be responsible for handling off-chain transactions in decentralized way.

E-commerce Marketplace

We aim to meet the need of every consumer, every merchant and every business no matter their location through our distributed ledger system. Our e-commerce market place gives you instant access to the global audience, removes transaction overhead (management and fees) and ensures they are secure and frictionless through our Ethereum blockchain based ERC20 tokens and smart contract implementation.

Araw Card — Touch & Pay

Araw — Touch & Pay card aims to enable customers to make micropayments at coffee shops, supermarkets and day-to-day online shopping. It contains radio-frequency identification (RFID) to communicate with card reader to enable contactless payments. With the release of Araw Card, we are expecting to raise adoption of the Araw platform by regular customers.Open API Platform

With ARAW Token Open API Platform, users do not need to know any form of programming code or language to make use of the system. It is structured to be utilised out of the box.Our Open API ensures that merchants that are not ARAW platform customers will have access to and participate in different transactions on ARAW token platform. You can make payments, exchange and purchase ARAW tokens using our web wallets or use the ARAW token mobile app.

Banking System Integration

With seamless banking system integrated in the Araw Platform, Customers will be able to buy ARAW tokens using linked bank accounts. They will also be able to exchange ARAW tokens with fiat and send cashback to linked accountsAraw Mobile Wallet

  • The seamless integration of Araw Mobile Wallet with Banking and cryptocurrency Exchanges will enable Araw Platform users to;Top-up ARAW Tokens with a click of a button
  • Send and Receive ARAW tokens
  • Exchange ARAW tokens with any other crypto currencies like ETH and BTC
  • Exchange ARAW Token with fiat currency and get cashback

The ARAW mobile wallet continuously connected to Cryptocurrency Exchanges maintains the live exchange rate of the ARAW token and other cryptocurrencies.Cryptocurrency Exchanges Integration

Araw platform integration with cryptocurrency exchanges would allow users to exchange ARAW tokens with other cryptocurrencies (like ETH and BTC). Users of the platform can also convert from one cryptocurrency to the other and from cryptocurrency to fiat currency.Unified Reward System

With the various offerings of the ARAW Platform, we are set to unseal the current limitations found in traditional customer loyalty programmes and hasten the development of a more cooperative, unified, and competitive customer reward industry. We aim to replace the traditional restrictive reward points system used by typical commerce companies with a blockchain based dynamic currency that increases participation and interaction between customers and services. We have the unprecedented opportunity to unlock the full potential of rewards programmes by combining all sales entities — pooling together a limitless customer base and rewards on offer.

  • Consumer makes a purchase from Merchant-1 using fiat currency
  • Transactions registered into Araw Platform
  • Consumer rewarded an ARAW tokens
  • Consumer redeems these ARAW tokens to purchase items from Merchant-2
  • Transactions registered into Araw Platform

Token Sale

  • Ticker: ARAW
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO token price: 1 ARAW = $0.01
  • Total tokens: 5,000,000,000
  • Available for token sale: 3,500,000,000 (70%)
  • Whitelist: YES (15 May — 30 June)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): YES Pre-sale
  • start date: 1 JULY
  • Public sale start date: TBD
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
  • Accepts: ETH


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