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Digitalization is one of the main factors that make each platform accessible to anyone globally. Internet becomes the main media that provides connections to the entire world community to be connected to one network. Technological advances have reached the point where the internet can be used to deliver value. The transition to digital assets has also begun with the emergence of token purchases or investments in digital form. One of the most crowded and famous markets in the world in e-commerce. You must be familiar with this one term. E-commerce becomes the best solution for the digital market to get the various needs required. The concept offered by e-commerce is also diverse. In general, every participant in e-commerce will have the convenience to shop without having to visit real retail. Every detail of the desired product or service has been clearly defined through the web page. User convenience is also supported by the speed of product delivery and ease of payment.

The e-commerce industry continues to improve as users of these services grow. Globally sales with e-commerce methods continue to increase. Increased spending through e-commerce platforms makes payments on purchased products lead to digital payment systems. That makes the need for verification by third parties in making payments. Over time payment can be created digitally via cryptocurrency. Every digital platform is usually built with blockchain technology system so that specific tokens are available to facilitate payment. The advent of digital currency also makes the concept of the digital wallet. Any agreement that happens will also be recorded with the so-called digital idea of smart contracts. As technology and digitalization grow, more platform will be developed with the adoption of blockchain technology. It will also multiply the types of tokens and digital currencies circulating in the network.

ARAW token has a purpose in its establishment. The founding team is well aware that it needs a decentralized payment system to maximize the use of e-commerce. The ARAW Token offers an excellent infrastructure offering so it can expose everyone to join the crypto economy. ARAW token is also established by adopting blockchain technology to support the speed and security of transactions. ARAW token will provide convenience in conversion to fiat currency via ARAW phone wallet. Money placements can be made through banks with linkages to accounts. It will make it easier for everyone to transact and convert digital currency with fiat currency. The ARAW token is also equipped with a good security system as a complicated barrier to provide a portal boundary associated with the crypto market as a whole. ARAW also offers an integrated gift-giving system that any industry or the regular user can get to get it. The concept of ecosystem development can be obtained in detail through web pages and whitepapers.

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The Concept Of Implementing ARAW Tokens To Support Digital Transactions

ARAW token was established to provide ease of digital operation. The idea offered is to make online payments with one click only. For e-commerce users, the presence of ARAW tokens can be good news that provides an opportunity to speed up transactions. Transaction speed becomes the primary factor in the use of digital currency for every digital purchase that occurs in a platform. The ARAW token will come with a touch & pay card that will give access to instore micropayment. Full use of ARAW will benefit users in spending digital money. ARAW also adopts blockchain technology so that it can provide transaction services transparently. A transparent ecosystem can give its comfort for its participants. Besides, the adoption rate is also carried out with the sign of ARAW by traders. The convenience of ARAW token usage is complemented by providing incentives to e-commerce ecosystems.

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The ease with which a platform is used becomes one of the essential factors in which participants can use the platform for long periods of time. Therefore, the ARAW token is designed and implemented with the pay ARAW program. The program can be installed and accessed through any website on the internet. Gifts obtained from the toy ARAW ecosystem will also be easily exchanged for the money of the master. The exchange of digital currency to fiat currency also does not require a long time. ARAW tokens can be used for all shopping needs. The interface of the ARAW token is intuitively created so that each transaction can be executed as a reward. The token ARAW has targeted resources and specialists dedicated to merchants and assures the success of campaigns from clients. The platform will provide exceptional support in campaign management for maximum adoption. The platform will also offer the best solution for the marketplace. ARAW token will be the best solution with blockchain based cryptocurrency.

The ARAW Token Comes As A Decentralized Payment System Supported By Ethereum

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The ARAW token will perform increased adoption of blockchain technology in its development. The platform was established with the concept of a combination of benefits from the e-commerce industry with its payment system. The idea of platform founding is the first in the world. The ARAW token is a platform that provides end-to-end solutions for ultimate solutions in e-commerce platforms. ARAW tokens are made with support from Ethereum to improve efficiency in transactions. The services provided by ARAW token are expected to give satisfaction to all ecosystem participants. Services provided include touch & pay for cryptocurrency card, online cryptocurrency payment, and an integrated reward system. Ehtereum Blockchain supports all programs and services. Use of ARAW token aims to provide convenience in online shopping and become part of its payment system.

The ARAW token uses Ehtereum as a form to address fundamental issues in e-commerce and cryptocurrency economies. An open reward system will be offered by online and offline retailers bundled with the services they own. Then the award system will be utilized with technology investment. The reward scheme is initially a bit difficult to grant because it has risks that can weaken the service system. But actually, the system can be used to control the prize format to be offered. Owners of current e-commerce competitions are becoming the industry that lags behind in the adoption of decentralized systems. The growth of e-commerce market is happening very rapidly. A more efficient payment solution is required for each transaction to be completed quickly. The ARAW token will be the first in the world to host a digital payment system that can simplify the conversion from digital currency to fiat currency. Every service will continue to be improved to give the best to all ecosystem participants.

The Current E-Commerce Market Conditions

The continued increase in e-commerce market users encourages the emergence of established new markets for profit and convenience for customers. The rapid development of the e-commerce market is also in tandem with the continued adoption of the cryptocurrency system. The development of technology in e-commerce is quite significant although there are still some obstacles that hinder its progress. These constraints are associated with a lack of reliable international exchange. You need to understand that the digitalization platform is accessible to everyone globally because it requires a secure payment system to convert. The diversity of currencies applicable in a country should be easily converted to ARAW tokens. Ease of conversion will also encourage individuals to convert tokens or digital coins into any fiat currency. Flexible conversions will open up currency limits that can be exchanged for fiat currency.

The next problem with the e-commerce market today lies in the absence of practical use for the cryptocurrency. It makes the transactions in e-commerce have enough time to implement. Lack of actual application will also add to the period of completion of the deal. Whereas in e-commerce the most important thing is the speed of transactions and the speed of the product to the hands of customers. Most e-commerce systems today have over-considered arrangements. Not all rules need to be made for a particular country. Arrangements must be made with flexible remembering that e-commerce is accessible to everyone in any part of the world. Lack of flexibility can reduce the benefits of adopting the latest technology. Besides, the lack of flexibility can also lead to deceptions that have different concepts. Systems that run on e-commerce today can also reduce the value of tokens caused by the high transaction costs that must be paid.

The ARAW Token Offers A More Practical And Efficient Solution

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The ARAW token will address any problems that occur in the ecosystem development. Platforms established with the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies will provide practical solutions for the on-going e-commerce platform. The ARAW token will reward each of its users in order to expose people further to join the ecosystem. Ownership of the ARAW token is also very easy with the ease of access which is the critical focus of the establishment of the platform. Another solution offered by the ARAW token is to provide an integrated gift for ecosystem participants. The prize in an integrated manner is done to increase the loyalty level of participants in using the platform. The award can be used as an investment. ARAW Token will behave as a platform that uses the adoption of a decentralized system. The use of tokens will penetrate the e-commerce platform to be superior to the regular retail.

The ARAW Touch & Pay Card service is one of the solutions used in the creation of a single card. A reward program utilizing this service can be one of the things that most consumers demand. Card use can provide customers with the opportunity to make secure daily purchases. The card system is also one of the familiar methods used in the community. Card use habits may be forwarded through this service. Payment with ARAW sign will be easier to do. The platform ensures the user can adopt the use of the card because it is not foreign anymore. The difference between using the current card system is based on ARAW Token or digital currency. The method of tokens can be one of its intrinsic values that will never expire. The amount listed on the ARAW Token will have a cryptocurrency value. ARAW tokens will present a more straightforward usage for use by people in general.

Let’s join with ARAW Token Sale for Get Access to The Platform

Token token events have become commonplace for digital platforms to raise development budgets early on. The token sales event becomes an important activity for the platform to complete its development on time. ARAW Token is planning a two-month sales event that is from July 1st to August 30th, 2018. The token sales event is usually conducted with a limited timeframe. Token will ticker ARAW by using ERC type 20. The price set for one token is $ 0.01. the amount is very affordable when compared to the benefits of tokens for your benefit. Total tokens to be distributed reach 5 billion tokens. Of the total token, which is reserved for sale on token sales events amounts to only 3.5 billion or about 70% of the total. token sales will not be executed after outside the sales period. so we recommend that you immediately make a purchase during the sales period.

Token sales must have a minimum number and a maximum. The minimum sales amount of Token sale event will be called soft cap and hard cap for the maximum number. A soft cap is used as a benchmark when the sale does not reach the amount on soft cap then all funds collected at the token sale event will be returned. When the sales figures have reached the hard cap, then the sales event will soon be closed even though the sales period has not been completed. ARAW Token establishes 5 million USD as a soft cap, and the hard cap is at a sales figure of 25 million USD. Token purchases can be made using ETH. You can also join the ARAW Token social media to get the latest information related to the development of the platform. Soon joined the platform that delivers e-commerce payment solutions with a decentralized system to gain the advantages and convenience of digital transaction payments. ARAW tokens use blockchain technology that supports the enjoy and transaction security.


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