ARAW Token Sale


Token Sale: 10 SEP – 09 NOV

Ticker – ARAW

Token type – ERC20

ICO token price – 1 ARAW = $0.01

Total tokens – 5,000,000,000

Available for token sale – 3,500,000,000 (70%)

Whitelist – YES (15 MAY – 30 JUNE )

Know Your Customer (KYC) – YES

Pre-sale start date – 1 JULY

Public sale start date – 10th September

Soft cap – 2,000,000 USD

Hard cap – 25,000,000 USD

Accepts – ETH

Contact us for pre-sale –


Araw Token is the first company in the world to combine the benefits of e-Commerce and payments industries, to provide end-product solutions for e-Commerce, Cryptocurrency Touch & Pay cards, Online Cryptocurrency Payment and Unified Reward System on Ethereum Blockchain based on the Araw token.

Araw is an ecosystem with decentralized payment, based on Ethereum Blockchain, which seeks to increase the implementation of Blockchain in everyday life around the world. The purpose of the Araw token is to be a part of everyday online shopping. The primary objective of the ARAW token is to assemble the decentralized payment ecosystem for online businesses to build the Blockchain selection for standard individuals over the world, which empowers however much as could reasonably be expected the usage of block attempt methods for general clients around the world. It is designed in such that, the community gives a solitary reward framework to any association that gives administrations. This empowers for all intending organizations to advance administration utilization by conveying generous incentives, through token dispersion and extending the dedicated client market to a constrained level of the past.


–   Araw provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Reward System powered by the Ethereum Blockchain regulated by the ARAW token.

–   Create a Consumers driven floating ecosystem.

–   Create a Transparent ecosystem that can be used by regular customers across the world; and hence, increase the adoption rate of the ARAW token, the Blockchain based cryptocurrency.


1.  Araw Pay — accept online payments with a click of button.

2.  Araw Touch & Pay Card — enabling instore micropayments.

3.  Transparent ecosystem to increase adoption rate.

4.  Increase the ARAW token adoption by merchants.

5.  Unified reward system enabled e-commerce ecosystem.


The Araw Platform offers a practical solution to the problems outlined above as well as the potential to become the practical heart of e-commerce and cryptocurrency combined. It strives to reward shopping with cryptocurrency by exposing the common person to the ARAW token. The key focus of ARAW is giving effortless access to cryptocurrency ownership which comes with potential rise in value — without dealing with any of the underlying complexities which make cryptocurrency unattractive and with Araw token blockchain technology technical offering, they seek to support individual sellers as well as enterprise vendors. The ARAW token can be adopted in any location on the globe — this global decentralized potential represents virtually limitless growth of the token. This adoption will be seamless as Araw token seek to penetrate e-commerce platforms as well as regular retail shops, without introducing any habitual change from the user perspective. The Araw Touch & Pay Card is ARAW single card solution for all reward programmers a shopper may be interested in the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. It allows customers to earn ARAW tokens with their daily purchases as well as pay using accumulated ARAW tokens. This ensures that an average customer can easily adopt the use of the card due to its similarity with existing technologies, but now empowered with ARAW tokens which hold intrinsic value and never expire.


• A strong team of Technology geeks to develop cutting-edge technology product.

• Experienced & Proficient e-commerce business development team.

• Existing platform LIVE for more than 2 years.

• The Araw Platform MVP is LIVE for testing.

• Team tokens are locked for 3 years so the project owners are committed to delivering what they have promised in the roadmap.

• The cheapest price to buy ARAW token is during ICO.

• The ARAW token is going to be a part of the customers day-to-day shopping.

• Use ARAW tokens to make purchases on the Araw E-Commerce marketplace.

• On-boarding Merchants will buy ARAW Tokens from the early Investors.

• Since there is only a certain amount of Araw token that can ever exist, Scarcity combined with a thriving underlying decentralized ecosystem will result in appreciation of Araw token value.



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