In 2017, cryptocurrency trading was a 350 billion US dollar business. There are several cryptocurrency exchanges, but if you have ever traded cryptocurrencies you know the problems that can occur. All exchanges work fairly slow, sometimes taking hours to process the order, and on top of that not all have the same price for same currency, which means you have to do a lot of research before trading to find the exchange that works best for you. ARBIDEX aims to solve this problem.

ARBIDEX is a blockchain tecnology based platform. It acquires liquidity from cryptocurrency exchanges and enables users to make trades and exchanges with the lowest exchange fee and a very good excange rate. The best element of this platform and also the one that distinguishes ARBIDEX from all other platforms, is the automatic arbitrage. More details about the automatic arbitrage and everything else about th project, you can find on

If ARBIDEX has attracted your attention, you should know all of the ways you can participate in this project.

ARBIDEX has started their own bounty campaign in December 2017 and it will last until January 30, 2018. By participating in bounty campaign, you can help the creators of the project by attracting other potential investors trough marketing and promotional activities.
Bounty campaign consists of: Signature Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Translation Campaign and more. Terms and conditions and other essential information about the campaign, you can find on the ARBIDEX bounty campaign web page:

Furthermore, the other way to become part of ARBIDEX project is by investing in ABX tokens. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) started December 11,2017 and is going to last until January 29,2018. In that period, you will be able to buy 1 ABX token at the price of 1 USD. Total amount of tokens that are being distributed is 25.000.000,00 and of that amount 17.200.000,00 have been put on sale. All about the Initial coin offering and other information regarding purchasing of the token, you will find on ARBIDEX official web page:

The risks here are quite large, and they are waiting for from all sides: a sharp change of course, hacking/purses. In the end, who would not say that, the crypt is not real money, though, and can be used to purchase.
Time costs. 
How long did not watch videos of people telling how to make money on bitcoin exchanges or farms, the impression that this process is necessary to spend a lot of time in order to be in control. Some people even “score” on all sorts of related things: education, work, or relationships.

Yes, it takes time and money. But if you want to approach this issue with less risk and more likely to earn a stable and to explore this topic, will help you in this project Arbidex.

The work of the platform based on the basic algorithm that controls the arbitration process: the system constantly analyzes the exchange rate at the top and trustworthy for exchanges best deals of buying and selling. The algorithm includes several currency pairs between exchanges.

From Whitepapper:

For example: You are selling bitcoin. Keep in mind, you are also in control of wether at the end of the chain you are left with the same currency or exchanging for a different one. As a result, we have a 0,827% profit over the course of exactly 7 seconds. And all exchange fees are already inside.

Arbidex will be the first trading platform which is going to merge all assets from different cryptocurrency exchanges in one place. That is, on one account you will be able to carry out operations with assets from different exchanges, having already default better exchange rate and the total commission is less than any of those that exist at the moment. The algorithm for determining cost-effective rates (DPR) will allow you to frequently buy and sell various assets to benefit from difference in their price.
The tokens give the right to owners to have access to the core functionality of the platform with a specific deposit amount. Deposit amount allowed is proportional to the retention amount of the token. If you have no tokens on this platform, the deposit is allowed in an amount not less than $ 1000. The token provides access to the arbitration function. Unlike passive income from trading assets automatically, this means that the user decides to follow the arbitration chain with their personal not having the means to make a profit.



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