Things are changing and we must open our eyes so things wouldn’t pass us through. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We all know about a crypto currencies. People have heard about it, and more and more people want to find about it, and find the way to be a part of it. They realize that big money is in crypto currencies, and they want to be a part of it. There are no lies and disease, everything is transparent, and you can see in every moment each and every transaction. Those ones who didn’t know much about the crypto currencies, now are more involved and eager to hear and learn more about. They want to invest also.

We will be talking about new project called Arbidex. Arbidex is the first trading platform that aggregates liquidity from exchanges. In on place you will be able to trade all your assets. They have been connected with Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, WEX, Kraken and GDAX. Arbidex will do it all for you, you just have to say what would you like to sell and it will sell your crypto currencies on the best stock market for you. They are using smart contracts on Ethereum network with ERC compatible tokens. Tokens which are made for purpose of these project. This is a project powered by block chain technology. The project is focused on providing people better usage of crypto currency. In this decentralized system everything is transparent and it will bring back the trust in an old system, which they lost. That all is possible with a block chain technology.

There are far too many users launching on crypto exchanges at the same time, more and more users are coming every day and the server can’t make it all in once. They are slowing down all the operations on server. It is just too much new users and requests at once. One of the main characteristics of the platform is an automatic arbitrage. That is great because Detecting Profitable Rates Algorithm (DPRA) will allow you to frequently buy and sell different crypto currencies and benefit from the difference in their price. With Arbidex algorithms you will be able to trade your assets easily. Users are furious because everything is so slow and they couldn’t sell their crypto currencies on stock markets because they are overbooked. Then the users are seeking for a new stock markets, so they need verifications, registrations, and everything it can be very time- consuming and frustrating. We know that transaction fees are too high, transactions are too slow, registrations also, there are no or poor users support. There are just too many people at once and stock markets can’t process them all. Lower fees are going to bring more new users on platform. They provide users utility tokens for various transactions. Block chain platform not only provides authoritative control of information but it also assures quick and accurate transactions. It is remarkable and very nice to see projects like this.

Arbidex is a project made by people who are highly competent. People who have with their knowledge and with a help of their people in team succeeded to make it happen. Team leader is Kamilya Arslanova. In the team with great block chain developers, marketing agents, SEM experts, and more others.

The pros and cons of earning cryptocurrency:

The amount of income.
Obviously, as in the days of “gold fever” the main motive for wishing to enter the niche have money. And in this case, you can raise very large sums if all goes well.

The novelty of the theme.
Despite the fact that cryptocurrency and the blockchain has long been at the hearing, it is likely that we are only at the beginnings of their future prosperity. Therefore the sooner it connect, the more profit in the end get. Millionaires on bitcoin — example.

The chance of success.
If you’ve always dreamed of winning the lottery and keep buying tickets, it is better to spend the money for money. For the two months that I was watching the coins, definitely I can say that from time to time some of them shoots.

Of the minuses:

The risks here are quite large, and they are waiting for from all sides: a sharp change of course, hacking/purses. In the end, who would not say that, the crypt is not real money, though, and can be used to purchase.

Time costs.
How long did not watch videos of people telling how to make money on bitcoin exchanges or farms, the impression that this process is necessary to spend a lot of time in order to be in control. Some people even “score” on all sorts of related things: education, work, or relationships.
Yes, it takes time and money. But if you want to approach this issue with less risk and more likely to earn a stable and to explore this topic, will help you in this project Arbidex.

The work of the platform based on the basic algorithm that controls the arbitration process: the system constantly analyzes the exchange rate at the top and trustworthy for exchanges best deals of buying and selling. The algorithm includes several currency pairs between exchanges.

From Whitepapper:

For example: You are selling bitcoin. Keep in mind, you are also in control of wether at the end of the chain you are left with the same currency or exchanging for a different one. As a result, we have a 0,827% profit over the course of exactly 7 seconds. And all exchange fees are already inside.

Arbidex will be the first trading platform which is going to merge all assets from different cryptocurrency exchanges in one place. That is, on one account you will be able to carry out operations with assets from different exchanges, having already default better exchange rate and the total commission is less than any of those that exist at the moment. The algorithm for determining cost-effective rates (DPR) will allow you to frequently buy and sell various assets to benefit from difference in their price.



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