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Cryptocurrency is a relatively new, but today know about it almost all. Ideas that were laid down in this tender, — no binding to the banking institutions and the need to utilize processing centers for transactions, has made the cryptocurrency very popular.
The pros and cons of earning cryptocurrency:
The amount of income. 
Obviously, as in the days of “gold fever” the main motive for wishing to enter the niche have money. And in this case, you can raise very large sums if all goes well.
The novelty of the theme. 
Despite the fact that cryptocurrency and the blockchain has long been at the hearing, it is likely that we are only at the beginnings of their future prosperity. Therefore the sooner it connect, the more profit in the end get. Millionaires on bitcoin — example.
The chance of success.
If you’ve always dreamed of winning the lottery and keep buying tickets, it is better to spend the money for money. For the two months that I was watching the coins, definitely I can say that from time to time some of them shoots.
Of the minuses:
The risks here are quite large, and they are waiting for from all sides: a sharp change of course, hacking/purses. In the end, who would not say that, the crypt is not real money, though, and can be used to purchase.
Time costs. 
How long did not watch videos of people telling how to make money on bitcoin exchanges or farms, the impression that this process is necessary to spend a lot of time in order to be in control. Some people even “score” on all sorts of related things: education, work, or relationships.
Token Distribution
1 Token ABX = 1 USD
Supply Total Token: 25,000,000 ABX
Number of Sold Tokens: 17.2 million ABX
Number of Tokens Ttim: 2.800.000 ABX
Advisor: 2,000,000 ABX
Reserve: 2,500,000 ABX
Bounty: 500,000 ABX
Private Placement:
Target Cap: $ 2,000,000.
Token Amount: 2,400,000.
Bonus: 20%
PreSale: Dec 11 — Dec 25
Target Cap: $ 4,000,000.
Token Amount: 4,000,000.
Bonus: 20%.
TokenSale: Jan 11 — Jan 29
Target: $ 10,000,000.
Number of Tokens Sold: 10,000,000.
Token Amount: 10,000,000.
Amount of Collected Funds: $ 10,000,000.

Fund Distribution

Road Map

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