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The first crypto-currency was started in 2009 in form of Bitcoin. After few years people started to see the importance of digital currency in the future which led to starting of many different exchange platforms and Altcoins (crypto-currency other than bitcoin.) To make a good profit through trading crypto-currency you need to have proper knowledge of the exchange rates over different exchanges. What if I tell you there is a way to get the best rates over different exchanges and crypto-currency other than Bitcoin.

What is Arbidex?

Arbidex is a trading platform which allows us to see live rates on different exchanges and provide us with an opportunity to invest in different crypto-exchanges. Although many people are still not sure about the cryptocurrencies, blockchain experts say it to be a faster and more accurate way for verification.

Arbidex provides the trader with a platform to invest in different cryptocurrencies by checking live rates over different crypto-exchanges. They have developed an algorithm to cover arbitration rates over different crypto-exchanges and help you to make a decision. Arbidex is a platform where you can compare arbitration rates of over 25 exchanges and multiple crypto-currencies which will show you the best rates available for different crypto-currency at that particular instance.

Arbidex Tokens

Arbidex have started their tokens which are to be used for trading. There are various rewards for using these tokens instead of any other means of trading. You can still use other modes of payment to invest but with these tokens, you will be getting maximum discounts and will give chance to invest more.

All the internal charges through tokens will cost half as compared to any other mode of transfer.

The more you invest through tokens, the higher ranks, and services you will receive. As per the number of tokens, traders will be divided into silver, gold and platinum categories.

Arbidex is based in Singapore, Russia and recently incorporated in Switzerland. There next destination for expansion is the Netherlands. According to CEO Maria Stankevich, Dutch investor shows more interest towards crypto as compared to investors in London, Germany, and Asia.

The problem with other crypto-exchange is that you can only invest in Bitcoin when there are many other crypto-currencies which are gaining popularity. For example, Ethereum is really gaining popularity and its rate is increasing continuously. With continuous monitoring, you can choose on which cryptocurrency you want to invest on.

Note: Promotional and fund raising events for any system serve as the fuel for economy of the platform engine as well as for up gradation of the system. Funds raised are indented to be used to boost up the on-going developments and designing new tools. Pre-ICO (Initial Coin offering) for ABX tokens was started on 11th December 2017 and lasted till 25th December 2017. After collecting 6M USD in the pre-sale event, main ICO started on 26th December and will continue till 30th January 2018. Total supply or generated ABX tokens is 25 million tokens but 17.2 million are available during the sale. Investors and stakeholders around the globe are invited to participate in the event and become the part of this innovative idea to deal with numerous trading exchanges via single screen (
We have achieved a lot since our project has been established. We are proudly announcing that the Arbidex platform is soon going to be converted in to a completely functional international exchange, enlisting new crypto currencies to trade with maximum ease. Traders will be able to trade at the best market rates with freedom of trading in manual or automated arbitrage trading.



Let’s take a look at advantages of Arbidex;

It provides you with the opportunity to invest in many different cryptocurrencies at a time.

You can monitor rates of different crypto-exchanges on the website and decide which one is best for you.

Wallet available on Arbidex can be used to store various types of cryptocurrencies.

Arbidex is a platform to provide you with accessibility and opportunity to finally make good money from crypto-currency for every level of trade.

Details of Token Sales
1 token ABX = 1 USD
Total token inventory: 25,000,000 ABX
Total token for sale: 17,200,000 ABX
Total token for team: 2,800,000 ABX
Advisory: 2,000,000 ABX
Backup: 2,500,000 ABX
Bonti / Prize: 500,000 ABX


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