Arbidex! Earn cryptocurrency with confidence!

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new, but today know about it almost all. Ideas that were laid down in this tender, — no binding to the banking institutions and the need to utilize processing centers for transactions, has made the cryptocurrency very popular.

The pros and cons of earning cryptocurrency:

The amount of income.
Obviously, as in the days of “gold fever” the main motive for wishing to enter the niche have money. And in this case, you can raise very large sums if all goes well.

The novelty of the theme.
Despite the fact that cryptocurrency and the blockchain has long been at the hearing, it is likely that we are only at the beginnings of their future prosperity. Therefore the sooner it connect, the more profit in the end get. Millionaires on bitcoin — example.

The chance of success.
If you’ve always dreamed of winning the lottery and keep buying tickets, it is better to spend the money for money. For the two months that I was watching the coins, definitely I can say that from time to time some of them shoots.

Of the minuses:

The risks here are quite large, and they are waiting for from all sides: a sharp change of course, hacking/purses. In the end, who would not say that, the crypt is not real money, though, and can be used to purchase.

Time costs.
How long did not watch videos of people telling how to make money on bitcoin exchanges or farms, the impression that this process is necessary to spend a lot of time in order to be in control. Some people even “score” on all sorts of related things: education, work, or relationships.

Yes, it takes time and money. But if you want to approach this issue with less risk and more likely to earn a stable and to explore this topic, will help you in this project Arbidex.


The key feature of the platform is the automation of the inter-exchange arbitration process strategy, which allows platform users to make profit by using deposits to eliminate non-market efficiency, ie arbitse situations. Arbidex is increasing revenue from:
The commission benefits from the arbitse strategy-up to 50% of revenue from a successful arbitse chain.
Commission from execution of orders in different exchanges during regular trade operations.


  • Arbidex is an exchange platform integrator that allows to trade through single interfaces in different exchanges, including the deployment of MT4 and other software for professional traders.
  • Arbidex is an opportunity to get the realization of arbitration strategy without any risk by virtue of the set of technical solutions integrated into the platform.
  • Arbdex is an opportunity to buy the most equally profitable exchange rate assets based on deploying partial purchasing technical algorithms on various exchanges and using the transaction chain.
  • Arbidex provides a lower commission rate for professional traders with high-end services and technical maintenance of trading operations.
  • Arbidex is a liquidity aggregator and instrument to reduce the volatility of cryptomarket, which in the long run will simplify the integration of cryptoasset into society and make the market more approachable for more mature institutional investors.


The tokens give the right to owners to have access to the core functionality of the platform with a specific deposit amount. Deposit amount allowed is proportional to the retention amount of the token. If you have no tokens on this platform, the deposit is allowed in an amount not less than $ 1000. The token provides access to the arbitration function. Unlike passive income from trading assets automatically, this means that the user decides to follow the arbitration chain with their personal not having the means to make a profit.

ABX tokens are used on the arbidex platform. This is access to the platform, as well as internal accounting tools. We envision a platform designed for a professional community of merchants. Therefore our community members ABX token owners will receive enhanced platform functionality that enables them to make extra profit from trade and arbitration transactions, as well as the opportunity to develop together with us.

Details of Tokensale
Presale Date: December 11 – December 25th
Date Crowdsale: January 10 – January 25



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