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It is not surprising that the cryptocurrency is already talking advanced not only clever, but even my grandmother at the entrance. Who wants to be a millionaire! But where to earn the most cryptocurrency? And how to sell?

The blockchain is huge and constantly expanding information base. It is used for data storage, transfer money, verify the accuracy of information. Unlike cryptocurrencies, for which many countries, including ours, haven’t decided to admit it or not, the blockchain experts support clearly. The technology of the future. Will radically change the system of payment transactions. Everything will be faster, more secure. Blockchain brings us to a new era of computerization, the creation of quantum computers.

However, after sharp jump of the course and dissemination of technology to the masses, the theme of earnings on bitcoin in 2017 it acquired the “viral” nature: people have begun to trade actively on the stock exchanges, the miners swept the card from the stores, talking about bitcoin was heard even in public transport.

People try to make in the course of studying different cryptocurrency news, rumors, applying techniques of Forex. It sometimes looks more like guesswork, because there is no reference to the standard currency there, and the common future of the market may vary dramatically.

There is also a category of users who fill up in account for 30-50 dollars in an attempt to increase their “giant” capital. Whatever secrets the right trade they are not used, even with the high percent yield if your actual profit will be a few dozen dollars a month is a ridiculous amount. Because the time to exchange spent quite a lot.

So if you want a safe to trade on all exchanges at the same time and have the most favorable exchange rates, you might be able to help the project Arbidex!
Arbidex will be the world’s first platform that will include both liquidity across all key crypto-exchanges with the function of constructing arbitration chains. That is thanks to this ability she is able to analyze thousands cryptocurrency pairs in order to find the best deal amounting to 4 percent of the cost profit with each transaction.

This project to date is operating with capital with a total value in excess of $10 million on crypto-exchanges. Start of development of a technological base arbitration was initiated by the team in mid-2017 from its own funds.

What opportunities does the platform Arbidex:

To track the difference in real time between Exchange servers courses of crypto-currencies on multiple exchanges at the moment, the system sets up trades with the calculated effect based, in contrast to the predictions, real time data.
Such functions can be obtained by owners of tokens, and ordinary users, and may transfer funds from their own crypto-wallets. If the transaction is successful, the penalty is 50% of the profits as a reward platform. This fee is substantially less for the owners of the tokens of the project.

Those who hold the tokens platform, you have two types of discounts:

1 – all internal fees, which are paid in their native tokens are charged at an effective rate equal to 50% of what would be through any other means.

2 – marker the retention of a certain size gives the holder a certain status of platform (silver, gold, platinum). This status determines the applicable discount on fees. Today the average is around 2%, but at the same time, they plan to keep the base rate 0.18% which can be reduced to almost zero, depending on the owner’s permanent and their relationships with other exchanges.

Buying these tokens you will ensure maximum discounts and work with a greater amount of the deposit, as the platform increases the number of tokens required for to maintain standing on the platform will decrease, motivating the owner to sell the surplus the markers.

Now(from 11 Dec 2017) they gather investments in order to fund the efficient scale marketing, legal, technological modernization. They also work to create platforms for traders to work and making a profit with them using their recommendations. #arbidex #arbibounty

Token Function
ABX tokens are used on the arbidex platform. This is access to the platform, as well as internal accounting tools. We envision a platform designed for a professional community of merchants. Therefore our community members ABX token owners will receive enhanced platform functionality that enables them to make extra profit from trade and arbitration transactions, as well as the opportunity to develop together with us.

Details of Tokensale
Presale Date: December 11 – December 25th
Date Crowdsale: January 10 – January 25
Token (ABX)
Supply Percent
Token on sale

Token Distribution
Each Token is equivalent to 1 USD

Private Placement
Target cap: $ 2,000,000
Number of tokens: 2,000,000

Target Cap: $ 4,000,000
Token Amount: 4,000,000

Token Sale
Target Cost: $ 10,000,000
Number of tokens to sell: 10,000,000
Token Amount: 10,000,000
The amount of funds raised: $ 10,000,000

Each investor can buy tokens at each presale and main Token sale stages.

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