ARBIDEX The First Trading Platform That Collects Liquidity From Exchanges With Automatic Arbitrage S

The world of Blockchain is now a huge and ever-growing information base. Blochain brings us to a new era of computerization, the creation of quantum computers.

And now everyone is starting to learn about crypto news, rumors, applying Forex techniques. Sometimes it looks like a guess, because there is no reference to the standard currency there, and the future of shared markets can vary dramatically.

Even now there are categories of users who charge up to 30-50 dollars in an effort to increase their “giant” capital. Whatever trade secrets they do not actually use, even with a high percentage if your true profit will be a few dozen dollars a month is an unreasonable amount. Because the time spent swap quite a lot.

So if you want a safe to trade on all exchanges at the same time and have the most profitable exchange rate, you might be able to help the Arbidex project!

Arbidex will be the first platform in the world that includes both liquidity in all key crypto exchange with the function of building an arbitration chain. That’s thanks to this ability he was able to analyze thousands of pairs of cryptocurrency to get the best deal at 4 percent of the cost of profit with each transaction.

The project has so far operated with capital totaling over $ 10 million for crypto exchange. The initial development of basic arbitration technology was initiated by the team in mid-2017 from its own funds.

What opportunities do the Arbidex platform have:

To track the real-time differences between exchange-server crypto exchange courses on many of the current exchanges, the system establishes trading with a calculation-based effect, in contrast to predictions, real time data.
These functions can be obtained by the owner of the token, and the regular user, and can transfer funds from their own crypto wallet. If the transaction is successful, the penalty is 50% of the profit as a reward platform. This cost is substantially less for the project token owner.

Those holding platform tokens, you have two types of discounts:

1 – all internal costs, paid with their original tokens are charged an effective rate of 50% of what will be through other means.

2 – a specified size retention mark giving platform status holders (silver, gold, platinum). This status determines the applicable cost discount. Today it averages around 2%, but at the same time, they plan to keep the base rate of 0.18% which can be reduced to almost zero, depending on the permanent owner and its relation to other exchanges.

Purchasing this token will ensure maximum discount and work with more deposit amounts, as the platform increases the number of tokens required to stay on the platform will decrease, motivating the owner to sell the excess markers.

Now (from Dec 11, 2017) they are pooling investments to fund efficient, legal, technological modernization. They also work to create a platform for traders to work and benefit from using their recommendations. #arbidex#arbibounty

From Whitepapper:

For example: You are selling bitcoin. Keep in mind, you are also in control of wether at the end of the chain you are left with the same currency or exchanging for a different one. As a result, we have a 0,827% profit over the course of exactly 7 seconds. And all exchange fees are already inside.

Arbidex will be the first trading platform which is going to merge all assets from different cryptocurrency exchanges in one place. That is, on one account you will be able to carry out operations with assets from different exchanges, having already default better exchange rate and the total commission is less than any of those that exist at the moment. The algorithm for determining cost-effective rates (DPR) will allow you to frequently buy and sell various assets to benefit from difference in their price.

The tokens give the right to owners to have access to the core functionality of the platform with a specific deposit amount. Deposit amount allowed is proportional to the retention amount of the token. If you have no tokens on this platform, the deposit is allowed in an amount not less than $ 1000. The token provides access to the arbitration function. Unlike passive income from trading assets automatically, this means that the user decides to follow the arbitration chain with their personal not having the means to make a profit.


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