Arbidex is a stage that amasses the liquidity of all significant digital currencies and really mechanizes the trade discretion process for the partners. Arbidex will be the world’s first stage that will incorporate both liquidity over all key crypto-trades with the capacity of building assertion chains. That is on account of this capacity she can break down thousands cryptographic money matches keeping in mind the end goal to locate the best arrangement adding up to 4 percent of the cost benefit with every exchange.

This task to date is working with capital with an aggregate an incentive in abundance of $10 million on crypto-trades. Begin of improvement of an innovative base discretion was started by the group in mid-2017 from its own particular assets.

To track the distinction progressively between Exchange servers courses of cryptographic forms of money on numerous trades right now, the framework sets up exchanges with the figured impact based, as opposed to the forecasts, constant information.

Such capacities can be acquired by proprietors of tokens, and standard clients, and may exchange stores from their own crypto-wallets. On the off chance that the exchange is fruitful, the punishment is half of the benefits as a reward stage. This expense is significantly less for the proprietors of the tokens of the venture.

The individuals who hold the tokens stage, have two sorts of rebates:

1 – every inward expense, which are paid in their local tokens are charged at a successful rate equivalent to half of what might be through some other means.

2 – marker the maintenance of a specific size gives the holder a specific status of stage (silver, gold, platinum). This status decides the appropriate rebate on expenses. Today the normal is around 2%, however in the meantime, they intend to keep the base rate 0.18% which can be decreased to just about zero, contingent upon the proprietor’s lasting and their associations with different trades.

Purchasing these tokens you will guarantee most extreme rebates and work with a more noteworthy measure of the store, as the stage expands the quantity of tokens required for to keep up remaining on the stage will diminish, inspiring the proprietor to offer the surplus the markers.

Now(from 11 Dec 2017) they accumulate interests with a specific end goal to support the productive scale promoting, lawful, innovative modernization. They likewise work to make stages for merchants to work and making a benefit with them utilizing their proposals.

The question is now being answered ……… 

The platform named ArbidexArbidex is a project shaped decentralized payment platform that allows to accumulate the liquidity of all cryptocurrency exchange rate system run Algorithm (Detecting Profitable Rates Algorithm-provincial parliament). That is entirely based on the advanced science and math are designed for profitable transactions of its price difference, buy and sell different assets safer among the many assets in one exchange. With access to professional tools (such as MT4) exclusively providing high-quality service with the commission rate is low, main features of the platform Arbidex This is an automation strategy arbitration process interexchange, which allows platform users benefit by using the deposit to eliminate the efficiency of the market, ie a situation arbitration ,   Currently Arbidex has Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Wex, Kraken and GDAX interconnected. Thus, a user has the opportunity to trade on these exchanges from one account and one window. At this time ARBIDEX is an operating platform (MVP) with a set of technical tools for arbitration exchange that interacts with several exchanges cryptocurrency collect about 10 million US dollars in deposits. technical architecture and efficiency of arbitrage strategies were tested over a period of 4 months by a team with their own deposits.

By looking at the development of cryptocurrency increasingly popular in the eyes of society then Arbidex build a platform that tries to connect the entire market crryptocurrency in the world through a single interface. It is a new breakthrough in the exchange industry cryptocurrency. Innovations made by the developer and team of this project is extraordinary, Arbidex has a very unique way and intelligent in providing convenience to trade cryptocurrency.   Up to now Arbidex still in development and fundraising platform that is performed through the ICO. Funds collected from the ICO will be used to accelerate development and platform development.

Arbidex ICO Detail

The funds collected during the ICO will be allocated as follows:     

Each investor can purchase tokens at each presale and main TokenSale stages

Pre-Sale Date: December 11 – December 25th.

Date Crowdsale: January 11 – January 29th.

Token Distribution:

1 Token ABX = 1 USD
Supply Total Token: 25,000,000 ABX
Number of Sold Tokens: 17.2 million ABX
Number of Tokens Ttim: 2.800.000 ABX
Advisor: 2,000,000 ABX
Reserve: 2,500,000 ABX
Bounty: 500,000 ABX
Private Placement:

Target Cap: $ 2,000,000.
Token Amount: 2,400,000.
Bonus: 20%
PreSale: Dec 11 – Dec 25

Target Cap: $ 4,000,000.
Token Amount: 4,000,000.
Bonus: 20%.
TokenSale: Jan 11 – Jan 29

Target: $ 10,000,000.
Number of Tokens Sold: 10,000,000.
Token Amount: 10,000,000.
Amount of Collected Funds: $ 10,000,000.
Fund Distribution

Fund Distribution

The Team

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