ARBIDEX is a trading platform that accumulates liquidity of all exchanges crypto currency, Arbidex is the key and completely automate the exchange arbitration process for all parties involved.


The main goal for the ICO implementation is to create and provide a platform for professional traders to develop the trade cryptocurrency from different exchanges through a single interface; professional tools (such as MT4) provide high quality services at the level of low commissions, main features of the platform Arbidex this is a strategy intermediary arbitration process automation, Benefiting from the use of the platform allows users to depositmarket efficiency to remove the arbitration situation.

The Arbidex platform is the first trading to collect liquidity from stock exchanges. Currently Arbidex has joined Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Wex, Kraken and GDAX. A user has the option to trade on these exchanges via an account and a window. The Arbidex system allows users to automatically convert their cryptocurrency at the best possible exchange rate , and commission fees are lower than currently available.

Our goal is to create and develop a professional trading platform where a trader generates significant profits compared to regular trading in crypto-swap exchanges. Executing Income Arbitration strategies reduces the commission to execute orders on all global crypto exchanges (up to 0.05% per order versus 0.2% on most exchanges, ie up to 4x savings).

Advantages of ARBIDEX

  1. An exchange integrator platform that allows trading through a single interface across multiple exchanges, including the application of MT4 and other software for professional traders.
  2. Opportunity to obtain arbitrage strategy realization without any
    risk based on a set of technical solutions integrated into the platform.
  3. Opportunity to purchase assets with the most profitable exchange rates based on deployment of partial purchasing technical algorithms on various exchanges and using the transaction chain.
  4. Provide lower commission rates for professional traders with high-end services and technical maintenance of trading operations.
  5. Liquidity aggregators and instruments to reduce volatility
    cryptomarket, which in the long run will facilitate the integration of
    crypto into society and make the market more easily approached by

Arbidex Token

Token ABX Token feature is used on the ARBIDEX platform. It is an access tool for the platform as well as internal accounting tools. We envision a platform designed for a professional trading community. Therefore, our community members – ABX token owners – will receive enhanced platform features that will allow them to gain additional commercial and arbitration profit and the opportunity to develop with us.


ABX Token has the following features:

Access Premium Platform Features .Token ABX provides access to premium platform features such as auto-arbitrage for large deposits, lowest commission rates, and a host of other great features.

Total token supply: 25,000,000 ABX
Number of tokens for sale: 17.2 million ABX
Developer and team: 2,800,000 ABX
Advisor: 2,000,000 ABX
Reserves: 2,500,000 ABX
Bounty: 500,000 ABX
Price 1 Token ABX = 1 USD
PLACEMENT Personal (completed):
CAP: $ 2,000,000
Bonus: 20%
Token amount: 2,400,000
presale: December 11 – December 25
CAP: $ 4,000,000
Bonus: 20%
Token amount: 4.800.000
TOKENSALE: January 23 – Fe 15
CAP: $ 10,000,000
Token amount: 10 000 000


Note: Promotional and fund raising events for any system serve as the fuel for economy of the platform engine as well as for up gradation of the system. Funds raised are indented to be used to boost up the on-going developments and designing new tools. Pre-ICO (Initial Coin offering) for ABX tokens was started on 11th December 2017 and lasted till 25th December 2017. After collecting 6M USD in the pre-sale event, main ICO started on 26th December and will continue till 30th January 2018. Total supply or generated ABX tokens is 25 million tokens but 17.2 million are available during the sale. Investors and stakeholders around the globe are invited to participate in the event and become the part of this innovative idea to deal with numerous trading exchanges via single screen (
We have achieved a lot since our project has been established. We are proudly announcing that the Arbidex platform is soon going to be converted in to a completely functional international exchange, enlisting new crypto currencies to trade with maximum ease. Traders will be able to trade at the best market rates with freedom of trading in manual or automated arbitrage trading.




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