• Long Term Stable Profits: A platform using its advanced Arbitrage Bot software to produce trading profits
  • Token Growth: A unique token limited to a total supply of only 10 million
  • Experience: A team of experienced developers with expert knowledge on Arbitrage trading.
  • Complete Control: A Smart contract supported fully decentralised platform ensuring complete access to funds with no Lock In
  • Complete Transparency: Trading Bot operating on the Blockchain with all activity recorded on Etherscan for all investors to see
  • Sustainability: The market leader in long term sustainable investments.


Arbitraging team are successful arbitrage masters who firmly believe that limiting the total number of circulating tokens is the key to developing a platform with an appreciating Token value.

Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, a vast number of investors have purchased slow growing tokens which suffer from a large total supply; this has become a recurring problem in the current crypto market.

To overcome this issue, we will only release 10 million ARB tokens ensuring natural growth and token value appreciation for our community of investors.


You can invest your ARB token in to our Decentralised ecosystem exclusively from the ARB dashboard. You can then use our custom Arbitrage trading aBOT (auto BOT) or mBOT (manual BOT) software to start generating Arbitrage profits.

Your daily trading profits are paid directly to your external wallet in ARB tokens.

ARB Gives you complete control – there are NO Lock In periods on your investment so you are free to withdraw your funds whenever you decide.

You can then choose to keep your funds in your wallet or reinvest back in to the Arbitrage trading BOT and continue to receive daily profits.

100% Of The Profits You are Paid Are Produced By The BOT Software.

We do NOT have a Multi Level Marketing or Ponzi structure – this ensures ARB will be a long term sustainable Arbitrage trading platform.

Revolutionary Decentralised Platform

We created the ARB platform so you can make transactions directly without any central organisation influence. ARB will be the first Arbitrage trading platform that is 100% decentralised providing you with ultimate transparency.

Your external ARB, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask wallet will simply be scanned and read by our platform, so you will never have to hold your funds on our platform.

You will never have to deposit on the ARB platform, so you have complete freedom to withdraw when you decide.

Our exchange will also allow members to buy and sell ARB tokens directly to and from each other. When you use our Arbitrage trading BOT you will simply send your ARB to an external cold storage wallet and your daily profits will be sent back to your MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

This will be a game changer in the investment platform community and we will start a revolution in the market giving investors 100% control over their investment.


“Provide our investors with long-term sustainable profits with our revolutionary Arbitrage trading platform. We will give our investors complete control and ultimate transparency with our decentralized platform by ensuring all transactions are documented on the Blockchain. We aim to change the future of crypto investment platforms by replacing all short term Multi-Level Marketing/Ponzi schemes and provide investors with a safe, stable and transparent alternative.”

Control Your Own Money, Make Your Own Profit, Be Your Own Boss


We WILL revolutionize the investment platform industry and we are certain the community will transition to using aBOT and mBOT.

ARB will be the game changer in the market and lead the way for investors.



Buying a coin/token in one exchange at a low price and instantly selling it in another exchange for a higher price to immediately lock in a profit! The ARB Arbitrage software will only buy a coin/token if it can sell it instantly for a profit – this means Your Trade Is Not Designed To Make A Loss.


When using aBOT, your daily arbitrage trade profits will be paid to you in ARB directly to your external wallet.

You will be able to unlock your capital deposit of ARB back in the form of ARB at the current market value any time, you can choose to stay running with aBOT and continue receiving daily arbitrage trade profits or end using aBOT at anytime.


We are also introducing our custom mBOT – Manual BOT which will allow ARB token holders the ability to perform Arbitrage trades and keep most of the profits produced.

Token holders will have free access to mBOT to start generating profits.

With mBOT you will have a dashboard where you can view live arbitrage opportunities and then set your triggers to perform trades within the guidelines – giving you complete control.


With only a total of 10 million coins and BOT software that is already operating on the Blockchain, ARB will follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong. The coin is projected to appreciate strongly so choosing to HODL ARB is a profitable option.


You can earn 5% commission of funds invested in to aBOT or mBOT by any person you refer. Building a network of referrals is key to benefit from this opportunity. The large investor demand for both aBOT and mBOT will allow referrers to earn significant commission.


The program was designed to ensure all individuals promoting and marketing ARB can earn a large number of coins without having to spend a cent. For more information on how you can benefit from the Bounty Program please visit our official Telegram channel at


  • Platform : Ethereum Blockchain
  • Algorithm : PoW
  • Symbol : ARB
  • Token Name : ARBITRAGE
  • Total Supply : 10,000,000 ARB
  • Ethereum Verified : YES (Check on EtherScan)


  • 12 – 28 Dec 2017 ARB TOKEN PRE-SALE, Advertising on Startup listing websites
  • Jan 2018, ARB TOKEN SALE, Initial Token Offering of ARB tokens, marketing and promotion, Started worldwide marketing campaign, vBOT released (arbitrage Vision bot)
  • 31 Mar 2018 – TOKEN SALE ENDS, Ending the Initial Token Offering and launching the first step of production
  • 1-15 Apr 2018 – STARTING THE TRAINING FOR ABOT, Releasing guides and training materials for novice-intermediary traders to learn how to trade cryptocurrency assets on different exchanges, Releasing guides on how to use aBOT; Indepth video overview on aBOT. LAUNCHING ABOT, Launch fully functional aBOT, Users can start/stop using it anytime, aBOT will run on up to 50 exchanges
  • 15-30 Apr 2018 – INTERNAL EXCHANGE, Release internal exchange on platform, Minimum fees, P2P exchange
  • May 2018 – STARTING THE TRAINING FOR MBOT, Releasing guides on how to use mBOT, Indepth video overview on mBOT, Releasing guides on how to use use API, Worldwide mBOT marketing campaign
  • May 2018 – LAUNCH MANUALLY CONTROLLED MBOT, Launch fully functional mBOT on up to 5 exchanges, Increase buy/sell signals exponentially, Increasing the amount of exchanges by up to 10 over time
  • June 2018 – LIST ARB ON EXTERNAL EXCHANGES, List ARB token on up to 3 exchanges: Yobit, CoinExchange and Etherdelta, List ARB token on CoinMarketCap
  • August 2018 – LAUNCHING ARB DEDICATED WALLET, Hardware wallet compatability, Trezor, Ledger Nano, Etc.
  • November 2018 – WORLDWIDE MARKETING EXPANSION, Marketing expansion to promote Arbitraging, Expand promotional team to support worldwide growth


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