ARCC REVIEW: Reallocating Wealth Through the Elimination of Corruption

Corruption as defined by Merriam Webster English dictionary is the dishonest or illegal behaviour especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officials). Also, according to Corruption Perceptions Index report last year 2018, more than two third of the countries in the world is corrupt with an average score of just 43 CPI (0 is highly corrupt while 100 is very clean). This is to alert us of the alarming rate at which most countries of the world are getting worst in their level of corruption. Truth be told, almost all the governments are ranting about their relentless efforts in putting a stop to corruption but are these efforts productive? You will agree with me that there’s no level of technological advancement or economical advancement that can lead to the development of any nation if there’s presence of high corruption rate.

That being said, I also need to remind us about the great problem-solving potentials of the blockchain technology ever since its advent as it’s already being adopted in most sectors of the global economy to solve most of the problems being encountered hence, leading to tremendous improvements in these sectors.

If the blockchain technology can be used to improve the areas of the economy such as fiancé, social sector, banking sector, travel and tourism, sports and recreation amongst others, then is it possible to also use this technology to get rid of corruption in our societies?

I’m happy to tell us that ARCC (Reserve Currency Coin) is here to give us a positive answer to this question

Introducing ARCC: Asia Reserve Currency Coin

This is a blockchain project that is aiming at the elimination of corruption its decentralised blockchain technology.

ARCC will bring a change in all the corrupted system and helping them get free from their corrupted state.

With this new innovation, traders will be able to break free from all forms of illegal activities and restrictions to normal way of trading or exchanging values. Also with this new approach, all traces of manipulations from the operation flow shall be removed.

How Does ARCC Work?

ARCC is going to make use of a differential Proof of Work app which will be compatible with all devices and can be used remove biasness by holding business captive in every network. For this app to work efficiently, Users have to supply the relevant information needed and by so doing, the app will work effortlessly and freely.

Also, the users of the App will be able to make probable verifications which will guide against all forms of controversies and confusion that might have resulted if this platform wasn’t in existence.

There will be total prevention of spreading all forms of biasness in the use of data to other sectors meanwhile, the government will be given the authority to set the prices for purchase of all data by individuals which will result in the boost of transparency and trust in the society where it has been achieved.

Another feature worthy of mention in this project is the creation of a stable coin by the team which will drive the ecosystem and also boost the adoption of the platform. The coin shall be used for incentivizing the users of the platform thereby, providing more value for it in the ecosystem. It’s a protective network based coin and operate as a micro asset network that eliminates all forms of manipulations. These coin is a mineable coin and it shall be distributed as being planned by the team into the future which its duration for distribution is far more than a decade, hence, now is the best time to get them accumulated as much as possible.

ARCC shall be freely and equally distributed and it shall enable the corruption free environment to be able to deploy assets for efficient production through entrepreneurship.

Conclusively, this post is not enough to enumerate all the embedded features and plans of this project but I am deeply convinced the project will be able to adequately get rid of all forms of manipulations in all the global economical sectors, we should also know that this will not only bring positive development to all global sectors but also, result in making sure that corruption will be an history in all the sectors that adopt this excellent platform.

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