ARCHICOIN – Distributed Storage using the Stable Cryptography

ArchiCoin is a distributed storage that using the stable cryptography. Instead of a centralized server, the file system is formed by an unlimited number of servers in the Internet. Anyone can provide his or her disk space to participate in the unified world system of the protected data storage.


ArchiCoin keeps all data in the encrypted form. Access to the user files is realized through the private key. No one except the owner can get access to the information downloaded in the network. ArchiCoin allows to safely store, exchange or monetize any structured data.

ArchiCoin is scalable and ready for large data

When you upload a file to the ArchiCoin network, it is divided into parts, then these parts are encrypted and sent to a swarm of peers. Nobody stores the whole file, even in an encrypted form. Such method of data storage has obvious advantages over keeping data on a local server. Server with data can be hacked, closed, blown up or confiscated by the court’s decision. None of these can happen to the swarm of peers.

ArchiCoin mining system was created to motivate the miners. The system automatically (randomly, according to the lottery principle) distributes .

ArchiCoin as a reward for providing processing power to support the system:
It encourages users to provide the space and maintain its quality. The entry threshold is reasonable, so it allows getting the results even with small resources.

Mining is expected for a long time, the number of coins is limited and the economy of the project ensures a stable demand for the tokens in the stock exchange to pay for services, and it increases investment attraction to join the project as a miner.

Other advantages of the platform

  1. A secure way of encryption
    All information in ArchiCoin is stored evenly and distributed in encrypted form in the blockchain. An access to the user files is via the private key.
  2. Decentralization
    When a file is uploaded to the ArchiCoin network, it is divided into parts that are encrypted and sent to a swarm of peers. Nobody stores the file entirely even in encrypted form, so all information is stored as securely as possible. .
  3. Different categories of data . Using the ArchiCoin service, the user can store both structured data and unstructured data
  4. Independence and autonomy of the system . The service is completely independent, so it excludes the possible intervention of regulators or public authorities. The system is completely autonomous. In addition to the data storage, ArchiCoin offers a secure access to the user information without interaction with third party.
  5. Guarantee of the property . No one except for the owner can get an access to the uploaded into network information. An access to the user files is done via private key. .
  6. Confidentiality
    Access to the record is only available for its owner or trusted user with a help of a private key. No one else has an access to the files, including the creators of the system. No computer stores the file entirely, that makes this kind of storage as reliable as possible. .
  7. Independent verification by the distributed network . During transactions or replications, all permissions and operations must be tested in blockchain in several blocks.
  8. Full Synchronization . Each storage is automatically synchronized with the other participants of the network, that makes the network absolutely synchronized and.accessible.
  9. An access to data . Because of transparent and up-to-date information stored in the blockchain there will be no disputes between contractors, so there will be no need for verification of the information about the contracts. A complete set of the information about each operation is saved in the network forever, but this information can only be

ArchiCoin mining has a number of profitable advantages over the mining of other popular cryptocurrency .

• Low power consumption
The main current costs of the miners consist of electricity costs. In this system its consumption is less than in other systems.

• Low input budget
To start mining you do not need expensive equipment (motherboards, video cards, power supplies, cooling system), any PC is viable to operate in this blockchain.

• Simplicity
Any user can start ArchiCoin mining with an initial level of PC knowledge.

• Low heat release and noise level
Mining is quite possible to be done in dwelling houses because it does not create uncomfortable conditions for people – there is no such heavy heat release and high noise level as if it was mining of other cryptocurrency.


ArchiCoin offers a full range of services for the corporate block of clients and guarantees complete safety of commercial information that will avoid costs when data is hacked or stolen, a quick access to data and integration with the company’s systems at a price which is 10 times lower than the market price.

ArchiCoin also makes possible a group access to the files, ensuring complete confidentiality and safety. It allows optimization of business processes connected with operating activities of the company.

The ArchiCoin token is the only means of payment in the system that allows to place the data in the independent decentralized storage.

The need to pay the commission guarantees the demand for the tokens. It gives investors the opportunity to exit the project and at the same time has a positive impact on the market quotations as the only sellers of the tokens will be the ICO investors, so the system asset deficit in the market will raise prices even without the investment demand of the players.

Schedule of Token growth

Token ArchiCoin is the only means of payment in the system that allows to place data in an independent decentralized storage.

The fact of certain purchase of tokens from the stock exchange every time you use the platform is extremely important, as it guarantees ICO investors liquidity of quotations and constant demand on tokens, what is the basic principle that ensures the growth of quotations of tokens.


September – December 2017
• Start of the developments
• Preparation for closed pre-sale
• Announcement of closed pre-sale
December 2017 – January 2018
• Carrying out Closed pre-sale
• Preparation for Pre-ICO
• Announcement of Pre-ICO
March – April 2018
• Carrying out Pre-ICO
February – April 2018
• Preparation for ICO
• The development of a demo version and its demonstration
April – May 2018
• Carrying out ICO
May – June 2018
• The output of the token on the stock exchange and strengthening its exchange rate
June 2018
• The development of a stable product version
September 2018
• The Demonstration of a stable version
September – October 2018
• Transition into Open-Source mode.



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