Arcona: Revolutionary Augmented Reality Ecosystem

Arcona Ecosystem is building another Digital Earth that is a layer of Augmented Reality created by joining the physical and virtual universes shaping another element that is connected to this present reality. This land is made for the ordinary client to have an intuitive implication with augmented, virtual and mixed interactive reality multimedia content in certifiable areas.
Arcona is nowhere to be found in our real world, nor is it a usual virtual world without any connection to reality. This superb project is a pioneer in the fusion of these two worlds and offers to all its users a new, exciting and perhaps even revolutionary experience. This type of project is so new and futuristic that I’m not even sure how to call it, maybe the land of digital reality is the most accurate describing what Arcona is.
Strong points
Highlights include:
• Remote configuration;
• Build and exchange;
• Sheltered property.
Remote configuration
Arcona gives anyone a chance to build virtual companies anywhere in the digital country they claim. Also, no one needs to leave the house. Just choose the best known and the most went to places and get it. There you can make whole worlds all by yourself Digital Land. Build a virtual station, or do a Disneyland dialing business. What about another city – you may be limited by your own creative ability.
Make and exchange
The global market will be accessible to you in the new digital world. Buy, offer and rent your Digital Land or computerized race. Make a virtual station and then offer it. You can benefit from creative energy; do and then offer an amazing substance
Safe property
All the nifty contact on the blockchain is the guarantee of the copyright and the property rights are guaranteed. The structure will then have the ability to send portions of size to the creators of the substance and further rent to a computerized asset owner. To learn more about Digital Land and how you can be incorporated, go to
Huge asset
The major asset of this Arcona ecosystem will be Digital Land in light of the measures of the blockchain. The land use rules are delineated in the brilliant Ethereum contract. You are then ready to buy your own specific package in exchange for a standard ERC20 token that is Arcona. It’s all cryptocurrency, but any cryptocurrency has a driving force in all the news.
Be included
You probably think “why should I buy advanced land?” Owning an amazing arrangement or a bunch of Digital Land is a lovely base especially for people who are imaginative and can develop a beneficial business. You can make this home that you always need and a business. You can change the world and develop the dominant part of it, an enormous number of kilometers from you, even on another terrain.
Your territory
In case it’s your property – it’s the same for your models. Each computerized arrival room is associated with a specific region in the physical world. This is where you will attract various people to give them the results of all your determined work. You can amass a hotel and contract a person to run it.
On your territory, you can have remarkable events, shows and presentations; make quotation marks, open virtual stores. Advanced Land is your advantage and you may be forced by your capacity for innovation.
You need Digital Land, especially if you have to widen this widened reality everywhere on this virtual planet.
Who will use Arcona, and why?
You can use Arcona simply to stimulate your creativity and create incredible worlds for you, but also for all other Arcona users to admire and appreciate. You can also visit places all over this imaginary land and see what others have created, communicate with them, get to know them and perhaps start a new Arcona virtual project together. Arcona is an excellent choice also for all entrepreneurs and people who want to create something profitable in this augmented digital reality and make a real profit.
Details of the ICO
• Total tokens to issue: 100,000,000
• Token Token: ERC20
• Basis of valuation: 1 token equal to 1 USD
• Rigid cap: $ 35 million
• Beginning of the ICO: November 27, 201
• ICO Completion Date: December 27, 2017
• No tokens will be issued after the OIC
Focus for 2018
Starting with Quarter – This quarter will see the dispatch of a business center and the Arcona registration unit, and the change packs will be available for purchase. Fences for the land offer for token holders will begin.
second quarter – AR watcher show shipping and apps with rewards for scouts and analyzers.
second of the last quarter – The sending of the specific model for AR Grid and remote organization instruments for practical steps.
last quarter – AR Viewer shipping and start a program for premium customers with field races to pick up Arcona chips
Arcona Tokens
Arcona tokens are proportional to the cost of computerized assets and represent the generalized cash flow of the Arcona ecosystem. These tokens will be used to get from every awesome computer and organizations within the ecosystem. These Arcona chips will ensure the planned structure that would bring the new computerized layer into the honest space where good will be done. It will allow this ecosystem to duplicate itself and be stacked with an accumulation of substance. All Arcona token holders will have the ability to fund the advancement of the ecosystem. They will be given or offered the chance to win portions in chips for:
• Finishing race
• Development of programming squares and content
Test the frame
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