ARCONA…The Augmented Reality Ecosystem.

The main idea of Arcona is to create digital lands, to combine the digital reality and the real world. You buy digital lands for arcon tokens, and create projects on them, thousands of miles from the project implementation point, because each piece of digital land is connected to a specific location on the real earth. You sit at home and watch what’s happening on your land, and create everything you want, so that others can see using a smartphone and an AR headset. These may be the most incredible projects, so the project will primarily attract creative people who will create whole virtual worlds, combined with real places on the planet. The rules of use of these lands are governed by an intelligent technology blocking contract, so that all copyrights for content creation are protected. The land can be bought and sold, rented, gaining on it. So, it’s also a project for companies. The arkona tokens can be purchased at the sales stage (its cost is US $ 1) or earned by performing tasks with Arcona (which, by the way, will create additional jobs).

Arcona will be introduced in the first quarter of next, 2018 – will be made public ARViewer and win a market where it will be possible to calculate the chips of the arcon.

The first digitized territories will appear in the ten largest cities in the world – New York, London, Paris, Beijing, Rome, Mexico City, St. Petersburg, Tokyo, Istanbul, Barcelona in 2019.

A short video explaining their idea in a minute

Implementation of the concept.

In 2014, the team launched the world’s first augmented reality park under the open sky “Ludza Castle”. During the first year, it attracted more than 60,000 users and increased the tourist flow by 30%. Today, a network of eight parks with a total area of 7,700 ar is operated in six countries (“Cruiser Aurora”, “Manor of Altoon”, “Fortress of Bastille”, etc.).

Since 2015, the company has been actively investing its own funds in distributed GIS (GIS) research, augmented reality technology, 3D simulation, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

At the heart of the ecosystem Arcona is an automated platform that combines the functions of a distributed GIS system, augmented reality technology, 3D simulation, artificial intelligence. Access to the real object can be done via mobile devices and helmets such as Hololens helmets, AR lenses, etc. They install the ARviewer application.

The digital earth is logically connected to the surface of the planet (12% is the part that is controlled by man), that is to say, it is not infinite. The plots will be divided into 1-areal plots and will be sold for Arcona tokens.

The peculiarity of the digital earth as a commodity is that it is not the land itself that is sold, but the right to the income that can be derived from it. This income is the result of work on the content. Higher income – higher price of the plot.

On land, you can become landowner – buy and sell land, rent them, place content on your site, attract an unlimited number of users. You can be a tenant – to rent land, sublet, place AR content (in agreement with the owner). The developer must create software or content protected by copyright. The user – to use digital terrain services using ARviewer.

Ecosystem participants:

  • Landowner – can buy / sell land, rent, place AR-content
  • Tenant – can rent, sublet, place the content, but already depending on the conditions of the land owner.
  • Developer – everything is clear, create new content, software. Define your own rules for using your inventions.
  • The user uses the services, admires the ecosystem, and buys and sells digital assets.

The project team

Arcona Platform developed by a team of professionals Piligrim XXI, which operates since 2014. This is one of the first Russian IT start-ups operating in the international market of augmented reality in the tourism industry. It consists of two Russian and foreign experts in the field of information technology, AR-development of Internet technology, blokcheyn technology, management experts, strategic development, etc. In total, the team currently employs 12 people, each of whom is a senior professional in their field. This Ilya Kurguzalov Diane Sorin Black Tatiana, Daniel Gardev, Nicholas Miller, Alexander rostyslavzaulychnyi Alexander Emelyanov, Ivan Shabetnik Vladimir Stishkin, Eugene Barynin, Jan Savinykh, Igor Christmas.

The stages of the ICO.

The name of the token is arcona. The cost of the token is 1 USD. The fundraising ends for an amount equivalent to USD 50,000,000. The minimum amount is 1,000,000 USD. Token issuance depends on the results of the ICO, but not more than 135 million

1st stage: Presale. November 27 to December 27, 2017.

The minimum purchase amount is 10 USD.

Bonus system:

  • 5,000 – 15,000 + 15% of the chips
  • 15,000 – 30,000 + 20% of the chips
  • 30,000 – 50,000 + 25% of the chips
  • 50,000 + 30% tokens

2nd step: ICO. From January 25 to February 25, 2018

The first day, the bonus is + 10% and each day it will decrease by 1%.

Every 6 hours, among the buyers, a draw will take place with a price of 1 ar. The most purchased tokens – the more likely you are to receive a gift.

Token distribution:

  • 20% to the team
  • 7% – advisors
  • 2% premium
  • 11% – reserve fund (partner promotion (bonus), community development (support for new content developers and software developers), attracting new users (reward for Arcon missions, eg field testing) .

Distribution of funds:

If you collect 50mln

Detail of the information

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