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The Argentas Ecosystem: the Future of Money
The true disruption of global finance will not come from banks or other traditional actors. The incumbents do not disrupt and do not want to be disrupted. But we do, and we will. The second generation blockchain technologies make this possible first time ever.

The Network Is the Bank: A True Democritization of Finance.

new era for global finance has arrived with the introduction of second generation crypto platforms. Argentas helps to create a new open global financial system.

Arsitecture Argentas :

The Network Is the Bank: A True Democritization of Finance.


The Argentas Ecosystem to make this happen will have three key dimensions: Network

The core element of the ecosystem is HydraNet, the proprietary blockchain of Argentas leveraging advanced distributed ledger technologies, with its native digital asset facilitating global, virtually free and real-time transactions. The team will work on applications of lightning network for additional payment processing speed, smart sharding for less network load and eventually for quantum resistance.

Early Opportunity

The private pre-distribution offers our fans, supporters and early believers an early opportunity to join our story of transforming global finance through innovative technology.

Community First

The private pre-distribution is quietly directed to our community for its benefit, priotitizing them without the high profile of a public ICO. Early members enjoy priority.


The HydraNet interfaces such as wallets and bridges forming a connection between the traditional and crypto economies such as banks, exchanges, payment firms and other actors play a key role in the ecosystem that is open to all and interconnected. Banks and other traditional players will gradually morph into network interfaces, as the bank accounts will disapper into the network that will be the global bank for everyone.


Decentralized network applications, dapps, form the third dimension of the ecosystem focusing on adding value through technological innovation in payments, banking and other financial services, for which HydraNet is the perfect environment of disruptional transformation. Smart dapps will eventually replace many of the banking and other financial services as we know them now. A whole new financial ecosystem will emerge.

Reward for Trust

Early members will be rewarded, when our blockchain with its native digital asset and the ecosystem take shape, activity increases, and network value grows.

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