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Arizn ICO - Social Investment Hub


Arizn ICO

Arizn ICO - Social Investment HubArizn ICO – Arizn an internet and app-based mostly platform that permits anyone to make a compliant crowdfunding campaign that’s clear and satisfying for backers.


The Idea

Arizn sees a free and honest future that’s supported transparency and responsibility, a venerable utopia wherever sensible ideas square measure well prepackaged and showcased to the worldwide crowd of potential backers. A network that transcends ancient|the conventional} constraints of traditional capital markets, one that rewards founders and backers equally. They believe that by empowering entrepreneurs with our platform we’ll improve the choices of the common individual and speed up advancements in each industrial and nonprofit sector.


The scheme

Tokenised crowdfunding platform on the blockchain (Arizn)

  • The platform is intended to use the AALT token as a base currency, backers use it to fund comes and founders settle for AALT tokens as an appropriate type of tokenized funding. Founders use the dAPP wizard to tokenize their crowdfunding campaign, business or quality, and supply compliant tokens to potential backers.
  • Arizn permits licensed Investors and non-accredited investors access to constant market and encourage funding through the clear, exciting and acquainted product that reward backers with compliant and transferable angular position tokens that may be listed instantly.

Decentralized ECR20 token exchange (LiquiDEX)

  • An ECR20 smart-contract based mostly exchange that’s suburbanized and functions autonomously while not the requirement for human involvement. The unified trade governor teams and executes trades on behalf of users and permits them to retain their non-public keys.
  • The exchange functions as a secondary market that permits angular position token holders to own instant liquidity.


Arizn ICO Target

Arizn can deliver a compliant, moral and profitable platform, that ensures accessibility, liquidity, and transparency throughout the crowdfunding method and into the secondary token exchange market.

Market Drawback

The crowdfunding market may be a doubtless profitable however venturesome house. the foremost issue is expounded to the very fact that there’s virtually k or additional crowdfunding portals or CFP’s. this suggests that the world includes a terribly wide focus, with greatly variable data and results. the problems during this house have an effect on founders and funders equally however otherwise.

Problems for Founder

  • Pay gates
  • Limited audience
  • Demanding campaigns
  • Donations
  • Lack of funder confidence
  • There is a severe lack of transparency and responsibility. place and community governance have to be improved. The market wants new streams of funding and a unified concentration.

Problems for Sponsor

  • Unregulated
  • Trust-based
  • Non-Tangible reward
  • Non-Liquid
  • Lack of confidence
  • There is a severe lack of transparency and responsibility. Liquidity and physicalness of reward for funding have to be improved so as to encourage existing backers and provoke new ones from alternative markets.


Arizn ICO Solution

  • Arizn is making a crowdfunding platform that’s engineered on the Ethereum blockchain. a totally clear distributed ledger that’s publically viewable by anyone.
  • Arizn is victimization smart-contracts to produce a variety of product that provides a stake, equity, quality backed or loan based mostly on digital assets in exchange for funding a campaign on our platform. this suggests that founders, start-ups and existing businesses will tokenize their crowdfunding and make a beautiful and liquid giving for potential backers.
  • These tokens square measure known as angular position tokens, they represent responsibility, Liquidity, and Transparency that square measure the core principle of Arizn.

Arizn ICO Token

Arizn ICO - Social Investment Hub


Arizn ICO - Social Investment Hub

Arizn ICO Team

Arizn ICO - Social Investment Hub

Arizn ICO Roadmap

Arizn ICO - Social Investment Hub

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63



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