Welcome to the ARIZN platform. Arizn is a South African company with a passion for “Ubuntu” the essence of being human, since 2011 we have set about to effect as much socio-economic change as possible by developing an accountable, liquid and transparent crowdfunding platform.

The arizn which constructs the sub-theme of token side crowdfunding platform basically stands for the accessibility, liquidity, and transparency established in South Africa under the passion of being a real human (Ubuntu). As a platform, their ultimate objective is to create a sound effect as much as possible to coop with state agencies, and some nonprofit organizations to empower entrepreneurs in SADC zone to involve in restructure deals sustainable projects to make the community aware about the blockchain technology.

The benefits of using blockchain are many, the most notable are decentralisation, transparency and tokenisation. All campaigns created on the Arizn are executed by ECR20 smart-contracts that are compiled to the decentralised ethereum blockchain. This means that every command and function is predetermined and publicly view-able, its like having your company’s bank account available for anyone to view online. This is not just crucial to crowdfunding but to every financial, consensus and governance systems known to man, but we will start here. The next benefit is tokenisation, tokenisation has been around since the dawn of money and in fact fiat cash money notes and coins are tokens, tokens that hold the value promised to the holder by the issuing countries reserve bank. This means that tokenisation of digital assets and more specifically equity and or assets creates a secondary market for these items. This means that a founder could use any of his real world assets as security to raise funds rather than give away equity in his idea or project. The tokens that are issued represent a compliant and transferable digital record of ownership that can be used as money or traded for AALT tokens at liquiDEX, the platforms built in decentralized exchange. There is also a crucial point that needs to be mentioned, we are a blockchain platform that is designed very much as a merger of ICO smart-contracts with traditional crowdfunding and capital products. This means that we have the potential to attract two new streams of potential investors. Investors that quite frankly don’t have a lot of options right now. We are confident that our approach is going to create a unified platform that is 100% accessible and inclusive of all CFP’s. More than just our own products, we will focus on working with other CFP’s to include and on boarding platform or API, that will encourage other CFP’s to interact with Arizn. The only problem is we don’t charge and their fee’s are 20% or more. None the less we will continue to use blockchain to revolutionize the crowdfunding industry as a whole and create a central focal point for backers, non-accredited and accredited investors a like. The obvious knock on effect is that we be able to make rock solid corwdfunding data available for free to anyone, thanks to blockchain.


We see a free and fair future that is based on transparency and accountability, a venerable utopia where good ideas are well packaged and showcased to the global crowd of potential backers. A network that transcends the normal constraints of traditional capital markets, one that rewards founders and backers equally. We believe that by empowering entrepreneurs with our platform we will improve the options of the average human being and speed up advancements in every commercial and non profit sector. We will deliver a compliant, ethical and profitable platform, that ensures accessibility, liquidity and transparency throughout crowdfunding process and into the secondary token exchange market.

Arizn represents a transparent revolution to crowdfunding one that offers open source access beyond it’s own platform. The tokenisation of crowdfunding means that equity, products and even real world assets can be used as incentive for funding from the crowd. The unifying effect this will have and the merging of two established markets will create new streams of capital that will improve the general crowdfunding industry as a whole. The current version Beta3.0 will be on Ropsten for public testing in August 2018. Still in a very raw state. Completed functions include account creation, verification of identity, campaign wizard (limited functionality), ALT token sales, ALT token wallets, ALT shift is a raw p2p asset shifting system available to verified users. (This inspired LiquiDEX, the development of which will be made possible by reaching our hardcap).

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