ARROUND is a decentralized augmented reality (AR) platform that provides the world with a captivating new digital environment to explore, where millions will be able to create and share their own AR experiences.

Advertisers will have a brand new way to engage consumers through the use of creative campaigns in augmented reality, and high-street retail outlets can harness the power of big data and targeted campaigns for the first time in history



ARROUND is developing a blockchain platform consisting of four integrated elements: a disruptive universal advertising network, an augmented reality marketplace, a social platform, and the next generation AR map that will create a backbone for AR projects around the world

Miners: Holders of ARROUND blockchain servers and servers for storing and processing visual contentUsers: Users will be able to obtain information on promotional offers and where they are happening through ARROUNDBrands and Advertisers: Brands and advertisers will be able to use ARROUND as a platform, which in turn uses big data to lead them to the best audience within walking distanceAdvertising Agencies:Advertising and creative agencies and freelancers will be able to offer brands content development using the tools of the platform, and the content platform will also provide tools for producers and organizers of live events and quests in augmented realityAR Device Developers:Integrate devices with the platform and expand their user baseApplication Developers: Provide software for implementation of AR contentWHAT PROBLEMS DOES ARROUND SOLVE :

Problem description:

1- Typically retail stores try to arrange their window displays in order to attract customers and sell more products. However, there is an inherent disconnect in the fact that the user may be unable to easily locate the product once they are actually in the store and additionally the product being promoted may be of no interest to the individual consumer passing by the shop window2- Most shopping malls set high prices for navigation, advertising and promotional work. To solve the problem of the lack of advertising space while maintaining the design of a shopping mall

Proposed solution

1- ARROUND will allow retail business owners to integrate interactive advertising by means of AR codes and via actual product recognition an in-store location2- To activate the ARROUND space of a shopping mall in the form of navigation and information signs or in the form of advertising and promo offers of tenants and brands according to each user profile and utilizing Big DataAn AR code is when The retailer places a special branded AR code in their window display. The appearance of the AR code is a clue for the user to read it via the AR Camera on their ARROUND app. When the AR Camera recognizes the AR Code


– Established partnerships with global brands
– Token plays vital role in fuelling business model
– AR market growing at breakneck speed (65% CAR)
– MVP available on iOS & Android
– Innovative and comprehensive product
– Experienced team with excellent track record

ARR token features:

• The number of tokens is limited to 3,000,000,000 units;
• 1,450,000,000 tokens will be sold at the Pre-sale and Token Sale and 245,000,000 tokens will be offered as a bonus for buyers. Unsold tokens will be burned. For each token sold at ICO, another 0.77 tokens will automatically be created immediately after the Token Sale and allocated to special token funds. For details, please see below;
• The price of 1 ARR at the Token Sale will be US $0.035;
• The ARR token will be used for participating in auctions for the long-term lease of advertising space, as well as to perform all transactions in the system. ARR token will also be required as a deposit for the maintenance of the ARROUND blockchain node.

ARR-tokens are the official currency of the ARROUND project. Users will pay for services, and buy digital goods. Tokens are based on the Ethereum network. As many as 3 billion tokens will be issued.

Port arround Augmented Reality Glasses to ODG and Microsoft HoloLens
Engage platform advertising agency
Запуск рекламных компаний с крупными аптечными сетями в Европе
Develop self-service module for agencies to establish their own AR content
The first auction in the secondary market for selling advertising space in the platform
Launching SDK, attracts third-party developers to the platform
Launching pilot projects with partners in
US Expansion into new markets: China, Japan, Korea, Europe



48.3% : Sales (Pre-sale and Token sale)
8.2% : Bonus tokens for Pre-sale and Token sale
22% : Community Development Fund-CDF (including advisers, partners, etc.)
10% : The Network Development Fund — a fund to support master node holders (NDF)
10% : Team
1.5% : Bounty


ARROUND has already partnered with major brands such as Unilever, Scania and Campari to launch AR marketing campaigns. We are also working with 36.6, a pharmacy chain with over 2,000 physical outlets, to commercialize our in-store navigation product.



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