ARROUND – Universal Decentralized Augmented Reality Platform

The Problem

Augmented Reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. AR can be used widely, for example, social media, advertising, location mapping, etc.

Today, mobile advertising is the most popular advertising media, surpassing TV. But with a high level of competition and large commercial offerings, users become alert. AR can be used as a new advertising media to engage people and spread campaign messages. In addition, AR can also be used by offline retailers as advertising media by visualizing its products, so offline retailers can compete with e-commerce.

Besides advertising, AR can also be used as social media. People can create and share information in the form of AR. However, at this time, there is no ready-platform to publish AR creations, so people also have difficulty accessing quality AR content.

The Solution

ARROUND is a decentralized Augmented Reality platform to give anyone the ability to feel the world in AR and provide a place for developers to realize the potential of their applications.

ARROUND uses blockchain and AR to build ecosystems that consist of four integrated elements: AR AdNet, AR Social, AR Map, and AR Store.

Each ARROUND element relies on the blockchain to ensure interaction without fractions between each party, enabling the overall system to maximize its potential to become a transparent and trusted resource in the global AR ecosystem.

AR Social

AR Social is the ARROUND social network, which will be available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. AR Social allows each user to create and share AR content with their friends while making new friends.

Users will be provided with instant messengers to contact each other, and crypto wallets built into their profiles to store ARR and convert fiat and other cryptocurrencies to ARR.

Phase I of the platform will give users the ability to view, interact with and share objects created by ARROUND and ARROUND commercial partners.

AR AdNet

Through the activation of the AR Camera in the ARROUND application, consumers will be able to point to certain products or objects to activate the AR experience. AR cameras can be trained to study visual data in the form of packaging and logos so that the camera can provide additional information about it when recognizing an item.

ARROUND can also recognize markers in the form of AR codes (analogue QR codes). The AR code in ARROUND can offer a targeted experience for each user, based on socio-demographic data and the amount of personal information they have chosen to share on the platform.

ARROUND offers a combination of spatial recognition, AR code, and object recognition through AR Camera, plus plug-and-play functions that will be offered at the AR Store, which will enable brands to quickly and easily bring packaging and marketing materials to life, and publish their campaigns.

AR Map

AR Map is connected directly to AR Social and AR AdNet. AR Social users can map their location by scanning the area around them with a smartphone camera. This technology is similar to 3D scanning and can provide the accuracy needed to bring a deep AR experience. The resulting data set is a 3D cloud point, marked to the physical location determined by GPS, and by additional information such as check-in status and location.

AR Store

The AR Store will allow users to make sales and rental transactions for content and services on the platform. Content writers will set prices for their products. This can be a free distribution, the freemium model. Also, there are options for auctions, crowdfunding campaigns and donations.

Third-party developers access the store through a development suite, which allows them to test their software and hardware interfaces to the network. Through a strong SDK and API, ARROUND will be open to all parties who want to develop a network.


Total tokens: 3,000,000,000

Token symbol: ARR

1 ARR = 0.035 USD

Token Sale dates: 15.09.2018 – 15.11.2018

Soft cap: 5M USD (raised)

Hard cap: 30M USD

unsold tokens will be burned

Token Sale is LIVE with 30% bonus, raised almost 5.9M USD. For more info, visit ARROUND website and download the whitepaper.


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