Create a new future for art 

One of the most notable changes is the increase in dynamic conversation around the blockchain, which was introduced to expand market transparency, track ownership and origin, and provide infrastructure for the sale of fractional artwork.
Art world in the 18th century. There is no development in every part of its operation. Still following the 300 year principle. Even now the authentication, auction and purchase / sale of artwork are the same as the old business model. This creates a lot of inconvenience for participants. The authenticity of the artwork is checked by old standards; There are many possibilities for buyers to accept counterfeit goods. But the Art market is not open to all talented participants. Many young artists struggle to enter the market.
The Art Market is currently not enough to provide authenticity and quality assurance to buyers. The Art Market currently benefits more auctioneers than creators and investors. The presence of intermediaries increases product costs. The lack of technology implementation hampers market growth.
ARTCHAIN ​​AI    is a revolution in tracking, protecting, and recording accountability for artwork. Guiding users through cryptocurrency transactions, ArtCoin allows investors to benefit from improving the security and transparency of the Smart Contract platform. By gathering information that is usually inaccessible to everyday investors, ArtCoin democratizes the art market and acts as a direct link between investors and the art industry.
ArtCoin has implications that will reach all corners of the art industry. From individual collectors to large institutions, our authentication protocol is very suitable. Condition reports are simpler and faster than before, and work can be tracked and tracked easily, a function that insurance and logistics companies can rely on. And each artist can finally get financial benefits by reselling their work.


Support artists, art collectors and art enthusiasts who trade art

Reduce fake art on the market through modern identification methods and blockchain tracking technology

Activating transparent transactions, can be publicly audited between artists and art collectors through blockchain technology

Improve the quality of the trade process by eliminating the role of the intermediary

Take advantage of new and interesting technology to help artists

Connect the global community of people who love art.

The ultimate goal and long-term goal is to provide the Arteroin (Rer-to-Peer) tool, for peer-to-peer trade in the art market worldwide. Market technology and Blockchain are perfectly integrated with a combination of basic Programming functions which include: Easy and precise communication, security, ease and perfect system stability, Studying artists and collectors, harmonious and supportive communities

Why choose ArtCoin?

ARTCOIN creates a future standard that art as a cultural asset protects and protects copyright claims from artists or beneficiaries and their heirs, both institutionally and privately, cultural needs, but also material values, for every artist, art lover, collector, lovers, speculators, or even lay people who are interested, not only for contemporary but also for their offspring. The resulting system inevitably leads to ecosystems where there are no art market participants – from writers, through gallery owners, to buyers, to logistics companies that transport work to their destinations, experts or restaurant owners, curators or insurance companies, to people people who are interested – can no longer escape.

Business model

Today, many billions of dollars are invested in risk because art cannot be verified for originality every time someone sells or buys artwork. Additional verification will also be done which costs a lot of money and time.
Artchain helps create a sustainable business model when solving and reducing transaction costs that make tokens to increase prices due to recurring and increasing costs (purchase tokens to access and use the Artchain blockchain art gallery system).
This fee will be paid for transacting, securing, and verifying artwork on the Artchain platform. The token will also be supported by timeless artwork that can only be transacted in Artcoin. As such, the guaranteed Coins Offer is also part of the package, because our coins will be supported by valuable artwork.

Features of the Artcoin Platform

  • ArtDNA Fingerprint Service
Authentication of a work of art uses advanced authentication technology that scans, recognizes and validates “fingerprints” and stores them in long-lasting images, images of “biometric passports”.
  • Issuance of certification
By using augmented authentication technology, users can validate and document each transaction around the image.
  • Data storage and cataloging
In order for users to get fast and easy to use access to related data sets and services, data is stored in the cloud. Fingerprints and transaction history of artwork are stored safely on the blockchain. Every transaction related to artwork is stored on the blockchain (in compressed form).
  • ARTCHAIN ​​platform as a service
It helps users retain ownership, loans, recovery, transportation, and insurance protection related to artwork. Users who are registered as creators (i.e. artists) will be able to obtain royalties from the resale of their artwork.



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