The art world is traditionally anything but transparent, and that’s where ArtCoin, an investor-driven collective, creates real change for investors. Guiding users through transactions using cryptocurrencies, ArtCoin enables investors to benefit from the increased security and transparency of the Smart Contracts platforms.

By pulling together information that everyday investors normally can’t access, ArtCoin democratizes the art market and acts as a direct liaison between investors and the art industry.



Each artwork has a unique digital fingerprint, and by scanning and matching the finest textural details and storing it on the blockchain, our software effectively renders the artwork unforgeable thanks to its unprecedented ability to pinpoint fakes, no matter how sophisticated.


ArtCoin has implications that will reach all corners of the art industry. From individual collectors to large institutions, our authentication protocol is the perfect fit. Condition reports are simple and faster than ever before, and works can be tracked and traced with ease, functionalities that insurers and logistics companies can depend on. And individual artists are finally able to benefit financially from resales of their art.


With our technology, the art industry is more transparent than ever. Our platform, based on blockchain, is built on tamper-proof profiles of artworks cataloguing their provenance, history, and digital fingerprints. Top-level security standards are guaranteed, thanks to smart contracts and decentralization.

Token Information

Token Name: Artcoin

Token Symbol: ARS

Token Standart: ERC20

Jurisdiction: Zurich

Legal Qualification: Utility Token

Softcap: $ 5,000,000

Hardcap: $ 100,000,000

Number of Token: 30,000,000

Price per Token: $0,01

Burn Unsold Token: Yes

Accepted Currency: ETH, USD, BTC


Artcoin Fund is AN capitalist driven collective. If you wish to hitch U.S.A. and our intent, browse the WhitePaper of ArtCoin Fund so buy the pre-ICO launch. Second, can|there’ll} be a chat by Fabrizio Marcolini from ArtCoin World Health Organization will talk about the ArtCoin Fund, whose aim is to democratize investment within the art world.

ArtCoin helps investors to store worth in collectible assets. ArtCoin Fund details are updated as presently as we tend to get all the knowledge from the project. fifty one of this currency is obtainable pre-and throughout the ICO; nineteen is employed by the fund to shop for works of art and so to introduce ArtCoin as a replacement currencybenchmark for exchange within the art world.

ArtCoin could be a monetary tool backed by AN art ArtCoin Fund is AN capitalist driven collective whose operate is to guide the capitalist through the notoriously opaque art world and its nontransparent dynamics. ArtCoin Fund can issue 750.000 ArtCoins, the primary coin backed by a true fine-art assortment. ArtCoin Fund is AN investment fund dedicated to trendy masterpiece.

The token will be supported by timeless items of art which might solely be transacted in Artcoin. The art world is historically something but clear, and that is wherever ArtCoin, AN investor-driven collective, creates real amendment for investors. Any web site or platform that trades art still as each creative person or gallery can all be ready to apply ArtCoins to handle transactions – even on smartphones.

The fund’s assets backing the ArtCoins are diversified during a basket of crypto-currencies (ETH, BTC, LTC) and by the artworks that may be severally vetted and appraised. ArtCoins may be divisible up to 0.0000000000000000001 (18 decimal places) and can be issued through a wise Contract Token Sale that may be control in AN Ethereum case ERC20 compatible. ArtCoins square measure issued with a cap of 750,000 tokens.

ArtCoins square measure the currency created by our fund. ArtCoin Fund acts as AN extension of the capitalist, assumptive all responsibilities in removing intermediaries for max plus appreciation whereas conducting arbitrage and ultimately storing worth in collectible assets. ArtCoin’s approach is nonmoving in permitting low threshold access to numerous capitalist teams, initiating widespread international participation in protected obscurity.

ArtCoin Fund combines the emotional advantage of collection with the appreciation of a store important , the key motivation in any art investment. The ArtCoin Fund is AN capitalist driven collective whose operate is to guide the capitalist through the notoriously opaque art world and its nontransparent dynamics. ArtCoin Fund is AN capitalist driven collective whose role is to guide the novice capitalist into the notoriously opaque art world, making an attempt to beat the opaque dynamics that characterize it.

Digital AuthenticationArtcoin edges from package developed to form a novel digital fingerprint by capturing microscopic texture details specific to every Art piece. Artcoin is building the longer term of the Art trade with AN unexampled digital commonplace of transparency, credibility, and security. very low market cap for a project as formidable and developed as this with sellers’ design already lined up and surpassing the overall current token worth.

In fact Power Ledger have enforced many cryptocurrency digital currency exchange kickico coinmarketcap trials of their technology below this embedded network state of affairs in Busselton and Bitfinex qtum modern coin team. a higher ANalogy for an ICO would be a Kickstarter campaign, wherever contributors give the funds needed to create the projected platform. Raiden token sale ico art coin ico.

An artcoin is sort of a digital version of the other collectible coin or physical object, still as a digital illustration of a separate physical or digital work. it’s funded via community donations of cryptologic assets, and by the rise in worth of its holdings in artcoin and ether. the purpose of owning artcoins is to pay them forward.

artcoins square measure to be awarded to a pool upon unharness of the protocol. Ephemerals or artcoins produce registered existential links between inventive works of art. group action OF ART ArtCoin is AN capitalist driven collective.

Learn about Artcoin – a replacement crytpotoken engineered on the ethereum block chain that may revolutionize the word of art and democratize culture for ever. ne’er miss a story from Artcoin Fund. ne’er miss a story from Artcoin Fund, after you register for Medium.

In a few days there’ll be our pre-ICO launch, and from that moment on, the art world can have a tool that may enable it to create a difference” among a market virtually ne’er characterised by transparency (especially for what issues investments and therefore the worth of artworks). If you access our platform through a 3rd party web site or via a 3rd party application, any data that you just enter thereon web site or application (and in a roundabout way on Maecenas web site) are shared with the owner of the third party website or application and your data could also be subject to their privacy policies. Access Maecenas’ on-line platform and browse professionally vetted and curated artworks.

Lush and Bitcoin, followed by the ArtCoin Fund. By removing all intermediaries, ArtCoin allows the capitalist to attain most appreciation of assets and conduct arbitrage. Our platform, supported blockchain, is constructed on tamper-proof profiles of artworks cataloguing their origin, history, and digital fingerprints.



Tokens go on sale at $0.01, by invitation only

Sale lasts until March 15 2019

Only initial investors who are in close contact with ArtChain can purchase Stage 1 tokens. These investors have a deep involvement in the project and their valued feedback has helped to shape our work. The invitation to the initial offering of tokens at the lowest possible price is a reward in gratitude for their contributions.


Tokens go on sale for $0.03

Starts in April 2019

This is the lowest possible price for investors who were not part of the invitation-only Stage 1 offer. They’ll receive the highest return for their investment, and it’s the ideal time to make large-quantity purchases.


PRE-ICO EARLY BIRD Begins in May 2019

Tokens go on sale for $0.05

A great middle ground for those investors who preferred to ensure the ICO was a success, but don’t want to wait for the public sale as they wish to capitalize on higher bonuses.


ICO – Tokens go on sale for $0.10

Starts in Sept 2019

The general public gets access to tokens during this most published sale. Support is growing, development is racing ahead, and we’re ready for a large investor influx. The ArtChain app is rolled out, with the first works of art being recorded on the blockchain.

Tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges following the ICO.



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