ARTCOIN.AI -The World’s First Crypto-currency Platform based on ART

Since the big breakthrough in year 2017, the amount of Initial Coin Offer(ICO) and Token which have been purchased and sold is still counting in their exponential rate. Research has also shown that , there are thousands of ICO’s and Tokens crypto-digital market but knowing which ICO or Token to invest in could possibly be a hurdle for lots and lots of potential investors to cross in this race of cyptocurrency investment . Identifying which ICO’s would possibly grow into sustainable companies and which ICO’s would be worth investing is important to the investor’s return on investment (ROI).

With the efficacy of Art in the human world of creativity and beautification, imagine being able to synchronizing it into the crypto-currency and Blockchain technology…Hence an endless possibility of creativity.
THIS IS WHERE ARTCOIN comes into play


With the ArtChain technology, the art industry is more transparent than ever. The platform, based on blockchain, is built on tamper-proof profiles of artworks cataloging their provenance, history, and digital fingerprints. Top-level security standards are guaranteed, thanks to smart contracts and decentralization.

Business Model

Presently, a lot of billions of dollars are been invested at risk because art is unable to be verified for originality whenever someone sells or buys art. An additional verification will also be done which costs a lot of money and time.

These fees shall be paid for transacting, securing, and verifying fine art on the Artchain platform. The token will also be supported by timeless pieces of art which can only be transacted in Artcoin. Thus, a Collateralized Coin Offering is also part of the package, as our coins will be supported by invaluable art pieces. Business model The following are the areas in which there is no effective digital solution:

Image Authentication
Image authentication cannot be done automatically but manually because, it is prone to human error, costly and time-consuming.

The central to image authentication and valuation are the records of history and provenance, but these are often easily forgeable, incomplete and not stored securely. Business model

Condition Reporting
Due to the fact that the condition that are always reported are expensive and cumbersome be it human effort or large scanners. This make owners to often forego these, even though this is central for image valuation and insurance purposes (e.g. in the context of transactions/transportation).

Those responsible for damages to an image is nearly impossible to identify (e.g. in the context of gallery loans: whether damage happened during transportation or exhibition).

There is no standard recording (and secure storing) of restoration activities along with an artwork’s other vital stats, i.e. history, provenance, and condition reports.

Logistics & Transportation
Transports are usually under insured because of the fact that there is currently no track & trace solution.

Intellectual Property Rights
Artists are not able to gain royalties from the re-sales of their works due to the in transparency around image transactions.

Collection Management
The absence of an effective digital solution means that there is an abundant managing of large collections – from individual documentation/condition reporting to coordination of restoration works – which takes a great deal of effort and time.

User Roles & Associated Services

Creator/rights holder
The creator/rights holder is stored as a distinct user of the ARTCHAIN system with a unique ID (User ID) type.
The creator/rights holder is able to register the item, record its fingerprint, and to submit this to the ARTCHAIN system along with all relevant images to generate the artwork’s “biometric passport,” i.e. the artwork’s proof of life.

An owner is stored as a distinct user of the ARTCHAIN system with a unique ID (User ID) type.
An artwork is associated with an owner (User ID) once it is bought from a creator or another owner (pri- vate or institutional) and the transaction is confirmed through the ARTCHAIN app.


Having the ICO, one will be able to get investment grade work that will increase in value. One’s tokens will be exchangeable to be traded and will also be utilized to purchase work out of the collection for the private collection. The coin supply is going to increase to raise the collection and will be provided at continuously more cost rates to make sure the interests of token holders are upheld and the value of their tokens remains to heighten. With Artcoin, it is only the works sold through it will be tracked using the blockchain for credibility. With the use of Artcoin, any marketplace will support artists to sell work directly to purchasers. Lastly, virtual and real galleries will give access to Artcoin holders to check the collection they participated to fund.


Token Name: ARTCOIN
Token Symbol: ARS
Token Standard: ERC20
Jurisdiction: Zurich
Legal Qualification: Utility Token
Softcap: 5,000,000 USD
Hardcap: 100,000,000 USD
Number of Tokens: 30,000,000,000
Price Per Token: $ 0.01
Burn Unsold Token: Yes
Accepted Currency: ETH, USD, & BTC
Minimum Contribution: $10,000 Private, $250 Public

ICO Details

Stage 1
Tokens go on sale at $0.01, by invitation only
Sale lasts until March-15-2019

Only initial investors who are in closecontact with ArtChain can purchase Stage 1 tokens.These investors have a deep involvementin the project and their valued feedback has helped to shape our work. The invitation to the initial offering of tokens at the lowest possible price is a reward in gratitude for their contributions.

Stage 2
Tokens go on sale for $0.03Starts in April-2019This is the lowest possible price for investors who were not part of the invitation-only Stage 1 offer. They’ll receive the highest return for their investment, and it’s the ideal time to make large-quantity purchases.

Stage 3
PRE-ICO EARLY BIRD Begins in May-2019
Tokens go on sale for $0.05

A great middle ground for those investors who preferred to ensure the ICO was a success, but don’t want to wait for the public sale as they wish to capitalize on higher bonuses.

Stage 4
ICO – Tokens go on sale for $0.10

Starts in Sept-2019
The general public gets access to tokens during this most published sale. Support is growing, development is racing ahead, and we’re ready for a large investor influx. The ArtChain app is rolled out, with the first works of art being recorded on the blockchain.

Tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges following the ICO.

Stage 5





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