ARTCOIN | Democratizing the Art Market based on the Blockchain

The growth and development of the art market continues to grow through merging that is unique in this field. ArtCoin ensures that there is an art market that is useful and fair for artists and collectors. Supporting ArtCoin means supporting a healthy future for art that brings together artists and consumers, from all walks of life, who share common interests.


ArtCoin helps a healthy future for humanity because it brings together consumers and artists, from all aspects of lifestyle, who have the same and unusual hobbies, to get artwork, be attractive, honest and efficient for all. The art market and blockchain technology will join together because of the combination of the fundamental features of this program.

ArtCoin is a business platform that allows business people in the art sector to introduce and sell their artwork on the global market. Using blockchain technology, ArtCoin offers new solutions and methods for the art market because it allows peer-to-peer services for artists, sellers, collectors and consumers, while offering transparent sales. ArtCoin allows investors to benefit from improving the security and transparency of the Smart Contract platform.

By gathering information that is not normally accessible to everyday investors, ArtCoin democratizes the art market and acts as a direct link between investors and the art industry. Over the years the art market has continued to change and develop along with the economic climate and blockchain technology is now an exciting new development that will contribute to its success in the 21st century. Blockchain technology infrastructure is the perfect solution for art trade because it is safe and reliable because every transaction is done with a peer-to-peer system that can be reviewed. ArtCoin invests capital to provide an efficient and convenient platform that can be accessed globally and directly functions on Mobile devices. ArtCoin has implications that will reach all corners of the art industry. From individual collectors to large institutions, our authentication protocol is very suitable. The condition reports are simple and faster than before, and work can be tracked and tracked easily, the functionality that insurance and logistics companies can rely on.

More ArtCoin applications and we may be in the same stage. ArtCoin is proud to be able to build a friendly, full start with full artists and art lovers who like to wear clothes and see where to go to the same place to go to a common destination. To be part of ArtCoin, of course you must immediately change the website. With our technology, the art industry has become more transparent than before. Our platform, based on the blockchain, is built on a profile of tamper-proofing artwork that catalogs their fingerprints, history and digital.

Business model


At present, many billions of dollars are invested in risk
because art cannot be authenticated at any time
someone sells or buys artwork. Additional verification will also be done which costs a lot of money and time. Artchain helps create a sustainable business model when solving and decreasing transaction costs that make Tokens for price increases due to recurring and growing fees (purchase tokens for accessing and using the Artchain blockchain art gallery system). This fee must be paid to transact, secure and verify art on the Artchain platform. The token will also be supported by timeless artwork that can only be traded in Artcoin. Thus, the Coins Offer that is Placed is also part of our package, because our coins will be supported by priceless works of art.

The following are areas where nothing is effective
digital solution:

A. Image authentication

Image authentication cannot be done automatically but
manually because, it’s prone to human error, expensive and
wasting time.

B. Documentation

The essence of image authentication and assessment is
historical and original records, but this is often easy
can be forged, incomplete, and not stored safely.

C. Pelaporan kondisi
Karena kenyataan bahwa kondisi yang selalu dilaporkan adalah
mahal dan rumit baik itu upaya manusia atau scanner besar. Ini
membuat pemilik sering mengabaikan ini, meskipun ini adalah pusat untuk
evaluasi citra dan tujuan asuransi (mis. dalam konteks
transaksi / transportasi).
Mereka yang bertanggung jawab atas kerusakan gambar hampir
mustahil untuk diidentifikasi (mis. dalam konteks pinjaman galeri:
apakah kerusakan terjadi selama transportasi atau
D. Pemulihan
Tidak ada rekaman standar (dan penyimpanan aman) dari
kegiatan restorasi bersama dengan statistik vital karya seni lainnya,
mis. riwayat, sumber, dan laporan kondisi.
E. Logistik & transportasi
Transportasi biasanya diasuransikan kurang karena fakta
bahwa saat ini tidak ada solusi lacak & lacak.
F. Hak kekayaan intelektual
Artis tidak dapat memperoleh royalti dari penjualan ulang mereka
berfungsi karena transparansi di sekitar transaksi gambar.
G. Pengelolaan koleksi
Tidak adanya solusi digital yang efektif berarti bahwa ada
pengelolaan koleksi besar yang melimpah – dari individu
dokumentasi / pelaporan kondisi untuk koordinasi
pekerjaan restorasi – yang membutuhkan banyak upaya dan waktu.


User Roles & Related Services

Creator / rights holder

• The author / holder of the rights is kept as a
the user is different from the ARTCHAIN system
with a unique ID type (User ID).
• Creator / right holder can
register items, record fingerprints,
and to submit this to ARTCHAIN
system along with all relevant images for
produce artwork biometrics
passport, “that is proof of the life of art.


• An owner is saved as a different user than
ARTCHAIN system with a unique ID (User ID)
• A work of art associated with the owner (User ID)
after being bought from the creator or another
owner (personal or institutional) and
transaction confirmed through
ARTCHAIN application.
• The owner can make artwork
initial fingerprint / biometric passport.


Token Name: ARTCOIN
Token Symbol: ARS
Standard Token: ERC20
Jurisdiction: Zurich
Legal Qualifications: Utility Tokens
Softcap: 5,000,000 USD
Hardcap: 100,000,000 USD
Number of Tokens: 30,000,000,000
Price per Token: $ 0.01
Burn Tokens Not For Sale: Yes
Received Currency: ETH, USD, &
Minimum BTC contribution: $ 10,000 Private, $ 250 Public


The ARS Token program is a major part of this project, which aims to make art trade in the art market easier and more efficient as a new way in the global art market. Blockchain minimizes fake artwork, restoring trust in the art market. Improved services in trade. and to increase the economic and social benefits of the world arts community.

The ArtCoin team is very enthusiastic to implement ideas that will integrate blockchain technology into the art market, improve art trade services and increase economic and social benefits in the arts community on a global scale. The funds raised will be used to develop and implement the various innovations that we have planned for the art market. Artists and sellers alike will receive better compensation for the art they produce / sell. Both parties will be able to enjoy full transparency during trading through smart contracts that utilize blockchain technology. This is an opportunity with the potential to respect all participants.


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Phase 1 Tokens go on sale at a price of $ 0.01, only by invitation. Sales last until March 15-2019
Only early investors who are in close contact with ArtChain can purchase Phase 1 tokens. Invitations to offer initial tokens at the lowest possible price are a gift of gratitude for their contribution.

Phase 2 Tokens start selling for $ 0.03 Starting in April 2019 This is the lowest possible price for investors who are not part of the Phase 1 offer that is only invited. They will receive the highest return for their investment, and this is the ideal time to make large purchases.

Stage 3
EARLY PRE-ICO BURD Starting in May-2019, Tokens start selling for $ 0.05
A good middle ground for investors who prefer to make sure the ICO is successful, but don’t want to wait for public sales because they want to take advantage of higher bonuses.

Stage 4
ICO – Tokens start selling for $ 0.10, starting in September-2019
The general public gets access to tokens during this most publicized sale. Support is growing, development is progressing, and we are ready for the entry of large investors. The ArtChain application was launched, with the first artwork recorded on the blockchain. Tokens will be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange following the ICO.

Stage 5


Support artists, art collectors and art enthusiasts who trade art.
Reduce fake art on the market through modern identification methods and blockchain tracking technology.
Enabling transparent transactions, can be publicly audited between artists and art collectors through blockchain technology
Improve the quality of the trade process by eliminating the role of the intermediary.
Take advantage of new and interesting technology to help artists
Connect the global community of people who love art.
The ultimate goal and long-term goal is to provide the Arteroin (Rer-to-Peer) tool, for peer-to-peer trade in the art market worldwide. The market technology and the Blockchain are perfectly combined with a combination of basic Programming functions which include: Easy and precise communication, security, ease and perfect system stability, Studying artists and collectors, a harmonious and supportive community.
The choice of art identification provided is made for works of art that are generally traded and also sent on the art market. When there are cases where the physical identification approach cannot be attributed to art, the ArtCoin customer service support agent will certainly help the artist or owner by registering artwork with detailed documents that can consist of ARS systems around the world. registration of artwork. We are committed to ensuring that artists and fans alike have the right choice to secure their artwork and also verify their credibility when traded on the art market.
However, Integration of ArtCoin’s sector and cryptographic infrastructure, open space for business process optimization. It also provides more transparent and efficient functions in the global art market. The introduction of blockchain technology to the art market is associated with reduced costs because there is a longer need to pay brokerage commissions. Knowledge of art can be understood and known by readers in an effort to develop personality and diversity. In life it will feel bland if we don’t have art. Art can narrow cultural aspects and broaden the horizons and diversity of one’s knowledge.


We aim to democratize access to the art market by providing low threshold access to various groups of investors, encouraging international participation and ensuring anonymity.



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