ARTCOIN – Designed To Authenticate Images Eliminates Fraud Risks And Prevents Counterfeiting

Hello friends – everything returns to my Blog. This time I will provide information and invite you to work on the ongoing ICO with a very good product in the new cryptocurrency, ARTCOIN. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

Everyone knows that today the art world is not transparent, there are continual violations of the rights and freedoms of representatives of various layers and directions of the art industry. Especially recently there have been a lot of copies and illegal forgery. Therefore, not only the author of the work, but also the investors who buy it, suffer everywhere.

Counterfeiting costs hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Modern ArtCoin software, designed to authenticate images, eliminates the risk of fraud and prevents counterfeiting. Because of the unique footprint of each artwork listed on the blockchain, as well as its origin and history, the art industry now has a perfect level of transparency and security.

ArtCoin, by guiding users through cryptocurrency transactions, enables investors to benefit from enhanced security and transparency of Smart Contracts. ArtCoin collects information that is not accessible to ordinary investors, while democratizing the art market and acting as a liaison between investors and the art industry.

What is the basis of the ArtCoin technology project? First of all, it is reliable software that authenticates images. Each picture will have a unique digital footprint. By scanning and comparing the details of the most accurate textures and storing them on the blockchain, the ArtCoin software makes this artwork unique and unworkable. This program will accurately determine fakes and copies, no matter how complex they are.

ArtCoin intends to cover all fields of the art industry. Their authentication method is fully suitable for large individual and organizational collectors. Status reports are very simple and fast and the process itself can be easily monitored. Based on this report, it is easy to provide data for insurance and logistics companies. Because of this, individual artists can finally get financial benefits from reselling their artwork.

This platform supports blockchain based directories. The platform is based on the blockchain and is built on a profile that is protected from unauthorized access to create a special directory where there will be information about the origin of artwork, its history and even digital fingerprints.

If during the preliminary study you are sure of the reliability and feasibility of the company, you can proceed to study project tokens.
Token Name –
Art Coin Token Symbol –
ARS Platform –
Standard Etherium –
ERC-20 Jurisdiction – Zurich
Soft Cap – $ 5,000,000
Hard Cap – $ 100,000,000
Number of tokens – 30,000,000,000
Price Token – $ 0.01 USD PER SELL
Payment currency – ETH, USD AND BTC

Let’s look at the token sales road map. He points to plans and sales goals for middle and main. The financing stages and directed tasks are indicated.

A roadmap will ask investors when you can expect a token price increase.


Tokens go on sale at a price of $ 0.01, only by invitation. Sales will last until March 15, 2019.

Only the initial investors are closely related to ArtCoin who can obtain Phase 1 tokens. These investors are involved in the project at an early stage, and have contributed to the initial formation of the company’s work. Invitation to the original offer of tokens at the lowest possible price is a prize in recognition of their contribution.


The token will start selling for $ 0.03. Starting in April 2019.

This is the lowest possible price for investors who did not participate in the proposal in the first stage. They will get the most out of their investment, and this is the right time to shop in large quantities.


The third phase of the PRE-ICO begins in May 2019.

Tokens go on sale at a price of $ 0.05. This is the meaning of gold for investors who prefer to ensure the success of the ICO, but do not want to wait for public sales, because they want to get a higher bonus.


ICO – tokens will go on sale for $ 0.10
Starting September 2019. Community

general has access to tokens during this public sale. Support is growing, development continues to move forward, and the company hopes that there will be many investors. The ArtCoin application will be launched, the first artwork will be recorded on the blockchain. After ICO, tokens will be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange.

This concludes the review. In conclusion, I want to say that such a project has every opportunity to succeed in the crypto community and bring benefits to its investors in the near future.

For more research on current Artcoin, please visit some important links below:


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