The Aeternum Coin and its initiators have set themselves the goal of generating a crypto currency which in a kind of cycle ensures that the intrinsic value grows steadily. For this purpose, a team has been put together which consists of specialists from the IT, the programming, management, law, distribution, mining and especially from the high-frequency trading.

ICO Details
The aeternumcoins token (AET) is an ERC-20 standard based Ethereum token which grants its respective holder the right to invest in aeternum Fund and profi t from professional trading in cryptocurrencies or sell it on an exchange following its registration. AET tokens do not grant any shareholders’ or similar corporate rights.

The proceeds resulting from the AET token offering will be:

provided to the aeternum Fund in form of Ethereum for trading in cryptocurrencies
(as set forth below in the chapter Aeternum fund), and
invested in mining rigs for their subsequent operation.
The operational mining-profi ts will be re-invested in both the aeternum Fund and in acquiring further mining rigs, thus continuously increasing the net asset value of aeternum Fund and the value of AET tokens. Only holders of AET tokens will be entitled to acquire through a managed account shares in aeternum Fund.

Tokens will be offered starting in a presale-phase on January 1, 2018, and in the official offering on March 1, 2018. The offering will end at the earlier of the sale of all tokens or on June 30, 2018 . The offering is open for the global public, except for investors based in the US and the Slovak Republic.

Amount of Tokens Issued:
100 million
Issue Price per Token:
$ 1.30 as of March 1, 2018
$ 1.00 as of January 1, 20181
$ 1.20 as of February 19, 2018

Presale Phase:
January 1 through February 28, 2018

ICO Phase:
March 1, 2018 until all 100 million tokens are sold
or June 30, 2018
Token Issue Date:
(i) March 1, 2018 for those who invested prior to this date; and
(ii) immediately upon purchase, if purchase is made after
March 1, 2018

Use of Proceeds:
(i) for trading by aeternum Fund
(ii) investment in mining rigs and their subsequent operation
(iii) covering third party costs, eg ICO costs, marketing, regulatory and administration, legal and contingency for further or unexpected third party cost.


The Project
With the minimum of one Ethereum contributors may buy AET tokens which they will receive credited to their respective wallet following the ICO . The proceeds resulting from the ICO will be, on the one hand, converted into EUR and/or USD in order to purchase and subsequently operate mining rigs (step 2 in fig above), and, on the other hand, provided in form of Ethereum to aeternum Fund for trading in cryptocurrencies (step 3 in fig above). Profits from the operation of the mining rigs will be split as further investments in the form of purchase of mining rigs and (2) providing further funds (in the form of cryptocurrencies) to aeternum Fund.

The contributor who has bought AET tokens may then, in his sole discretion choose whether he will invest – via his AET tokens – in aeternum Fund, or sell / trade some or all of his AET tokens on an exchange for cash or other cryptocurrencies. Detailed explanations relating to aeternum Fund and mining are set forth below on the following pages.


Nov 2016 through Feb 2017: the initial development relating to the installation and operation of mining rigs in hydro power plants commenced including the programming of the necessary software for mining

December 2016 and ongoing: successful operation of mining rigs in hydro power plants

July 2017 through August 2017: in cooperation with Hendrik Klein, development of algorithms with a focus for trading in various cryptocurrencies and specializing on their volatilizes

Sept 2017 through Dec 2017:

finalization of development of algorithm based trading system in crypto currencies
development and programming smart contract

January and February 2018:

code review of smart contract final testing of trading algorithms

Jan 1, 2018 through Feb 28, 2018:

official pre-sale of AET tokens

March 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018: Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of AET tokens

On or about July 1, 2018: AET token is listed for trading on exchange aeternum Fund is open for investment by the use of AET tokens.

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