ArtPro  creates a market for contemporary private and artist concessionaires, paying special attention to new talents. The ArtPro platform aims to open the world of art to the masses, allowing anyone to browse and buy art online without excessive fees, intermediaries, and steep learning curves. This platform is specifically designed to make art accessible not only to special people with special skills and knowledge. As the first block in the world, a better online art market, ArtPro believes that modern technology solutions occur in this ancient industry. By introducing transparency and consistency, we can build reliable market blocks with blocks.

Art as a store for health
Art does not only color because of its beauty. Art for people who want to invest for people who want to invest in financial markets. However, it is difficult to mention this segment as much as possible from imitation, and others deal with serious problems.

The biggest threat 
It seems that 30% of all art sales are associated with fake works. Deloitte Finance 2017 Report “authenticity, absence of Provenance, Forged and Attribution” in 2017 “the biggest threat to the reputation of the art market.” These reports show the actual images of this segment.

servant for growth 
The online art market has not reached maturity and efforts to promote its growth have been in vain because buyer concerns have not been addressed. The lack of transparency surrounding conditions and prices, the lack of information available to educate buyers about art and the reliability of authenticity of a piece has prevented conversions between browsers and buyers.

ArtPro Market

Buyers looking for jobs available on the platform. Using filters to narrow searches, there is an option to view works only from verified sellers.
After they selected a piece, the provenance report was downloaded using the APT token. When satisfied, the buyer can add it to the basket.
Payments are made using APT. After checkout is complete, the token is locked into a smart contract. If the vendor is verified, the APT Token will be released directly.
After the delivery of successful art that has been confirmed or inventoried in a safe safe, the payment is released to the vendor.
Feedback is abandoned by both parties who transact for our reputation system and ArtPro receives a small sales commission.
Big sales
ArtPro is a convenient platform that utilizes the many advantages of block technology, allowing you to restore trust that has not existed in the art industry for a long time. Instead of relying on third party authentication, ArtPro represents a consensus mechanism that provides a safe and decentralized system. Providing a safe platform for art master buyers, turning the online art market into a project that allows you to buy and sell authentic paintings that are easily tested through the internet.
Safe platform
There is no problem with authenticating artwork – here only authentic works are presented, the quality provided by blokchejnom and intellectual contracts. When you buy artwork, you receive facts and reliable safe transactions.
ways of working
catalog of available works
The ArtPro platform offers works from emerging and established artists. Whether you are a collector or investor, ArtPro has something for you
Digital certificates stored on the blockchain provide complete origin for each work of art on the ArtPro platform
user twig system
The ArtPro market uses a ranking system to encourage transparency, set standards for buyers and sellers and encourage confidence
Easy to use
The ArtPro platform provides everything needed to prove the origin of artwork. Transparent controls are the main standard of this platform, the most modern tool used here. By combining smart contracts, ArtPro can be used in national and international sales to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, making transactions more profitable and safe. Artists can sell their work directly to their target audience, not including a typical registration fee of up to 50%, while buyers can buy art with confirmation of passing reports and a clear reputation filing system.
AR on ArtPro
As experienced investors who have started their active activities in the Information Age, we don’t just try to learn everything about our investment, from their origin to their journey, but also try before buying it. The integration of augmented reality software into the ArtPro platform allows you to effectively use virtual artwork models – you can quickly ensure images are the perfect choice for your home. It’s as simple as defining a favorite section and using Dapp to find out what looks like on the spot; Real art for real space with AR to realize your vision before you make a purchase. The ArtPro platform is your library, mirror and market.
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