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 the most advanced medical care in the world

Globally, researchers continue to advance medical care by developing new therapies and medicines with various technological innovations.
Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from such advanced medical care. Our challenge is finding ways to provide the most advanced medical care available to everyone in the world.
The highest obstacle we see is “knowledge and expertise.” The so-called home doctor who treats patients in the future has difficulty giving them standard medical attention. Every doctor is required to familiarize himself with the large volume of pathological and pharmaceutical knowledge. These barriers are even higher for doctors in developing countries who have to treat various diseases, which makes it almost impossible to provide the most advanced medical care there.
No doctor can obtain diagnostic expertise overnight, because it is important to understand that every patient comes with their unique condition.
Even pharmacists, who specialize in preparing medicines, have difficulty explaining the contents of each prescription exactly as intended, regardless of experience in the profession.
Against this background, we have explored ways to provide doctors with the most sophisticated information about medical care and prescriptions. We trust our support because through this project it will ultimately produce everyone in the world who is on par with the most advanced medical care.
In addition, we not only provide such information to doctors, but also offer carefully selected information about health care and medical care to anyone who handles health improvement.
Through our project, we are committed to contribute to human health by improving the quality of medical care in the world and by providing everyone with the most advanced medical care.

Information accumulation with ASCAa-ESDM

Our ASCAa-EMR electronic medical record system comes with next-generation operability, and we plan to embed diagnoses that help information in the system:

1. AI assistance diagnostic information

Associated with the Asclepius Network project, a shared property of information from medical specialists around the world, ASCAa-EMR will enable every doctor who uses it to share clinical information. Regarding diagnostic information assisted by AI, we will start by gathering case study information globally to integrate various diagnostic / therapeutic protocols. Also, we will install treatment guidelines issued by the medical community of all specialties. In the future, when we integrate the expertise and knowledge of various specialists, each doctor will be able to access the knowledge base of their terminal as they record the patient’s condition and to learn relevant information that is tagged with their sources.

2. Telemedicine must be possible

With AI-assisted diagnostic imaging, medical records on the network, and integrated medical knowledge base, we will be able to easily offer remote medical treatment that is valued far away – which is expected to be widely accepted in rural areas in Japan as well as in Europe and North America. The use of this service will enable the most advanced medical care to reach people in every corner of the world.

3. Improved usability

We will continue to develop the system further for better usability and browsing capabilities, with priority always on system usability; We will continue to pursue patents for technologies developed along the way.

4. Real-time research of the latest pharmaceutical information

With information integrated online, users will be able to refer information on any recipe directly. Pharmaceutical companies will continue to update the database, so doctors and pharmacists will have access to the latest information at any time.

5. The reservation system and insurance claim function

In medical institutions, operations depend on a number of systems ranging from reservations, medical records, reservations, insurance claims, etc. ASCAa-EMR will come with drug orders and insurance claim functions, on top of the reservation system related to ASCAa-Personal. After the doctor makes an entry to the ASCAa-EMR when they conduct the examination, they will be able to refer to relevant diagnostic assisted information and immediately order according to the prescription recommended by the system, which then seamlessly enters the invoicing system.

6. Embedded wallet function

ASCAa-EMR will also have a wallet function to accept payments made in unique cryptocurrency for uninsured medical care.

7. ASCAa-EMR Multilingual

ASCAa-EMR will be multilingual, so that wherever users practice medicine, they will be able to take advantage of ASCAa-EMR to access the most up-to-date medical information while contributing to their own country’s medical advances to the information base. Such contributions will further enhance the knowledge base. Therefore, doctors in developing countries will be able to access the knowledge base and provide the most sophisticated medical care for their patients. We aim to develop global medical record standards.

ASCAa-Personal Health Application for gathering information

Our revolutionary health application ASCAa-Personal will be developed to support the health of users in many aspects. ASCAa-Personal will seamlessly link individual health information and clinical records and offer health guidelines that best suit their health conditions, while serving the accumulation and integration of medical expertise and knowledge and medical records:

1. Health supports informative videos

ASCAa-Personal will offer health informative videos. Above the description of the disease, the topics of this video will cover the administration of medicines and matters relating to health, everyday problems – which are familiar to many ears, but are actually unknown in detail. We will make an extra effort when we make videos to entertain users. We will also offer support for health information related to video content.

2. digital medicine notebook

ASCAa-Personal will automatically record the data of drugs prescribed in the hospital. Users will be able to see detailed descriptions of suitable generic drugs and to make their own decisions whether to choose generic products.

3. Provision of health examination results and related health information

 ASCAa-Personal will provide the results of routine health checks and relevant health information. This function will also serve as a warning notifying them of upcoming routine checks. In addition, ASCAa-Personal will manage past data in chronological order, while functioning as a prevention of severe illness and encouraging video relevance of health information.

4. Be vigilant for the prevention of severe illness

ASCAa-Personal will monitor the latest examinations and medical records and alert users when important risks arise. If the detected risk is considered to threaten his health, ASCAa-Personal will display their description on the screen.

5. Support for medical examination

ASCAa-Personal users will be able to easily order medical examinations and make appointments at medical institutions that use our ASCAaEMR. This function will facilitate hospital visits by eliminating time for complicated phone appointments and long waiting hours

6. Orders for Medical Check Letters

Users will be able to order a Medical Examination Mail and receive the results at ASCAa-Personal. When they use the service for years, users can see the results in graphs and relevant information based on them.

7. Teleshopping

ASCAa-Personal will introduce relevant user merchandise to maintain their health. In accordance with their respective healthy activities and health inspection records, users will receive merchandise information carefully selected by experts. Users can purchase merchandise by engaging in mining for healthy activities.

8. Access to the medical information infrastructure and search function.

The Asclepius network will store a large amount of medical information including the most advanced medical information and medical expertise and knowledge. ASCAa-Personal users will be able to access and browse reliable information whenever they want.

 9. Function of wallet and save

ASCAa-Personal will be equipped with a wallet function from gifts received by users for their healthy activities. By using ERC20, they can not only save mining fees, but also to pay for their medical bills at clinics participating in the Asclepius Network project as well as for bills for Medical Check Letters. Users will be given cryptocurrency as a talisman, and they will be able to familiarize themselves with it.

10. Multilingual ASCAa-Personal

ASCAa-Personal will be multilingual, so users can use it in their home country. Furthermore, users will be able to access information relevant to their country of origin and receive support from their healthy activities that are environmentally appropriate there.

ASCAa-Personal health application for Collecting Information

Our revolutionary health application ASCAa-Personal will be developed to support the health of users in many aspects. ASCAa-Personal will seamlessly link individual health information and clinical records and offer health guidelines that best fit their health conditions, while serving the accumulation and integration of medical expertise and knowledge and medical records.
An informative video on health support
Digital medicine notebook
Provision of health examination results and related health information
Warnings for prevention of severe diseases
Health check support
Application for Health Examination Letters
Access to medical information infrastructure and search functions.
Function wallet and save
ASCAa-Multilingual Personal



The ASCA token (ASCA, hereinafter) will be issued to be used for various scenes in the Asclepius Network.
ASCA purchased through free sales will be locked, and 10% of ASCA purchased will be distributed at the end of each month for a 10 month period, starting from the month ASCA launches the first exchange.
To increase the value of ASCA, companies that operate the Japan Medical Solutions project can purchase ASCA on the secondary market with a share of profits in accordance with their sales. As the number of users of the ASCAa-EMR and Asclepius Network projects increase, sales from operations will increase; that is, project growth will increase premiums on ASCA.
Company use
Deposit to install ASCA-EMR for the Asclepius Network project
Deposit to use the medical information infrastructure of the Asclepius Network project
Personal use
Amulet after installation of the ASCAa-Personal health application
Discounts for services and purchases through the ASCAa-Personal health application


JpMedsn’s stand
Capital 60 JPY JPY at H1
Starting from the development of ASCAa-ESDM
148,750,000 JPY as capital at H1
Starting from the development of ASCAa-Personal
ASCAa-EMR α version released, trial phase in several clinics
The release of the ASCAa-EMR α version on the Q1 / Apple App Store certification was obtained
Capital 249,750,000 JPY in H2
Q2 2018
Launch ASCAa-Personal and start full scale promotion in Q2
Q3 2018
Launch of the ASCAa-EMR β version in Q3, a pilot operation
Q2 2019
Launch ASCAa-EMR and begin full scale promotion in Q2
ASCAa-Personal full-scale distribution with ASCA issued
Make ASCAa Lab in 2Q


Hiroyuki Yamaguchi: CEO, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.
Masakuni Tamura: Board Director, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.
Kazuma Kurokawa: CFO

Advisory Board

Medical Supervision
Hiroyuki YasuokaMD: Director, Minami Akasaka Clinic
Peter Lingström: Professor / Senior Dental Officer,
Department of Cariology, Department of Dentistry, Sahlgrenska Academy,
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Sales advisor
Lalit Bansal: Marketing Strategy Advisor
Marketing Strategy Advisor
Dmitri Belkov
Technology Advisor
Bharat Gandass
The protection of intellectual property rights
Ryosuke Tamura: Chief patent attorney, Lighthouse International Patent Firm

About Us

Medialbit Foundation
MedicalBit will become a registered company in the Republic of Estonia and will develop and manage finances for the project.
Headquarters Location: Harju County, Tallinn, city center, Narva min. 5, 10117
Information on Corporate Project Implementation
JpMedsn (Japan Medical Solutions Co., Ltd.), a Japanese company, will implement this project.
Company Name: Japan Medical Solutions Co., Ltd.
Lokasi Kantor Pusat: Gedung Nihonbashi Ningyocho Ishii, 9F, 3-1-17 Ningyou-tyou Nihonbashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL / FAX TEL: 03-6459-0623
Fax: 03-6459-0624
Founded July 23, 2012
Contents of Business Planning medical and nursing care solutions, system development
Modal 239.750.000 yen
1948 shares outstanding
Organizational composition
Representative Director and President: Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
Director: Masakuni Tamura
Director: Kingsley Kobayashi
Director: Tony Evans
Auditor Company: Tatsuki Tsuda
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