The Most Advanced Medical Care Worldwide

We bring innovation to the medical field by gathering knowledge.
Our cloud-type electronic medical device, iMedsn, offers next-generation operations and diagnostic support information at iMedsn.
Regarding the diagnostic protocol and treatment of various diseases, we first installed the protocol recommended by each technical association.
In the future, we will gather knowledge from various experts and make it possible to use the name registered when referring to medical records. In addition, the medical information that underlies this service is highly confidential and should not be changed or leaked.
That’s why we developed an application that manages medical data using blockchain technology. With this technology, it is possible to build a strong platform that is strong against external attacks

Detailed information about medicines that doctors see from medical support systems such as electronic medical records of patents for the mechanism to be provided to pharmaceutical companies.
In addition, the doctor has the function to directly request medicinal materials from the system, and when documents are requested, the drug manufacturer will be charged a fee. In other words, the mechanism that puts MR functions into electronic medical records.

Our mission is to pave the way to make the latest medical care and technology available to everyone in the world, using our knowledge and expertise in information technology.

We envision a worldwide medical network where every citizen of the world can benefit from the most advanced medical knowledge and expertise.

We have named the network we imagined to be the Asclepius Network according to the ancient Greek medical god, Asclepius. As if thanks to the Greek gods, we have been fortunate enough to receive enthusiastic support from many people.

We are still at the beginning of a long journey ahead, but we have been contacted by many people who have stated their intention to participate in the network. Our proven track record in patented technology in processing electronic medical records clearly demonstrates our strength in technology.

With the strength of our technology supported by our track record, we began our project to build this worldwide network of Asia.

Make medical care the most advanced available to everyone in the world

Our mission is to integrate the knowledge and expertise of medical care in the world and to make the most advanced medical care available equally to everyone.

Globally, researchers continue to advance medical care by developing new therapies and medicines with various technological innovations.

Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from such advanced medical care. Our challenge is finding ways to provide the most advanced medical care available to everyone in the world.

The highest obstacle we see is “knowledge and expertise.” The so-called home doctors who treat patients in the future have difficulty giving them standard medical attention. Every doctor is required to familiarize himself with the large volume of pathological and pharmaceutical knowledge. These barriers are even higher for doctors in developing countries who have to treat various diseases, which makes it almost impossible to provide the most advanced medical care there.

No doctor can obtain diagnostic expertise overnight, because it is important to understand that every patient comes with their unique condition.

Even pharmacists, who specialize in preparing medicines, have difficulty explaining the contents of each prescription exactly as intended, regardless of experience in the profession.

Against this background, we have explored ways to provide doctors with the most sophisticated information about medical care and prescriptions. We trust our support because through this project it will ultimately produce everyone in the world who is on par with the most advanced medical care.

In addition, we not only provide that information to doctors, but also offer carefully selected information about health care and medical care to anyone who deals with health improvement.

Through our project, we are committed to contributing to human health by improving the quality of medical care in the world and by providing everyone with the most sophisticated medical care.

The integration of knowledge and expertise in the most advanced medical care

For this reason, we will collect from all over the world and integrate information about the most advanced medical care for shared knowledge property.

A system where users can take advantage of services created from shared property will ultimately provide the most advanced medical care for everyone in the world.

By managing a data platform that connects the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information, expertise and all, we will be able to integrate the latest medical knowledge and expertise and to complement the global medical information platform.

Creating an ASCAa Lab We will create an ASCAa Lab virtual laboratory in the Asclepius Network, which is a global medical information network that we will develop.ASCAa Lab will offer a virtual research environment, where leading medical researchers around the world can participate, utilizing advanced medical knowledge and expertise that is integrated and medical records from around the world.

One of the systems that will be developed from the use of integrated data is AI-assisted diagnostic system, starting from AI-assisted diagnostic imaging.

The results of the study will be used for various businesses to promote the health of all people in the world.

In addition to health information, we will carefully select products with a strong reputation based on expert knowledge and endorse them with authentic effects and highly reliable information. We will support evidence-based health promotion by providing information about ASCAa Lab’s certified health care products to people around the world.

Develop the most advanced medical information platform

We aim to develop a “medical information platform” of the most sophisticated medical care. We will achieve this goal by using blockchain and encryption technology.

Medical information contains highly confidential information. Information about the most advanced medical care collected for the integration of expertise and knowledge as well as medical records containing personal information such as diagnostic records and health checks should not be falsified.
Patient records and medical information stored on the blockchain must not be deleted.
Medical information systems that support the most advanced medical care must be run 24/7 without interruption.
Scalability: The
system must accommodate exponential enhancement of medical information, patient records and health inspection data while maintaining future updates. The system can overcome all these challenges using only blockchain technology, based on cryptocurrency technology.Medical information about integrated expertise and knowledge about the most advanced medical care and medical records containing personal diagnostic records and health inspection data requires protection from forgery, especially when authenticity is very important in cases of medical malpractice and medical accidents. In addition, each data set contains information that is very private and private so it is highly encrypted. With this technology, information will become big data that can be verified and safe to operate.

In addition, the use of blockchain technology will secure the prevention of data loss if multiple nodes come in unexpected circumstances and allow the medical system to continue to operate without interruption.

Towards the integration of the most advanced medical knowledge in the world.

No matter how good our vision for the “Asclepius Network” project is, and no matter how much information about our medical blockchain system, we will ultimately turn all information into a large amount of waste unless we can integrate, manage and use it. We will not only build a medical blockchain system, but also develop software to integrate and utilize medical information and health care.

This step is the first of our “Asclepius Network” project. Many might wonder if there are tools that can help doctors and other users in situations like the one above. The key to overcoming this challenge lies in the services we are now introducing.Many also wonder if any device can provide medical care to everyone on earth. The answer to this challenge will once again be found in this service.

This service will serve as an entry point to the most advanced integration between expertise and knowledge, which is the core of the medical blockchain system, and they will ultimately mean getting out of it.

This is our electronic medical record system for all doctors and health promotion applications for everyone.

Information accumulation with ASCAa-ESDM
Our ASCAa-EMR electronic medical record system comes with next-generation operability, and we plan to embed a diagnosis that helps information in the system. In Japan, the so-called five-minute diagnosis rules have been put in place, so that each patient meeting will take five minutes as specified by the country’s medical expenditure system. The purpose of this rule is to promote a more thorough examination of the patient, which can be shorter. But the current medical record system is too complicated to only make entries on time; the rules do not, thus, help doctors spend more time examining their patients. With efficient ASCAa-EMR operability, it only takes thirty seconds to note a patient.
  1. AI-assisted diagnostic information
  2. ASCAa-EMR Multilingual
  3. Increased usability
  4. Embedded wallet function
  5. Telemedicine must be possible
  6. Real-time research of the latest pharmaceutical information
  7. Reservation system and insurance claim function
By using health information infrastructure, the Asclepius network will support the integration of medical knowledge and health care management through medical records, as well as improving health through AI. We will issue ASCA tokens (ASCA, hereinafter), which may be useful in various aspects of the Asclepius network. The following is a description of the use of ASCA, such as deposits, discounts and liabilities (numbers change and can change).
Company use
1. Deposit to install ASCA-EMR for the Asclepius Network project
The ASCA-EMR installation requires 100,000 ASCA deposits. The services provided will be paid both at ASCA and in legal tenders, with a 5% discount for payment to ASCA.
2. Deposit to use the medical information infrastructure of the Asclepius Network project
Integrated information data will be classified based on access level. The deposit amount will determine the level of access. Any data access will be charged either at ASCA or as a legal tender with a 5% discount for payment to ASCA.
Personal use
1. Amulet after installing the ASCAa-Personal Health Application
To install the ASCAa-Personal health application, 3ASCA is provided for each user as a talisman. After carrying out certain health activities, they can use the amulet as ASCA obtained (the use of ASCA amulet is only permitted after the user participates in certain health and mining activities).
2. Discounts for services and purchases through the ASCAa-Personal Health application.
Depending on the amount of ASCA held, users can receive discounts for health checks on mailing, health information, medical products, etc., For example, as follows: 10ASCA 3% discount; 100ASCA 5% discount; 1,000 ASCA 10% discount; 10,000 ACCA discount of 20%, 100,000 ACCA 25%, etc.
Roadmap Network of the Asclepius Network Project
Make JpMedsn
Capital 60 JPY JPY in the first round
Since the development of ASCAa-ESDM
148.75 million yen as capital in the first round
Since the development of ASCAa-Personal
ASCAa-EMR α version released, trial phase in several clinics
2017 Q1
ASCAa-EMR α Released for Q1 / Apple App Store Certification
2017 capital is 249,750,000 yen in H2
Quarter 2 of 2018
Launch ASCAa-Personal and start full scale promotion in the 2nd quarter
2018 Q3
Launched the ASCAa-EMR β version in Q3, a pilot operation
2019 second quarter
Launch ASCAa-EMR and start full scale promotion in the 2nd quarter
Complete distribution of ASCAa-Personal 2020 with ASCA Released
2020 2Q
Create ASCAa Lab in Q2
Team and Advisor
Project Management Team Project Manager
Hiroyuki Yamaguchi: CEO, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.
Advisory Board for
medical supervision
Hiroyuki Yasuoka, MD: Minami Akasaka Clinical Director
Lalit Bansal Sales Consultant
Marketing Strategy Advisor
Dmitry Belkov
Technical consultant
Bharat Gandass
Supervision of Intellectual Property Rights
Ryosuke Tamura: Lighthouse Patent Attorney

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