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Asobi will hel

How many digital assets do you own? 

I consider myself as gamer, because my library consists of almost 500 games, most of which will never be launched again. In the same time, I cannot do a thing about it, even if I will give my account to my friend, I will violate some terms of use. It is horrible, because we need to collect stuff without any change of making money on it.

The same statement will be true for music, games, book and any other kind of content, which is distributed digitally. Such order of things is profitable for content makers and huge companies, but it is not suitable for most of ordinary users. First attempts to change the situation have started several years ago and now you may see a lot of secondary markets for digital goods, but most of them get blocked time by time.

The reason is simple: these platforms are profit-driven, so they do not even try to make some negotiations with original content makers. Literally, when you buy some kind of film, you have right to watch it as many times as you would like to, but you have no right to share it, to sell it on secondary market or to use it in commercial cases. It means that you do not own content at all, you just own right to watch it.

Therefore, all attempts to sell a thing without permission of original right owner will violate the law. Since all centralized solutions care about making money only, they do not care about it, so right owners sue them and they win. In addition, there are enormous fees, which are usually taken. For example, when I was trying to sell some in-game items, both me and buyer had to pay 10% of the price. It felt like robbery.

Decentralized market is the solution

Asobi is one of the most promising secondary markets for digital goods. The main thing is that Asobi team understand need of the right owners and ready to negotiate with them. It is real plan, while most of competitors promising to bring rights to you via blockchain, but in fact, they just wanna us blockchain to avoid any law, since cryptocurrencies are not regulated by most of governments.

Moreover, Asobi do not want to be limited by digital goods only, they have experience in gaming development, so their tokens may be used in several different cases, which is helping to increase target audience. Let me clarify: Asobi will be interesting both for people, who want to sell e-books without violating the law and for gamers, who a looking for universal in-game currency within certain ecosystem. By the end of the year, Asobi tokens will be crucial part of every Asobi game and they plan to attract third party developers to expand the ecosystem.

Asobi will release final version of platform pretty soon, so we recommend you to find all the digital goods that you do not need anymore, because there is a chance to sell all them for reasonable price.


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