Japan is the first country in which non-established mobile games appeared. In the country formed a cultural layer based on the possession of mobile phones, an important part of which were games According to Statista in 2017, 68.5 million users are playing mobile games.

Popularity is about 54.1%, that is, more than half the population of Japan is playing mobile games. The market of services for online games – approximately so you can briefly describe the market of mobile applications in Japan. In 2017, revenues reached $ 12.4 billion, making the country the third largest global application market. The Japanese trend moves to Western countries. Today the review of ICO ASOBI COIN


Limit the number of mobile devices on which you can run the game. Do it just like in Google Play, and in the App Store, however, the more budget models of devices will be discarded, the more potential players will be lost. You can generate low-quality content by reducing the resolution of the textures. The picture will be of poor quality, but it will be possible to play. Some developers intentionally upload the version of the game in low resolution (this in fact reduces the size of the distribution, among other things), offering the player to download high-resolution content if the hardware capabilities of his device allow it, and even offer in-game awards for it.

Dynamic loading and unloading of content. By loading the game cycle with operations to load and unload content from memory, we inevitably increase the frame time. The question of optimizing the use of RAM depends heavily on the gameplay of the game, and situations in which the programmer is powerless are not ruled out, and the game designer is forced to simplify the game. In the conditions of severe competition in the market of mobile free-to-play games, this may be a necessary evil.

By signing a contract with the publisher for publication and distribution, the author of the books passes on the publishers the rights to them (for a certain period of time). The publisher gets the most of the profits from books. And, as the copyright owner, it must monitor and suppress piracy activities in the network. The author can not spend time on this. Because the author needs to have time to write. And just the author does not know how to personally deal with this evil. And to struggle with it it is necessary! Copying is an illegal phenomenon and infringes the interests of writers, publishers, and even readers. Pirates do not always give full texts – there is a misconception about the work.


ASOBI COIN is a platform for distributing secondary digital content. The platform provides for ASOBI Market on the basis of blockhain. You can buy game items, software, e-books, videos, comics, games, music).
The “decentralized security system” (DSS) for blocking technology will provide irrefutable proof of ownership of content.

The main advantage of ICO ASOBI COIN is that the released token can be exchanged for gaming credits for use in ASOBIMO.Inc games. Players will be able to purchase ASOBIMO game items with ASOBI COIN at a 50% discount.

ASOBIMO.Inc is a company that develops computer games. Mostly specializes in 3D MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) for smartphones and provides services around the world, mainly in Japan and Asia. The list of developments includes “Iruna Online” (presented in 2007 for mobile phones), as well as “Avabel Online” and “Toram Online” for smartphones


ABX token name
ERC 20 token standard
A total of 16,500,000,000 tokens will be issued
Price 1 Token 0.01 USD
Soft cap project 5,000,000 USD (already compiled)
Hard cap project 50.000.000 USD

Token Allocation


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