ASOBI MARKET: The world’s first Distributed Secondary Content GAME Platform Powered by Blockchain te

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Digital content trade on distributed secondary market. A new blockchain economic era for the publishers creators and users. Asobimo DApps platform will make digital content on the secondary markets a valuable asset for all parties, and provide a secured trading experience at a minimal cost and frictionless.
Digital content can sometimes be too easy to copy. How do we allow content redistribution that works for users, creators and publishers? Asobimo DApps will provide a distributed secondary content platform with “Decentralized Security System” (DSS). the blockchain will provide irrefutable proof of content ownership.

Digital content market volume in 2016 increased by 5,7% compared to the previous year. Making it an overall market volume of 8415 billion yen (67,7% of the whole content market)
Movies:4,2 trillion yen Games:1,9 trillion yen Music/Audio:902 billion yen Images/text: 260 billion yen other: 1,3 trillion yen
Digitalization rate indicates the steadily expanding proportion of each type of digital content. Games and others are with a total of 100%, videos 96,2%, music/audio 65,4% and images/text 7.3%.
ASOBI MARKET uses blockchain technology to provide a protected system to distribute second-hand content.
The current digital content services do not give licenses to users, which makes it impossible to resell or when a service closes down, the users lose their content.
At ASOBI MARKET the user owns the license, which we can guarantee through DRM, Decentralized Security System(DSS).

This system enables a secure secondary digital content trade with ABX

Purchase and sell various digital content directly from ASOBI WALLET
Digital content such as ・e-books ・Game items ・Music ・Videos can be sold at ASOBI WALLET.
At publisher stores you can buy various digital content. At the secondary market you can sell your content or buy used content of a lower price.
When selling actual products at a second-hand shop, it is necessary to carry or send the products to the store. However, when selling digital content at our secondary market, it is very easy and smooth.
The sold amount will be automatically transferred to your ASOBI WALLET as ASOBI COIN.

Smart Contract Architecture
For the features that the ASOBI COIN platform will offer, different components and smart contracts will be deployed


ASOBI COIN can be used in the following Asobimo games, as well as games of other companies. When you use ASOBI COIN in Asobimo games, 1 ASOBI COIN is equivalent to 2 JPY (approx. 0.02 USD).

Token sale
At the ICO we will sell 50% of the tokens to ensure liquidity.
Team and advisors
We will secure 20% of the tokens for team and advisors. Lockup for 180 days.
We will have the bounty program. No lock-up.
Air drop
We will distribute 10% of the tokens for ASOBIMO game users. No lock-up.
We will keep 10% of the tokens as a backup. Lockup for 360 days.



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