ASOBI – The World’s First Distributed Secondary Content Platform

The Problem

Today, blockchain is experiencing tremendous growth. This is because the benefits of using blockchain, allow making interaction faster, safer and cheaper. The blockchain is expected to provide solutions to the problems faced now in various industries, one of them is digital content.

Basically, electronic media (internet, social media, etc) are intended as information sharing media. People can easily obtain and provide any information in any form on electronic media, called content. This ease of access makes the content can be easily copied, causing losses to users, content creators, and publishers who should be able to monetize it.

The Solution

Asobimo is a Japanese mobile games giant, has more than 15 years of experience in online game development with more than 600 employees globally. The main products of Asobimo are Avabel Online, Toram Online, and Iruna Online. These games are available on Google Play and the App Store with a total download of 50 million. Total sales of Avabel Online is 200 million dollars.

Asobimo uses the blockchain technology to make digital content on the secondary markets a valuable asset for users, creators, or publishers, and provide a secured trading experience at a minimal cost and frictionless. You will be able to buy and sell digital content that you want to share with others.

Secured Data Content Platform

Asobimo dApps platform will provide a distributed secondary content platform with a secure cloud system called Decentralized Security System (DSS). The blockchain will provide irrefutable proof of content ownership to easily secure users digital content. Users are able to buy or exchange their virtual assets in the Asobi market using their Asobi coin.

Asobi Market

In 2016, the overall volume of the digital content market in Japan was 8415 billion yen (67.7% of the entire content market), increased by 5.7% compared to the previous year.

Distribution of secondary content as a market is still new, there are still many unexplored possibilities. The secondary market scale is 2 trillion JPY which is 15% of the main sales. We expect the secondary digital content market has 15% of the total digital content distribution industry in Japan.

The Asobi market bridges the gap between the centralized and decentralized world. Asobi market uses blockchain technology to provide a protected system to distribute second-hand content. This system enables a secure secondary digital content trade with ABX. Content purchases and exchange happen in a safe and trustworthy way on the Ethereum blockchain.

With using the smart contracts on the blockchain, content owner/creator will enjoy transparency (all this will be visible on the blockchain) and automatically bring profits and fair distribution.

Asobi Wallet

Digital content directly such as e-books, game items, music, and videos can be sold at Asobi wallet. The sold amount will be automatically transferred to your Asobi wallet as Asobi coin.

Asobi Coin

Asobi Coin can be used in Asobimo games and games of other companies. 1 ASOBI COIN is equivalent to 2 JPY (approx. 0.02 USD) in Asobimo games.

Token: ERC-20

Coins issued 16,500,000,000

1 ABX = 2x the value in games (50% discount compared to other stores)

1 ETH: 43,000 ABX

1 BTC: 750,000 ABX

Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD (reached)

Hard Cap: 50,000,000 USD

Pre-sale for outside Japan have been completed. 400 million has sold (100% sold!). For more information, visit Asobi website and download whitepaper.




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