AssetStream issues the AssetStream token (AST) based on the known Stellar platform

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Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project, AssetStream, and for more details, let’s go to the following discussion :

AssetStream is a peer-to-peer, jumping-up loan platform to solve problems that exist in Thailand created by loan brokers. The company’s mission is to democratize the microfinance business and create a credible environment for both lenders and borrowers.

This has formed a working partnership with key partners – Pico Finance. A company backed by the Thai government in a battle against informal loans in the country. This is a good start and gets the attention of the financial world in this region. There are other partners registered.

As the blockchain is centered on increasing candor in any industry, it moves; the blockchain in microfinance can basically help reduce the level of intrigue borne by the general population as a by-product of the benefits of monetary administration with the focus of decentralization. With the decentralized nature of the blockchain, this can help several microfinance foundations to issue requirements to go intermediaries or intermediaries. trust specialist.

Benefits for many lenders. SMEs from various industries can be found on the platform, so that appropriate diversification is possible. Monthly payments, so lenders can exchange profits and withdraw them.

When you lend money, you expect passive income, that is your money works for you. And not you are on the computer all day tracing different borrowers to choose the best. This is why the automatic matching engine, which AssetStream will provide is very luxurious

By offering a bankless population and regulated underbanked alternatives. AssetStream will not only provide borrowers with better loan conditions and protection, the platform will also be able to provide stable monthly returns to creditors.

With our platform, we can provide lenders and borrowers legal protection from local laws and regulations. If NPL we can take legal action to force payment.
By using stable tokens on the platform, we can ensure that the value of the amount borrowed will not be affected by external sources.

AssetStream released the AssetStream token (AST) based on the Stellar platform which is known as one of the top platforms in the world of cryptocurrency. This point may be impressive and different from most other projects. Some of the advantages for Stellar have been mentioned through the media such as fast trading, low transaction costs, anti-spam, etc. AssetStream clearly has effective and specific steps, ranging from the use of technology to business models. In addition, keep in mind that this project uses the Token Utility, which makes this type of token special is that companies guarantee the right of access to their products or services in the future.

As a lender, you will be able to configure the machine, give it certain parameters – the borrower’s minimum credit rating, for example. If there is a match in all the specified criteria, the loan will be executed. In this way, you don’t need to be present and active on the platform, unless you want to monetize your profits. This is how the lending platform works.

Token Details

1. Token Name: AST

2. Token supply: 3,300,000,000 AST

3. Tokens Issued: 2,100,000,000

4. Price Token: 0.01 USD

5. Soft-Cap: 1,440,000 USD

6. Hard-Cap: 21,000,000 USD

What I like most about AssetStream is how well each aspect of the project is explained. Having three different tokens is not an easy system to present to mass users, but I only need to read the FAQ once and everything becomes clear. Timeliness of the team with ICO dates and crowdfunding rounds is also for applause. There are no delays, no changes in tokenomics. Neat and professional work.

Token Distribution

64%: Allocated to ICO

15%: Allocated to Management and Advisors

8%: Allocated for Marketing and Promotion

5%: Allocated for Business Development

4%: Allocated for Product Development

3%: Allocated to Legal

1%: Allocated to Bounty

The core team consists of 7 members. All with solid business experience and connections before. A highly professional, leading project. Everything can be verified on LinkedIn. This project announced 4 advisors. Team balance is more directed at the business part than development, but for fintech projects, this is understandable. The team seems to be fully involved and busy with developing platforms and business operations, and they are not bothered by unnecessary marketing activities and touting projects. The best projects like AssetStream don’t need artificial hype.


There are many people with initiatives and business ideas but never have access to loans because of the principles and conditions of our traditional financial sector.

Few who buy shares from banks are not fully valued for their investment. However, the emergence of AssetStream was a new dawn in the financial sector.

People will have access to financial assistance even directly from their fellow peers through the platform, and also lenders will be fully rewarded and a sufficient rate of return.

To get more detailed and accurate information about the Asset Stream project, please visit the link below :



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