Increasingly crypto currencies make long-term and valuable crypto currencies require anonymous communication,
payment methods and their application in the world economy and ecosystem.
At present the goal of the crypto currency base is widely accepted to meet market demands.
At present demand far exceeds supply.
This success and extensive experience is now being implemented implemented at ATRONOCOM Ltd.
“Smartphone Time”. There is no doubt that in recent years changing the game and the functions and uses of each device will definitely continue to grow and spread creating the perfect platform for
We decided to use the method of crowd sales by SAFT (Simple Agreement on future tokens) to generate capital
and use multiple platforms as marketing instruments.
We have developed a decentralized application (DApp) for the most popular smartphone platform that allows full control of the security of user-owned funds combined with the new blockchain technology to ensure the use of all our products is fast, stable and transparent. One of these products will be our “betting process” where everyone can participate. Our “betting process” uses
Proof Of Stake / Delegated Proof Of Stake (POS / DPoS) consensus, which is currently the most advanced.
With crowd sales by SAFT (Simple Agreement on future Tokens) we intend to restore user trust and
turn all negative user experiences into positive experiences.
ATRONOCOM has positioned itself as a safe platform in one of the fastest growing markets in the world.
ATRONOCON wants to make life easier for investors and participants with simple but sophisticated technology and products.
ATRONOCOM will provide a practical user experience, transparently guarantee and lead the exchange of information between the parties involved.
ATRONOCOM wants to provide access to the results achieved through the research and development of recent years for customers and partners with a reasonable price performance ratio and safety-conscious.
We strive to penetrate the boundaries and take steps towards decentralization that is true and full, with the first real Dapp mobile dedicated to proof of ownership with payment of Algorithms
Worldwide Sales of Tokens Worldwide
Sales of Tokens is the basis for ATRONOCOM to start with the project because in addition to raising funds for rapid growth and marketing, this is a great marketing tool for the project.
Masternode Operating System
We will send technical information after Presale. You only need to send us a message if you are interested in working with us.
Scouting Applications for Android and iOS
ATRONOCOM provides a sophisticated node light solution for your smartphone that allows you to risk wherever you are.
Crypto Bankcard, Wallet and Exchange
Banking features for FIAT & Crypto all in one, a well-designed DApp.
OTC trading
The solution is on your ATRONOCOM DApp and is fast and easy from your mobile.
High Security Messenger
Everything you need for communication – it’s just faster and safer than anything you use today.
Sales Tokens
Total Tokens: 440’000’000
Management: 15% (66M)
25 million = 15 cents Euro
50 million = 30 cents Euros
50 million = 40 cents Euros
50 million = 50 cents Euro
50 million = 65 cents Euro
Rest: 149 million to incentivize
Staking Token Incentives: 20 -30% per annum
Tokens will be given to Investors after
SAFT closure (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens)
Thus the reconnaissance process is officially injected.
Sales Network Commission
Level 1: 10%
Level 2: 3%
Level 3: 5%
Level 4: 2%
Level 5: 1%
Capital use
50%: Product marketing and sales
10% product development : Legal & Corporate Structure
10 %: possibility
Road Map – Timeline
2018 JAN-MAR
Definition and preparation of projects
2018 April
Technical planning and team building and starting programming of tools and libraries for cellular and banking versions
2018 JUL-SEP
Test the first component and implementation of the
2018 OKT-DEZ security concept
Improvement of components for banking , bank cards, and Messenger and Smartphone Monitoring.
The beta version of all components was completed successfully.
The optimization process is injected
2019 JAN-MAR
API and interaction structure as well as online beta version
2019 April-June
Activation of DApp and network lamp nodes, relay nodes and
2019 master nodes JULI
Expansion of platforms and marketing activities and planning and participation in international events.
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Author: Jordan Abe
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