Athero – A powerful infrastructure for decentralized apps powered by smart contracts


This platform is a clearly universal and unique distributed structure having a real impact in the economy. It spells out its uniqueness in being able to successfully bring the blockbuster innovation together with the internet of things, infusing them into each other with the augmentation of encryption and decryption codes or structures. The ecosystem is made to be scalable and so much secured to allow the users to have a smooth ride upon its solutions. Its solutions however, are linked to each other and have an agreement with the system to form a global solution. Finance is now being aided with the addition or infusion of other solid innovations and now the result is Athero which has its foundation upon the Ethereum network. Everyone will be able to access the THO supercomputer and they will be able to capitalize on the speed at which is us able to run, security and trust. THO also as the token will be tradable on multiple of exchanges for traders to purchase and sell without issues.


Since it is possible to have many business models and benefits extracted from the ledger chain, it is made the basement on which Athero is formed. Both the public and private sectors will be revamped with the adoption of the blockbuster solutions and many pending challenges that has been facing these sectors will be addressed at once. This project will restore the dignity and integrity of many enterprises and will go as far as making them more scalable, protected and respected. It will be presenting decentraliized solutions to the adopters in general and will give room to all the stakeholders to perform confidential transactlons or operations of sharing and receiving data securely in its ecosystem. This will be powered by its ability to encrypt and decrypt at all times for the benefits of the stakeholders. The standard of global exchange will be supported and it will fully implement all the necessary steps which assures its acquittance with the already existing ERP project to make all its programs fast and reliable. There is no possibilities for errors with Athero and this is due to its distributed pattern. All it does will be well accounted for and this is majorly for all the data it provides.

It works on the structure of the token as an ecosystem and not as an Enterprise. Users get to relate or interact with one another in the network through distinct nodes that can be used without any cost attached. More so, it establishes a more trust worthy system, transparent and fair network that is going to improve the condition of the market and take care of all the important assets and information shared or received.

This project seeks to install unity between the market world and the world of finance up to a stage where by the solutions can be adopted and will cause an improvement in the way things are done in the market.

All the different class of counts that will use Athero will be given equal opportunities to use the various services in the ecosystem and then be able to scale up their funds well with the yielding of fat returns.


This platform fosters real life use of the project to exert a change in the financialeconomy and change all existing weak models. Another one is that it is able to create and deploy suitable smartcontracts applications to be used as they should. Furthermore, Athero will make the sharing of data possible, i.e it will be very easy to make use of IoT in the system. The application will however include in the construction of WiFi-ready Solar SmartBench and also in creating suitable car parking techs using IoT. The IoT for detection of pollution in the air and the adoption of useful smart sensors.


  1. Full decentralisation is one of the features. This is what makes it so efficient in operation and able to solve major difficulties.
  2. The partnership coexistence it forms with major establishments in various sectors is worthy of credits. This makes it able to penetrate such field and revamp them.
  3. The advantage it has with its ability to make use of the cutting edge tech and birth standards. This extends its reach and assists in updating the ecosystem. It also confers safety on Athero.
  4. It fosters the increase adoption of the ledger system through its usability on mobiles and the leverage it has with the net.





The token (THO) can be neglected in the ecosystem. It forms the key element of the system and allows members to use the special services in the platform. It is a major achievement creating such a wonderful project as this and so, I advise everyone to take active parts in the program to enjoy the benefits that comes from its adoption.

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