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Currently, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the technologies that is experiencing rapid development. However, IoT still experiences several problems such as communication between different users, the configuration of devices on the network, the total cost of ownership, and the threat of hackers. The solution to these problems is to integrate IoT with blockchain to dynamically develop data authorization mechanisms, rules for interaction with devices, etc.

Athero is an ecosystem that integrates blockchain technology, IoT and encryption or decryption to create a decentralized and distributed IoT. Athero aims to optimize business applications and markets that are compatible with existing ERP systems so the implementation process is fast and efficient.

Athero will issue 4 main products, namely decentralized applications (dApp), decentralized exchanges, data sharing, and smart cities (smart bench, smart parking, and WSN).

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This article will briefly explain the technologies behind Athero. Here are the Athero technologies:

  1. Asymmetrical Encryption

Athero uses asymmetric encryption, which means the user will have a pair of key, public key and private key. If a user encrypts data with one of them, it can only be decrypted with another. As long as the private key is stored correctly and also the role of the node in Athero, the user’s privacy will be guaranteed safe.

  1. Parallel and Distributed Computing

Athero uses a two-layer consensus protocol to design security selection mechanisms, resolve throughput and delay issues, and improve data consistency and system security. Athero also uses cross-chain architecture to provide an expansion of industry-oriented network functions for diverse practical application scenarios.

Athero will build a system where a distributed system run concurrently in parallel. The data layer will be separated from the control layer with encryption technology to increase transaction speed and system extension without changing block capacity, provide open data sharing function, and protect user privacy. This data is then uploaded to distributed storage to reduce the burden of blockchain storage and to ensure data integrity and accuracy. With this architecture, Athero will provide full process solutions in IoT infrastructure for full process solutions in data sharing and transactions, data storage, and applications.

  1. Side Chain Consensus

The side chain is a chain for specific applications that run parallel to the main chain. Athero will adjust the set of rules for the application based on use and security cases managed by the main chain consensus algorithm. Athero will have many side chains for commercial blockchain use such as traffic scaling, data sharing, instant messaging, document verification, receiving and distributing data from IoT devices, or running blockchain-based websites.

  1. Smart Contract

Athero technology is based on the use of smart contracts that have various functions, including:

  • Maintaining useful data storage for other contracts or the outside world, such as recording membership in an organization.
  • Forwarding contracts or external owned accounts with more complicated access policies, such as withdrawal limits that can be overwritten through more complicated access procedures.
  • Managing multiple user relationships and ongoing contracts.
  • Functions for other contracts or software libraries.

Athero Token

THO, the Athero token symbol, is the ERC-20 standard cryptocurrency used for all Athero services and ecosystems. In the future, THO will be implemented on its own open source blockchain with a ratio of 1: 1 from the ERC-20 token.

Total supply: 2B tokens

Tokens for private sales: 400M tokens (sold out)

Tokens for public sales: 1B tokens

Public ICO date: 20 September 2018 – 20 January 2019

1 THO = 0.04 USD

Softcap: 18M USD (raised)

Athero Team

Athero Roadmap

ICO is LIVE and will end on 20 January 2019, almost 19M USD has been raised. For more information, visit the Athero website and read the whitepaper.


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