Athero – innovations in the complex

Athero – innovations in the complex

Despite the fact that innovative technologies are increasingly penetrating our daily lives, we are not yet able to fully use them. What hinders this? On the one hand, this is a weak support base, on the other hand, we ourselves are not brave and trust little in new opportunities. However, some companies devote to the implementation of all their capabilities. One of these projects is Athero , whose representatives offer us to use an unusually wide range of services.
Athero project itself is a global decentralized network, based on the work, which is based on the blockchain, interacting with the neural network. The main goal of Athero is to unite a multitude of innovative technologies in one platform and provide an opportunity for a person to use them for his own purposes. Both individuals and legal entities will be admitted to work on the platform, who will receive not only full access to the platform, but will also be able to make money on it. The creators of the Athero platform seek to fill the gaps in the introduction of innovative technologies in our lives.
Representatives of the Athero project offer everyone who gets access to the platform to take advantage of such opportunities:
Create your own decentralized applications;
Use other decentralized applications;
Use the solar network Wi-Fi to access the Internet. Such an opportunity will appear in the inhabitants of the so-called smart cities;
Owners of motor vehicles will have the opportunity to use the technology of smart parking, and this in turn will lead to the creation of entire smart cities;
Receive data of interest and send your own;
They will be able to use air and pollution sensors for their own purposes.
As we see, there are plenty of opportunities for improvement. It is also worth noting that thanks to such opportunities, the Athero community will develop at a rapid pace. And therefore it is not worth to delay – better join soon and become holders of THO tokens.


Decentralization contributes to safety, efficiency and completely eliminates the possibility of network failure.


The Athero project cooperates with partners in many sectors, but with the involvement of innovative technology, such as blockchains.

New technologies

Athero representatives always follow innovations, collaborate with research institutes, which leads to the safe use of technology.


Thanks to mobile devices, the Athero project brings blockchain technology to a new level and popularizes it among many users.
THO Token is the main means of payment on the Athero platform . Token built on the Ethereum network. At the moment, Softcap is 18 million dollars. At the moment there is information on the Athero project website that more than 17 million dollars have already been collected. This means that the project will collect the necessary amount and will soon be introduced into our lives.

Distribution of tokens and funds

Distributed Token.png
January 2017 – creating an idea for the implementation of Athero;
Establishing the value of the project.
April 2017 – conducting research;
Verifying the Athero hypothesis.
August 2017 – team expansion;
Addition of the plan.
November 2017 – preparation for Tokensale.
January 2018 – carrying out work on the platform;
Introduction of some opportunities;
Obtaining a legal license.
May 2018 – the start of the private sale of tokens;
Team expansion;
Negotiations with potential partners.
September 2018 – the conclusion of the first contracts with partners;
Focusing on creating a smart city;
Start open sale of tokens;
Expansion team.
November 2018 – mass production of solar cells for Wi-Fi-network.
February 2019 – team expansion;
Beta launch of decentralized exchange.
March 2019 – listing on 10 cryptocurrency exchanges.
April 2019 – the alpha launch of the Athero blockchain network.
August 2019 – launch of the main blockchain of the Athero network.
November 2019 – access to the decentralized market.
Thomas Platzmier
CEO + Co-founder
Jay Frisch
Software Developer, Co-Founder
Lucas Zadorozhny
Software Developer, Marketing
Yagi Taisho
Technical Software Manager
Niu Somey
Madhu Sahota
Alex Delinger
Marketing, Public Relations
The Athero project interested me with its non-standard. I have not yet met projects that offer many innovations in one platform. It is very good that representatives of the project not only introduce new technologies, but also care about their readiness and nature. In addition, the carefully written roadmap adds optimism. And if we consider that some of the funds have already been collected (according to the official website), the Athero project is almost ready to be implemented.
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