The blockchain technology is changing the different industries of the world. This innovative technology has helped many sectors of the world change from the centralized method of operation to decentralized, which offer a more transparent and fair way of dealing compared to the traditional techniques plagued with intermediaries. The digital currencies are based on this technology and the massive adoption of this technology in 2017 calls for a marketplace called exchanges where different digital currencies can be traded or bought. The digital currency exchanges are the online platform that allows the conversion of different cryptocurrencies and fiat in few of the newly developed crypto exchanges. The cryptocurrencies exchanges are divided into two which is the centralized and decentralized exchanges. The centralized exchange involves the use of intermediaries in the process of a transaction which leads to transaction fee increase and cyber threat which is not suitable for your cryptocurrency assets. To provide a lasting solution to all the issues faced in the current digital currency project distributed order book and Atomic Swapping features will need to be integrated on most cryptocurrencies exchanges. That brought the need for an innovative blockchain platform called Atomic wallet platform that offers a decentralized platform for your entire crypto asset. This will be a transparent and useful management tool for your digital assets.


The atomic wallet is a blockchain based decentralized platform that allows the users of the platform to manage their crypto asset efficiently. The platform is integrated with different features to solve every issue that can be encountered in the process of managing crypto assets. The Atomic wallet offers the users of the platform a comprehensive tool to manage their digital assets efficiently. The platform uses an interface that will allow easy management and efficient security for all of your crypto assets. The users of the Atomic wallet will be able to receive crypto assets, operate a secure wallet and import old wallet with their private key. Thus different features are based on the Simplified Payment Verification technology used by the platform. The various elements that make these platforms innovative are listed below:

1. The Atomic distributed order book (DOB)

The order book shows the prices of the buy and sells orders of the traders. This allows tracking of the fund when orders are placed in the marketplace. The fund will only be sold when there is a match in the order of two traders. They need to be on the system before such transaction and orders can be processed. The customers that are offline will be invisible to the system until they are back online. The Atomic platform can be used to perform offline orders and cancel orders that users don’t want to be executed. This will make the platform to be transparent and efficient.

2. Atomic swap

This allows the secure exchange of assets between two users. The standard centralized exchange will require intermediaries for such transactions, but this has been overcome with the atomic swap. The users involved need a contract to be created. Let say John (initiator) want to swipe coin Y for Dan (participant) coin Z. The initiator which is John will need to assign the amount of coin Y to the contract generated on the platform. This will allow Dan to get the output of the contact. The participant can also go through this process if they wish to swipe a coin.

3. Asset management

This reduces all the time need to manage the crypto asset. This tool used for the control of several digital assets on the platform is built on Simplified Payment Verification technology that will allow the users of the wallet to perform several tasks include importing of different digital currency with a private key, generating wallet to receive and send crypto assets.


The Atomic wallet will use AWC for all the transactions on the platform. AWC is a blockchain based platform that will be used for listing of different coin and payment of fees on the platform.


Symbol: AWC

Type: ERC20 Token

Full name: Atomic Wallet Coin

Decimals: 8

Total supply: 100,000,000 AWC

Contract Address: 0xad22f63404f7305e4713ccbd4f296f34770513f4






The Atomic Wallet will make an excellent tool for investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market. The Atomic wallet offers integrated tools to manage the need of individuals and organizations that need efficient and transparent management. The Atomic Wallet he Atomic wallet is available presently for the Mac and Microsoft users.

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