There are such a large number of cryptocurrencies to hold that you can without much of a stretch vibe overpowered, isn’t that so? You have to think about various markets, which wallets to have. It can get entangled. That why we audit numerous wallets. Today our subject is Atomic Wallet, a crypto wallet accessible for all the major Operating Systems available at this moment.

The fundamental element of this wallet is the decentralized Atomic Swap Exchange, which can empower cross-chain swaps and stay away from totally the dangers that utilizing outsider programming can convey to you.

This wallet is 100% secure and has full and free encryption, so you can make sure that you will have the most noteworthy conceivable dimension of security by utilizing this wallet. Your assets are just controlled by you and no one else on the planet and the organization is never permitted to transmit your private keys.

Superior to that, Atomic Wallet offers help for in excess of 300 coins and tokens, being viewed as a standout amongst the most advantageous ways that you can deal with every one of your benefits in the meantime without utilizing numerous wallet devices. The company is continually searching for new tokens and including them so it can generally be refreshed and reply to the requests of the customers.

ATOMIC SWAP project has structured the platform so that there will be no association of outsider expert or service in the platform. It expects to give dealers a decent exchanging background with a low trade cost

Another issue confronting the crypto exchanges platform has been the issue of postponement and moderate exchange affirmation. This has been a major issue recently in light of the fact that dealers don’t generally have sufficient energy to sit and sit tight for their assets. With ATOMIC swap projects which has actualized the most recent advancements, there will be speedy preparing and of store and withdrawal of traders asset when asked. The platform has additionally embraced a encrypted convention to help the security of the platform which is an extraordinary thing to the dealers and clients of the WALLET

ATOMIC SWAP project has propelled its own token in the platform to enable the traders to beat the issue of high exchange expenses. Dealers will have the capacity to pay for the exchange charges with the utilization of ATOMIC SWAP TOKEN.


Your security is completely in your grasp. We don’t store any information on any servers, we don’t store private keys and we don’t approach them. Along these lines, it is simply the clients who are in charge of keeping up their secret key and reinforcement express.

In the meantime, Atomic Wallet is a blend of complicated cutting edge technology, structure and security solutions. We developed a completely secure and advantageous platform for clients that can ensure their assets and keep them in a sheltered place. We picked the method for decentralization, which dependably compared to the soul of the cryptocurrency. Indeed, there are sure disadvantages, however we are completely sure that our platform will draw in the consideration of numerous individuals, our wallet is basic, simple to utilize, underpins an enormous number of advantages and execute an Atomic Swap technology.


Type: ERC20 Token

Ticker: AWC

Full name: Atomic Wallet Coin

Decimals: 8

Total supply: 100,000,000 AWC

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