In business, truly understanding who your customers are and what they need makes it SO much easier to express why your products or services are the best fit for them. This concept is especially true in digital advertising. If you don’t have your targeting laser-focused, you’re going to bleed money by advertising to people who just don’t care. It won’t matter how witty your ad copy is, how gorgeous your video is, how awesome your images are, or how perfect your landing page is. You need to get it right and by so doing you need the right fit in today’s competitive environment. When you are aware of what time your audience is most likely to read tweets and Facebook posts, you would design your social media marketing around that.

If you knew their problems and issues, you would give them solutions. This would make you an authority. Late last year I decided to buy clothing online, I surfed the net and checked on different known websites for a good choice of clothing. The aftermath was that, when I opened my social pages I started seeing different Ads of clothing from different sites that I have not heard of displaying what I liked , exact clothing types that I was looking at when I browsed different clothing websites online.

Lets check through this short video to familiarize with ATOMIC WALLET

As enshrined in the whitepaper, Atomic Swap Wallet renders a robust on-demand service that empowers users to overcome the costs consumed by managing the assets of their cryptocurrencies and eliminates the need for middlemen. It provides a powerful on-demand service that allows users to reduce the costs associated with managing the assets of the encryption currency and make it transparent and reliable. Atomic Swap supports cross-chain, which is an exchange of cryptocurrencies between users. This basically implies Mr. Bean sends coin E to Mr. James wallet address via the blockchain, while Mr. James performs the same action for Mr. Bean, both actions happening independently on parallel blockchain, in a one-way manner. This is the exact technology behind Atomic Swap. It eliminates the need for a third party or middleman. The diagram below describes the process;

Atomic Swap Additional Functionality
One of the unique features of the Atomic Swap is that it adopts various exchanges for the convenience of the user. Priding itself as a custody-free solution, Atomic Wallet implements only instant exchange option, thus providing two instant exchange options for the user:

  • Shapeshift
  • Changelly
  • Fiat options.

It is important to note however, that Atomic wallet will not process fiat itself due to its “do not touch fiat” policy. Its array of partners which have been built during the product development stage will provide such implementation services as card payments acceptances, bank wires acceptances and withdrawals.

Wallet Security

Atomic Wallet provides an array of security features capable of securing user assets from cyber-attacks. Each Atomic Wallet has a string of private key which is controlled by the user only and is independent of Atomic swap. Your private keys are encrypted and never leave your device. Only you have control over your funds, this guarantees Atomic clients the highest level of security

Atomic Multi-currency Support
Atomic Wallet at present supports over 300 tokens and coins. This list is updated on a daily basis as is evident in their ever busy twitter account. Updates are constantly being made on the wallet in order to keep it up to date with the latest coins and features.

Supported Operating Systems

Atomic Wallet is available for download on the above listed operating systems, thus providing an array of options for users.

April 2018 – Alpha release
• Ethereum and Bitcoin asset management
• 200+ token assets support
• Integrated instant exchange service

May 2018 – Beta Version release
• Litecoin asset management
•First pair for Atomic swaps
• Distributed order book over torrent protocol v. 1.0

June 2018
• ERC20 token swaps
• Lightning network implementation
• Multi-language UI
• 26 new assets in the wallet
• 4 new assets in the atomic exchange

July 2018
• Crypto against fiat conversion options integration
• 8 new assets in the wallet
• 4 new assets in the atomic exchange
• Atomic exchange users’ ratings
• Finish of the token sale
• Custom nodes and block explorers usage

August 2018
• Web wallet
• Mobile wallet for Android
• Mobile wallet for iOS
• 8 new assets in the wallet
• 4 new assets in the atomic exchange

September 2018
• User chat in the wallet (trollbox)
• Hardware wallet integration (Trezor, Ledger)
• 8 new assets in the wallet
• 4 new assets in the atomic exchange

October 2018
• dApps browser
• 8 new assets in the wallet
• 4 new assets in the atomic exchange

Atomic Token Matrix
Atomic Wallet will unleash its own native token named the Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC). A strict limit of one hundred Million AWC will ever be created in the TGE, no additional token will be created thereafter, thus limiting the total supply of the coin. AWC can run solely on the Ethereum blockchain.

• Ticker: AWC
• Type: ERC: 20 Token
• Complete name: Atomic Wallet Coin
• Decimals: 8
• Full supply: 100,000,000 AWC
• Open Agreement source code

Atomic ICO
A minimum of $5million is required for the successful implementation of the Atomic project. The maximum amount upon which any release of tokens will terminate is to be determined by the team.
The Public sale is scheduled for September 1, 2018 with a minimum number of tokens to be sold set at 25,000,000 tokens and a maximum set at 100,000,000 tokens.

Note: Due to the instability of the ETH with respect to USD, the price for one AWC-token in ETH will be refined several days prior to the ICO. The final starting price will be determined on the day of the ICO

Amazing Team

I think this team is well capable of pulling this off. It is without doubt, an All-Star team. This 4-man team is a mix of experts with strong ties across the IT, economics, blockchain industries.

Atomic Partners & Investors

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