ATOMIC WALLET: A Multi-Currency Decentralised Swap Exchange Platform

Satoshi Nakamoto who created Bitcoin changed the world with a revolutionary technology by offering significant advantages to any projects or platform that incorporate the technology. This technology however is not perfect as many will expect. For instance, the network is confronting various uncertain issues keeping a full-scale implementation of the blockchain technology in a vast variety of industries, where it could conceivably be connected at an extraordinary benefit.

Blockchain-controlled technology is determined to driving the fate of financial markets. Today, in any case, despite everything we watch broad obstructions for the development of blockchain-based markets. One of the best market challenges is the rest of the need of trust towards centralized financial services in a generally decentralized environment. Third party custody risks influence ecosystem manageability, bringing weakness to manipulative and regulative activities.

As a response to the present difficulties of the business, Atomic project was made – a helpful and flexible decentralized solution for the custody-free cryptocurrency trading.

Atomic Wallet platform is a Blockchain Technology based on a one of a kind, proprietary engine, uncommonly intended to explain its particular assignments. Atomic Wallet profoundly presenting a generally new platform for custody-free, transparent, immutable cryptocurrency trading. Our platform is the least difficult approach to interface purchasers and dealers inside a decentralized structure. Atomic Wallet is another kind of decentralized cross-blockchain trade.

Atomic Wallet gives a ground-breaking, popular administration that enables clients to lessen endeavors spent on managing crypto assets​ and renders it transparent and trustless. To make our platform considerably more advantageous and useful for clients, the Atomic Wallet group uses best UI and security hones in this way encouraging utilization of our platform’s usefulness to the full range. Fundamental tasks one might want to do with his\her cryptocurrency are:

》 Receive crypto assets to the generated wallet
》 Import assets to the wallet utilizing private keys​ of different arrangements
》 Store private keys in a securely encrypted environment
》 Send assets to different addresses
》 Select cryptocurrency node​ to utilize
》 Select blockchain explorer​ to utilize



A cross-chain is a trade of cryptocurrencies between clients. Essentially, party A sends Coin A to party B’s Coin B address via blockchain, while party B does likewise with Coin B. These activities happen autonomously on parallel blockchains, in a restricted mold. Such setup raises the likelihood of both of the gatherings never respecting his/her finish of an assention. One of the approaches to understand this issue is inclusion of a confided in third party. An atomic cross-chain swap, then again, tackles this issue without the requirement for a third party.

Atomic swaps require each party to mastermind a transaction contract. The contracts contain a yield spendable by the contrary party, however the guidelines required to gather is are distinctive for each party included.


Atomic Wallet has executed the best solution available for both Atomic Swaps and Distributed Orderbook. The implementation of both Atomic Wallet orderbook and the coordinating technique requires no blockchain consensus algorithm since the DOB and coordinating are not worked as savvy contracts or onchain solutions. DOB is a distributed record and coordinating occurs on a peer-to-peer premise.


Growing even basic applications working with blockchains requires significant investment and cash. Making complex, profoundly utilitarian distributed blockchain applications can take various exceptionally talented blockchain developers, a large number of hours for RnD which turns out in a huge number of USD costs.


Blockchains are intended to be immutable and decentralized. Atomic Wallet group trusts items intended for cryptocurrency assets ought to be immutable and decentralized also. That is the reason it’s imperative for Atomic Wallet to be a serverless, immutable solution in every one of the angles. All parts of the system operate in a decentralized way and are not controlled by any organization or party

The accomplishment of the Atomic Wallet is dependent upon the investment of a variety of various clients. The key jobs that members can play in the Atomic ecosystem include the following;
♢Blockchain Assets Issuers
♢3rd party developers


Atomic Wallet group is centered around conveying genuinely decentralized understanding to every one of the clients on every one of the platforms. Atomic Wallet technology is made with the possibility of omni-channel item which client can access from any gadget he\she has.

Atomic Wallet underpins the accompanying platforms right now:
1. Microsoft Windows
2. MacOS
3. Ubuntu
4. Debian
5. Fedora

Atomic Wallet will issue possess token, called the Atomic Wallet Coin. A strict farthest point of 100M AWC will be made, never to be expanded. AWC will run locally on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC20.
Type: ERC20 Token
Ticker: AWC
Full name: Atomic Wallet Coin
Decimals: 8
Total supply: 100,000,000 AWC
Open Contract Source Code

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