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The appearance of the cryptocurrency has made it conceivable to execute digital assets from one a player in the world to the next with no hindrance. Actually, digital money through the blockchain technology has been one of the best creations in the 21st century. Exchanges are done inside a brief timeframe with the assistance of digital cash. Little ask why the rate of appropriation of this digital methods for exchange is progressively disturbing constantly. The security of the blockchain is another draw factor as exchanges are for all time put away on the blockchain which gives space for straightforwardness.

Introducing The Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized cross-blockchain wallet that stores and exchanges digital assets in a more anchored, proficient and straightforward path with the capacity to make cross chain atomic swap.

Atomic wallet is essential while executing between two unique and separate blockchains as it spares time, vitality, resources and wipes out the requirement for a mediator amid trading and exchanges of digital forms of money known as cryptocurrency.

Atomic-Wallet is an arrangement that has recently pulled in light of a legitimate concern for a few gigantic financial specialists.


How Does Atomic Swap Work?

The Atomic Swap works in a very unique and easy yo undderstand process, just as you know the Atomic-Swap is developed to manage transactions among two different virtual currencies irrepective of their pairs. Atomic Swap was created as a technique that can exchange cryptocurrencies in a “cross chain,” straightly, without the need of an additional third party services.
The working of the atomic wallet project can be completed in 2 ways:

  • On-chain
  • Off-chain

The Primary Features of the Atomic-Wallet Project

Atomic wallet is an esteem project, considering the class of the features it offers to the financial specialists

Atomic-Wallet offers its buyers sole alternative when working with cryptocurrencies. This is uncommon choice to safely and quickly exchange virtual resource, no outsiders, just commonly gainful collaboration with different clients of the platform. Atomic-Wallet is genuinely exceptional. This is the most solid, safest, decentralized and straightforward wallet you can envision.

– Exchange:
Applying the decentralized Atomic-Swap exchange to swing to cross chain swaps, evading the dangers of third individual. No chances to end up a component of a phony arrangement. Each utilization gets trust in the exchange being performed. Speedy boundless exchange benefit was given by CHANGELLY! Settled rate exchange, given by the Shape move. Fast incalculable exchange administrations, supporting more than 90 ALTCOINS.

– Security:
Because of present day encryption, the whole users of the Atomic-Wallet will be fit for anchoring their assets from the infringements of digital assaults. Atomic-Wallet gives a certification to their clients of best quality security. They never move keys from the device. Your assets are overseen just by you. Simply the methodology empowers to ensure the maximum quality and safety of whole arrangements performed.

Atomic Token Information

Atomic Wallet has developed it own token and will be issue to users of the platform, the atomic wallet token is called the AWC (Atomic Wallet Coin). A strict limit of 100M AWC will be created by the platform, never to be increased in future. AWC will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC20 standards.

  • Type: ERC20 Token
  • Ticker: AWC
  • Full name: Atomic Wallet Coin
  • Decimals: 8
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 AWC
  • Open Contract Source Code


The Atomic wallet has a user friendly interface and it very secured, transparent and truely decentralised. I can recommend it to anyone because time and time again it has never failed me. You can easily get access to the atomic wallet by downloading the wallet on any working System (PC) and it mobile application is relatively prepared. The Atomic wallet Coin is an incredible coin that is deserving of speculation.

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