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In my previous write-up about atomic wallet, i made mention of writing about atomic wallet token next.

I’m glad to bring to your notice that atomic wallet is the first cryptocurrency wallet to create a token for it’s entire ecosystem. The token was minted on the secure Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 100 million tokens.

Before i proceed, I’ll like to write a little about Atomic Wallet for those that doesn’t know about the wallet.

Atomic Wallet is an universal multi-currency wallet created with all the needed to help users store and manage over 300 cryptocurrencies and all Erc 20 based tokens, with more being added all the time. The wallet with a multi-currency functionality to bring about an end to need of having multiple wallet for every single coin you wanted to hold or buy.

The Atomic Wallet goes beyond only the storage of crypto assets though. In addition to being a wallet it is also provide many possible options for you to exchange your desired cryptocurrencies, the exchanges available in atomic wallet includes the secure atomic swaps and the wallet is fully integrated with Shapeshift and Changelly to exchange the coins that don’t yet support atomic swaps. You can even use a bank card to purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple right from within the wallet.

Atomic created it’s token called the Atomic wallet coin ( AWC) as an utility token that will serve as the fueling token to power it’s entire ecosystem. The token will be used to perform range of functionalities such as partnerships, community reward programmes, third party services. The supply of Atomic Wallet Coin is limited to 100M AWC. To keep the AWC rate sustained, the team will buy back AWC from their profit each quarter (once it’s profitable) and burn. This measure will help all AWC HODLers rest assured they won’t lose their investments on market swings

the usage of the token on atomic wallet ecosystem includes :

● Listing new assets in Atomic Wallet

● Listing new assets in Atomic swap exchange

● Highlights and featurings in Atomic Wallet interfaces

● Atomic swap usage

● Increasing atomic swap rating

Ways In Which You Can Become A Hodler Of Atomic Wallet

You can purchase the token on idex exchange or you can easily earn the token through a number of promotional activities. These include through the project’s airdrop and bounty programs.

The airdrop is open to those who are new to the ecosystem and are blockchain enthusiasts. The Atomic wallet team will distribute 2m AWC to over 40,000 participants. If you want to take part in the airdrop you will have to download the wallet, transfer some funds to it and hand over your email address in the application form. These will be distributed in the airdrop once the crowd sale is complete.

The bounty program will see the distribution of another 3m AWC tokens that will be distributed to those individuals who complete a number of tasks that assist the Atomic Wallet community. These include things like bug hunting, content production, social promotion and translation

How To Purchase Awc Token On Idex Exchange

Open the exchange website Create the new Ethereum wallet or unlock the existing one (you may trade right from Atomic Ethereum address by importing private keys to IDEX). Since IDEX is decentralized, you have full control over your funds, so your private keys belong only to you. When creating, follow the recommendations on the page.

How to register on IDEX

Top up your Idex wallet balance with ETH.

Fill balance with ETH

To start trading, send ETH to your Ethereum deposit on Idex.

Deposit ETH

Make sure the deposit transaction is complete. In the “Balance” tab, check the ETH balance.

Check Balance IDEX ETH

Now you can buy AWC and trade it. Go to IDEX and scroll down to the “Buy AWC” section.

Make order on IDEX to buy AWC

Place an order. You can choose an order type. “Limit” means that you place your custom bid and wait for someone to close the order. “Market” is for buying AWC at the existing market rate. If you are new to trading, we suggest you the “Market” option, as it’s quicker.

Market order on IDEX to buy AWC

Now wait for the order to be closed. It will take a couple of minutes. You can track the status in your Trade History.

Check history on IDEX to buy AWC

In your Full Balance List, you will see the amount of AWC you’ve just bought. If you wish, you want to withdraw this amount to your AWC wallet address on Atomic.

You can withdraw AWC from IDEX

Purchasing of AWC Token from idex is as easy as that.

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