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 About company 

 Atomic Wallet provides a powerful on-demand service that enables users to reduce the effort spent on managing crypto-currency assets and makes it transparent and reliable. To make the platform even more convenient and useful for users, the Atomic Wallet team uses the best user interfaces and security methods, which makes it easy to use the functionality of the Atomic Wallet platform in its entirety. 
The main functions of Atomic Swap are: 
– Peer-to-peer, block-based ordering 
– Fast and secure data transfer with Atomic Distributed Order Book 
– Atomic Distributed Order Book is protected from spam and fraud
– The lowest transaction fees: for example, each side pays 0.0002 BTC and 0.0001 LTC for exchanging BTC-LTC for any number of coins 
– Order is a proposal, not an obligation 
– Order placement does not block customer funds 
– Order can be executed with several transactions 
– Offline traders can not trade 
– Execution is managed manually 
– The applicant can reject the execution 

Official site 
ANN BitcoinTalk 
Bounty BitcoinTalk 

ICO Details 

general information 

Token: AWC 
Platform: Ethereum 
Standart: ERC20 
Quantity: 100,000,000 AWC 
Price: 1 AWC = 0.3 USD 
Payment: ETH

Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD 
Hard cap: 23,000,000 USD 

Quantity: 15,000,000 AWC 
Start: July 1,  2013


Konstantin Gladych
CBDO, PhD in the field of data science with 3 years of experience working with the block and crypto currency, 10 years in the IT field. Co-founder and CEO of, the largest instant exchange of crypto-currencies with more than 2 million active clients monthly and 0.5 billion dollars of monthly turnover. His interests: decentralization, carefree solutions, exchange points p2p.

Charlie Shrem
Strategic Advisor and Visionary, is an American entrepreneur and a supporter of bitcoins. In 2011, he co-founded the current BitInstant start-up company and is one of the founders of the Bitcoin fund, who previously held the post of vice-chairman. The Bitcoin Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 with the goal of “standardizing, protecting and encouraging the use of bit-cryptographic money for the benefit of users around the world.”

Simon Dixon
Counselor, CEO of the online investment platform, which has invested more than $ 400 million in FinTech, such as BitFinex, Bitstamp, Kraken, BitPay, ShapeShift, Exodus and more than 40 others. BnkToTheFuture has 300 professional FinTech investors who believe that the future of finance does not look like it is today. Their experience covers most areas of finance, technology and start-ups.

Paul Sokolov
General Director, has three years of experience in the detachment, 10 years in the finch. A certified bank card security specialist and a business expert. Over the past five years, more than 6 successful projects have been launched. His interests are crypto-currency exchanges, wallets, smart contracts, financial inclusion.

Road map 

April 2018 
MVP Release 
Asset Management Ethereum and Bitcoin Support for ERC20 tokens 
Integrated Instant Exchange Service

May 2018 
Beta release 
The first pair for atomic swaps 
Asset management Liteccoin

June 2018 
Introduction of the ERC20 token 
Network implementation 
Multilingual interface 
26 new assets in the wallet 
4 new assets in the Atomic exchange

July 2018 
8 new assets in the purse 
4 new assets in the Atomic Exchange 
Completion of token sale 
Atomic user rating Atomic exchange

August 2018 
Web purse 
Mobile wallet for Android 
Mobile purse for iOS 
8 new assets in the wallet 
4 new assets in Atomic exchange

September 2018 
Custom chat in the purse (trollbox) 
Integration of the hardware purse (Trezor, Ledger) 
8 new assets in the purse 
4 new assets in the Atomic exchange

October 2018 
Browser dApps 
8 new assets in the purse 
4 new assets in the Atomic exchange

Bounty campaign 

Period: 08/06/2018 – 01/08/2018 
Bounty pool: 3,000,000 AWC 
Price of the token: 1 AWC = 0.3 USD

Evangelist – 10% –   Join –   Members table 

Bug – 20% –   Join –   Members table 

Currency Integration – 20% –   Join –   Members table 

Translation – 5% –   Join –   Participants table 

Stickers contest for Telegram – 6.25% –   Join –   Participants table 

Podcasts – 6.25% –   Join –   Participants table 

YouTube – 6.25% –   Join –   Member Table 

Blogs – 6.25% –   Join –   Member Table 

Reddit – 6.6% –   Join –   Participants table 

Twitter – 6.6% –   Join –   Members table 

Telegram – 6.6% –   Join –   Members table 

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White Paper

ANN Thread

Bounty Thread










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