Atomic Wallet is a cryptocurrency purse, which has one a serious advantage – security

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To date, the security issue worries a lot of people in the crypto-currency sphere of activity. Therefore, many of us turn to cold wallets for help. Indeed, it is because of their use that the risk of losing money is reduced to a minimum. The security problem became so urgent that there was a need for a project that could find a solution to this issue. This project Atomic Wallet,which developed its own algorithm, which allows each user to manage their assets safely.

Atomic Wallet is developing a multifunctional purse that will support a lot of different cryptocurrency. Thus each user will have an opportunity to use various ways of trade. The Atomic Wallet project will make digital asset trading much safer, using a very high-quality and improved user interface for users.

The main operations carried out by the wallet:

  • Ability to receive crypto-currency assets in the generated wallet
  • Import assets into the wallet, using secret keys of various formats
  • Storage of secret keys in a secure encrypted environment
  • Ability to transfer the asset to other recipients
  • Ability to select a crypto-currency node for use, as well as a blockchain for use
  • The functionality of the aphorized wallet will be built on SPV (simplified payment verification) technology. This allows customers to avoid long-term blockchain synchronization while maintaining the “full node wallets” security

About the project tokens:

The internal currency of the project will be AWC tokens, which will be used for internal operations on the platform. It is payment for various services on the platform. Among these services can be identified: payment for the listing of digital currency on the purse, on the exchange account Atomic Swap, payment for advertising on the platform, as well as for increasing the rating and much more. Services that will be paid for by the internal currency of the Atomic Wallet project will be significantly reduced in price.

Terms and conditions of ICO:

ICO project will last until September 1, 2018. As you can see, there are 2 days left before its completion. This means that there is still time to join the projectAtomic Wallet and become a part of it, thereby gaining the benefits that the project provides to its users. The total number of project tokens is 100,000,000 AWC.

You can buy tokens for Ethereum at the price of 1 token AWC equal to 0.3 $.

The project team:

On the safety of storing tokens said a lot, and browser versions of cold wallets will help for crypto investors. Currently, work is underway to develop mobile versions of cold wallets that will work with the operating systems of iOS and Android. The browser version is already available for many operating systems. Together with this at the moment, the best option for storing tokens will be the purse Atomic Wallet. After all, Atomic Wallet is a cryptocurrency purse, which has one serious advantage – security. Also, the wallet provides fast transactions. This combination provides a high level of trust between users. And it should be understood that right now this product is ready for use. It is for this reason that Atomic Wallet is considered so promising.

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